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Chapter 1

Seven Years Later

To humans they are known as swan maidens. To immortals they are fierce woman who fight with a wrath not known to man kind.

That was the explanation her mother had given her when she was young. It had explained who her mother was and what her aunts are. Though it had never explained who or what she was.

Diana contemplated these things as she rested in bed at her room in House of Trinity. The House of Trinity is the three story mansion where she is staying with her aunts and more aunts she had not known.

It was the epicenter of all Fury. Were the Queen of all Fury resided. Serilda of Fury was her name.

The mansion held about seventy three rooms but it didn't mean there were only seventy three Fury. Some shared a room. Other Fury were split, living in others states or countries. She was lucky enough to get her own room. The very room that had belonged to her mother.

Diana's door busted open and in came one of her young aunts. Younger than herself which she found ironic…in some form.

"Diana, it's time to get up!"

"Neola it's too early!" I whined

"No it isn't, come on"

Neola pulled her out of the bed. Thump went her body as it fell to the floor. Diana was rolled all the way to the bathroom. After taking a shower Neola and Diana went down to the living room. Many of her other aunts were already there…playing video games.

It was a surprise to Diana that her aunts had lived centuries throughout centuries. Any new trinket fascinated them and apparently PlayStation3 or Guitar Hero was no exception to them.

Diana and Neola kept walking until they found the theater room. More of her aunts were watching a movie. Neola and Diana sat down to watch the movie. Her aunts held bowls of popcorn even though they didn't eat food. The popcorn was used to throw it at any one who was too noisy or blocking the screen.

After the movie had ended her aunts placed another one to watch. Her aunt Sonia came in and called out to her. She received popcorn to the face.

"You better clean that up, come on Diana"

"Coming, coming"

I received popcorn to the face as well and took one in my mouth. I crunched it and showed it off to my aunts to disgust them. I just received more popcorn this time at my back.

I followed my aunt Sonia to the small, small kitchen. It had been built after I came to live with them. I learned I could eat human food but not enough to live of from it. If I ate too much of it, I would throw up. It came in handy when we were around humans.

Apparently DNA from a Fury and a Vampire can really do something to their offspring.

Fortunately for me, my aunt Galena made some awesome pills that nourished me. It contained blood with Queen Serilda's lightning. The only thing I had to do was drop the pill on a glass of water. Though, I also needed the moon's gleam to get energy.

What I meant by Queen Serilda's lightning I meant the special ability that she held. Every Fury held different power, all element style. Queen Serilda was the only Fury to have lightning. Some held fire, other's water. There was wind and earth. My aunts use Apolline which is the sun's gleam to nourish and give them strength. That is all they need.

It was all over whelming at the beginning but I've grown used to it and admire them for their amazing strength. I was also trained to the point of collapsing. They didn't want me to be vulnerable if anything were to happen to me.

"Here drink up"

The cup aunt Sophia handed me was showing signs of cracking. I drank it in one fast gulp before the glass shattered in my hand.

"Even at nineteen you're still taking care of me as though I'm a baby"

"Because you forget to eat"

I only stuck my tongue out and smile at my aunt who had become like my mother. When I had first arrived here some Fury where not pleased to have me here. I was part vampire. To them that was more than enough to hate me. Queen Serilda on the other hand welcomed me with open arms. To her I was full fledged Fury and nothing more. I proved my self in battle and received respect. Also not to be fucked with if you didn't want to get hurt.

"Are we going any where to battle today?"

"I'm not sure Diana"

Sophia wasn't just nice she was Commander of Nicia with her twin sister Sophronia. Nicia is what the Fury army is called. Sophia along side her twin sister go around to make sure no one is in our territory making trouble. When there is trouble Nicia goes and fight. I, myself am part of Nicia.

"Ah hell yeah! You guys are here!"

"Let's get this shit started"

I heard yells. It only meant that poker was on and the demons and witches were here. Our house is usually open to immortals who don't seek to destroy us or bring us any harm to our existence. Witches and Demons were among some who roamed our halls.

My aunt Sophia just walked off. I assumed to the very top of House of Trinity to see if any threat was near our home. I walked over to the see who had come to play poker. Gerardo and Giulio were here. Then there was Ettore and none other than Valente.

"If it isn't Valente"

"What? Don't tell me you missed me"

"You fucking wish"

"Look at the love fest" said Neola coming in and turning to us

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you" I said smirking

"Why not?" she countered in curiosity

I turned to the poker table and pointed to Giulio. Neola turned beat red and turned around and ran off. I laughed and so did Valente. Every one knew that Giulio and Neola are destined mates but no one is doing anything to make it happen. I think it was because Neola is fifteen and Giulio is way older.

Every Fury is born human but turn immortal at the age where they can survive for their rest of their lives. I haven't turned yet but with the vampire traits I don't have to worry about dieing during battle.

"Let's go have a little spar" said Valente throwing me over his shoulder

"Hey I can walk you know"

"Let him carry you. Why walk when you can be carried?" said Rhiannon the witch

I shrugged and let Valente take me away to the training grounds.

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