The Latest Buzz-Journey's Beginning

A latest buzz fanfic unlike any other!

All characters belong to___ and the BBC,Except for John Silas and Rico Kane.

Chapter 1: The new kid.

The school building was completely empty. It lay still and quiet in the afternoon atmosphere. Not even a fly hummed through the spacious corridors.
It was after school hours and all the students had vacated. They had all gone home, pleased that the day of work was over. At this moment most of them would be at home, some of them doing their homework or proceeding to carry out various chores around the house, while others would be playing sports or lounging about playing with their nintendo wii. If not in the house, teenagers would be spread out across the city, mostly in groups of two or more. All the boys would be messing about downtown, buying junk food and stuffing their faces while spreading graffiti across the walls of the buildings that line the streets like dominoes. All the girls would be hanging around the mall, discussing fashion or makeup products. All these youthful faces have at least one thing in common; They're all oblivious to the surrounding world, too caught up in their own little activities and pleasures to note what could happen, what couldn't happen, and the downright bizarre.

Suddenly, one of the back doors of the school clicked open. It swung inwards with a long, sharp creak. Shortly afterwards, one of the students entered the building and closed the door behind her.
She was wearing a bright pink jacket and dark blue jeans, matching with the pink beret she wore on her head. Streaming out from under this beret came long strands of light brown hair, which stopped at her petite shoulders.
This was none other than Rebecca Harper, one of the writers of the school magazine. This was just an ordinary day for her. Just doing schoolwork, writing magazine articles, hanging out (and making out) with her boyfriend Noah, plus many other things a girl like her is expected to be doing. She didn't have the slightest idea that from that day, her very perception of life would change forever.

Rebecca proceeded to make her way through the school, heading towards the top floor. She strides through the corridors swiftly, feeling slightly claustrophobic with the surrounding corridors and their vast emptyness. She got the eerie feeling that she was the only soul wandering the corridors of the building, or was she?


"Jesus! What was that?" Rebecca wondered to herself after almost jumping out of her skin.

"No! No! No!" A distant voice can be heard shouting in the distance, "That one there! That one there!"

Gunshots followed, then a loud screeching sound echoed through the hallways.

Rebecca, not knowing what on earth is going on, but frightened as heck, instantly turned around and started to run, away from the loud noises.
She pounded down the corridors, sreeching and shouting and banging sounds echoing everywhere. By now, Rebecca was so scared that she couldn't remember where she came from.

Rebecca continued to run, not knowing where to go or caring about why she was there in the first place. When suddenly, all the noises stopped.

Rebecca instantly stopped running and slowly looked around. The shouting, the screeching and the gunshots had all stopped simulteneously. In a split second! The whole corridors were as silent as they were when she first entered the building.

After surveying the area she had just stopped running in, Rebecca saw that she was in a hallway (obviously) that was lined with various doors, with one large metal door at the opposite end. That one door gave her an eerie chill, as if there was something terrifying beyond imagination behind it.
Curiously, and at the same time stupidly, Rebecca slowly walked up the corridor, towards the door.


Another massive bang, this time so close that it could almost have been directly behind the door.

Rebecca jerked her hand back, so terrified that she could hear every heartbeat thumping in her ears.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Slowly and gingerly, Rebecca reached out towards the door handle and wrenched it open.
What she saw behind it made her stomach drop and her eyes alost popped out of her head.

Turning towards her, away from a blinding light, was a beast of insane proportions.
It was a dark grey colour, and it appeared to be crouching on all fours. But instead of hands, the creature had massive knife-like blade protuding from its wrists. It looked like it had a couple of meat cleavers fused to the ends of its arms. It also sported a buzz-saw on it's abdomen, lining the sternum.
Its face was cooky looking, but nonetheless terrifying. A large chicken-like beak sprouted from it's face, with steel mandibles attached to the sides. Instead of beady little dots for eyes, it sported a large red visor, which glowed as it spied it's prey. And from it's back, sprouted three huge fins, which were shining as red as it's hideous eye.

The creature cocked it's head in Rebecca's direction, who jumped backwards, horrified beyond beleif at what she saw.
It stared at her for a second with its large, red eye, then reared its head back, opened its beak and emitted a dreadful, bird-like, ear-piercing scream.

Rebecca screamed in reply, too frightened to move. The creature started to move slowly towards her, raising it's knife-blades to the attack. It cackled as it prepared to swing downwards and bring an end to its prey.


Somebody had appeared directly behind the beast, waving his arms wildly. A boy by the look of it. As Rebecca studied him, she could see that he was about her age. He had Longish hair, but all sitting on top of his head rather than flowing down his back. He also had a reasonable looking face. Not the hottest looking male in the world, but by Rebecca's standards, he did have a bit of a cute face. He had large, blue eyes, which were partially covered by a fringe of dark brown hair. He also had a fair, tan face that looked to be clean-shaven.
He wore braces on his brilliantly white teeth. He appeared to be short, not much taller than Rebecca was, which was saying something because most boys she had met in her life she had to crane her neck to talk to. Micheal was the only boy she knew who was about her height. And this new kid comes a close second.

The boy tapped the bird-like montrosity on what passed as a shoulder and continued to wave his hands and trying to attract its attention.

"Oi! Over here!" He talked as if her were speaking to a disobediant child "Come on you, errr, big ugly monster chicken thingy. Behind you!"

Rebecca then noticed that the boy held a large slab of meat in his hand, which seemed to be attracting the creature's attention. The boy then looked up and noticed Rebecca for the first time.

"You might want to scarper." He said, motioning towards the far door with his free hand, then staring up at the beast again.

"Come on!" he cooed as if he were talking to a puppy, "Does ugly wugly big monster chicken want a bite of this tasy beefy weefy? I SAID RUN!!!" He suddenly shouted as he snapped his head back up in Rebecca's direction.

Then in an instant, another boy, about the same age as the first one, charged out of another door behind Rebecca. He wore sunglasses and a vest, as well as karate-style slacks. He also held a large shotgun in his hand. He bolted straight past the horrified and beweilded student while letting out a banshee scream. He then stopped running, lifted up the shotgun and shot the monster in the side. A small explosion rocked the monster, tearing open the skin and flesh on its hip.
The creature screeched in pain as blood squirted out of the open wound, covering both boys in a black ooze, but continued to stand it's ground.

"Rico!" the first boy shouted at the second boy over the din, "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"You said use the mortar bullets!" the second boy shouted back indignantly.

"I said don't use the mortar bullets!" the first boy replied.

The bird-like creature, apparantly having recovered from the attack, growled and raised its knife claws to the attack, its mandible's twitching in anger and its one eye flashing with hatred.

"Oh, crap! You agitated it!" the first boy shouted, "Run for it!"

Both of these strange boys then darted past Rebecca and into one of the many doors lined up in the corridors. The horrid creature flexed it's bladed-wrists and gave chase, now completely ignoring Rebecca who was just standing there with her eyes wide open, completely frightened and confused.
The boy with the meat and the kid with the shotgun closed the door behind them, but to Rebecca's shock and amazement, the beast just knocked it down with a swing of its claw and stepped inside.

Then, in the thirty seconds that followed, the whole scene turned into a Scooby Doo parody.
The demonic creature was chasing the two boys through every single door in the hallway, crisscrossing the corridor like crazy. The monster darted from one door to the next, only to pass the shotgun boy who was headed in the opposite direction. It didn't notice this because it was chasing the meat boy into another door. The chase continued in this fashion, with the beast occasionally swapping victims.
About thirty seconds later, as it was chasing the shotgun kid into another door for the billionth time, it stopped dead in its tracks for an instant, turned and started to run in the opposite direction. The shotgun kid followed close behind, spraying bullets from his mighty weapon as he ran.

"Ha, ha! Got the right bullets this time, buster!" he cried as he pursured the creature into another door.

The first boy, the one with the steak, darted after both of them and slammed the door shut behind him. And then, all was silent, just like it had before.

Rebecca stood in the same spot she was when she first opened the metal door. Out of breath and completely shocked at what she had just seen.

"What the heck just happened?" she whispered to herself.

She then looked up with fear as she noticed the same door creaking open slowly. She tensed herself for the worst, expecting the monster emerging with two dead bodies impaled on its claws.

But to her surprise, it was the steak boy.

He slowly opened the door so it lay completely to the wall. He timidly stepped out into the middle of the hallway, with the chunk of meat still hanging from his grubby fingers. All the while he was staring at her. Not taking his eyes off her for a second. Rebecca could tell he was studying her face, she figured this since there was a look of curiosity on his facial features, but at the same time confusion.

For a few seconds, he remained in the centre of the hall, standing paralell to Rebecca, staring deep into her eyes and not saying a word. Then he spoke.

"I've seen you somewhere before, haven't I?"

That moment had instantaneously become all too much for poor Rebecca. As soon as she heard those words come from his lips, she ran out the door from where she came and didn't look back. She continued to run out of school building and down the street and didn't stop until she was in the safety and comfort of her bedroom.

As she lay on her bed, staring up at the celing, she thought hard about what had happened in the past fifteen minutes. Was all that a dream? Or a hallutination maybe? There was no plausible explanation for what she had just witnessed. Not only had she found a hideous monster in her own school being subdued by a weird kid with a steak and another weird kid with firearms, but one of them thinks that he's seen her before!

Rebecca rolled over and stared at the framed photograph she kept of her friends on her bedside table. In the picture, she was standing on the far left, holding a notebook and a pen, giving a sweet, toothy smile. Noah was standing right behind her, with a hand on her shoulder.

"Those were the days," she thought to herself as she gazed at her captured memories, "Back when everything was simple."

What she had witnessed a short while ago had swiftly changed Rebecca's perception of reality. Is it possible that a giant monster had really broken into the school? Is it also possible that there are teens that were barely older that she was who handled heavy weapons and probably dealt with this sort of thing on a regular basis? Whatever the answers were, the questions had scared Rebecca right out of her skin. She wished that she had Noah with her right at that moment. Just to hold her and tell her that everything would be alright.

Eventually, Rebecca decided that the event was just an illusion. She was a smart girl, and she knew that such a thing was impossible. She also decided not to tell anybody about it, just in case they would think that she was crazy. Not Micheal, Noah, Amanda, DJ or anybody else that she trusted.

"It's probably just some dorks playing a trick, anyway." she calmly told herself as she got up from her bed and started to go downstair, for her dad had just called her for dinner.

But little did she know, the frightenly bizarre event that just happened was just a prelude to what was to come. And not just Rebecca would be involved, the whole Team Buzz team would witness an event a thousand times greater. And from then, nothing would ever be the same again.

Gigan, rise!!!!

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