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Chapter 11

- - - It was nice when I entered House of Trinity. Some of my aunts came up to us. They wanted to know where the hell we had been. I didn't get to answer any questions because I was enveloped in a tight, fierce hug.

"Oh darling, you're okay. I'm so relieved to have you back"

"Aunt Sophia…I'm glad to…see you too" I mumbled to her chest

I hugged her and she dragged me away from the rest of the group. Neola followed us as well but was pulled away by a strong arm.

"Where did you run off to?!" yelled Giulio sniffing her. "You were around Vampires?!"

"I went to get Diana, don't yell at me!" yelled Neola

"You went into enemy territory unprotected? What were you thinking?!" yelled Giulio shaking her

"I went to get my best friend and I knew that if I told you, you wouldn't ever let me go." Neola pushed Giulio and walked away. Giulio took a deep breath before going after his mate.

Sophia pulled me lightly by the shirt and I followed her to a more private room. In this case it was the kitchen. I sat down in the counter and aunt Sophia sat on a chair.

"Are you well?"

I nodded. "The problem is that my pills consists more blood than before and the sun is now harmful to my skin. Other than that I am all good. But we need to get some wine." I wiggled my eyebrows


"Cause my pills taste a lot better with wine" I smiled

Sophia went up to Diana and hugged her. "I missed you sweetie"

"I missed you too aunt Sophia but I do have more news" I said bursting her bubble

Sophia placed her hands on her hips. "What is it?"

"Well I told Dominick to gather his people's High Council because I want to abdicate as Princess. Ivan, a vampire warrior, will come to me when the Elders have gathered"

Sophia sighed. "That is risky Diana. What if these Elders decided not to let you abdicate and force you to stay and govern?"

I slid down from the counter and took my Aunt's hands. "It's a risk that I have to take. I am sure that after I tell them that I have been with a Demon for several years and aren't as pure they might just kick me out before I even finish. But of course I will state that I am first and foremost a Fury and not a Vampire"

"Won't that be hard since you are affected by the sun and must drink more blood?" stated Sophia

Her aunt had a point. Her aunts were not the only ones who knew. Dominick knew that she had to drink more blood. "Probably but I got more things that will make sure that I get kicked out"

There was a pause and some of my other aunts came in with their bowls to refill them with popcorn. I greeted them before they left. I turned back to Sophia.

"I know there's a lot to talk about our Queen but I'm going to shower and get some sleep"

"It's all right. You rest up and we'll go get you when I get a meeting started"

I hugged my aunt Sophia before heading out the kitchen and up to the third floor. On my way up, I heard some low voices but I couldn't depict if it was arguing or something else. I walked up to the voices and peeked behind the curtains.

There was Giulio and Neola by a balcony and what seemed like they were talking.

"Please don't be mad at me. I admit that I wasn't thinking when I went to get Diana. But if I had told you were she was and to help me get to her, you would have said no" said a stubborn Neola crossing her arms

Giulio walked up to her and hugged her. "You're right but it would only be because I would want to keep you safe."

Neola looked up at him and got on her tip toes. Giulio leaned way down and kissed her. I turned away and walked. This was a private moment. I closed the door to my room and leaned on it. It felt great being back in my room. I went over and flopped myself on the bed. I couldn't help but ponder on how much I missed Valente. I was sure he was okay by now if he had any wounds.

I sat up and took some pajamas from a drawer and walked into the bathroom.

I dried my hair with the towel and brushed it back. I looked myself in the mirror and looked so unhealthy. Sure I was half vampire – half Fury but not yet phased into my immortality so I was still fragile being.

There was a knock on my door before it was opened. I turned around to mouth out that they had to wait for my permission before entering my room. Yet I stood them gawking. It was Valente! I ran up to him and jumped him. I felt his arm go around me and embrace me. We were still for some time before I pulled back. I got on my tip toes and kissed him.

Valente lifted me up and moved us to the bed. He gently placed me on it before getting on top of me. My hands as his hands roomed our bodies. Yet I flinched when one of his hands touched my abdomen. He quickly pulled back and stared down at me.

"What's wrong are you hurt?" he asked looking over my body trying to find a wound

I shook my head as I sat up. "I was but I am healed."

I lifted my shirt up and showed him where my injuries used to be. I knew I still had scars because Valente's fingers traced over them.

"I looked for you" He said placing his forehead to mine

"My aunt's took me to Dominick's estate. They said I was safe there that no one would look for me there. But I am back and healed." I said kissing his lips

He looked into my eyes. "Was he there?"

I knew he referred to Dedrick. "Yes. I made it clear I will never be anything of his. You're the one I pick. You are much my mate as I am yours"

I fell back on my bed and looked up at him. He looked down at me. There was doubt in his eyes where there shouldn't be. I picked Valente because he loved me for me. He was not after me because I was his supposed destined bride.

"Come down here and love me" I pulled him lightly by his shirt

Taking off his shirt, he came to me.

- - - I grumbled when I heard a knock on my door. I scooted closer to Valente's chest and he wrapped his arms tighter around me. The knocking got louder. I sat up.

"What?! I'm busy!" I yelled falling back into Valente

"I kind of know that Diana but a meeting is going to start soon, so get up!" yelled Neola

I groaned and tried to roll over but Valente's arm pulled me back. I ran my tongue up his chest to the pulse on his neck and felt him shudder. He turned me around toyed with my breasts as he kissed me roughly.

"I missed you to love but we can get back to this after the meeting"

He pulled back. "Or we can have a quickie in the shower"

I grinned and wrapped my arms and legs around him. "What are you waiting for? Let's go!"

- - - We joined everyone and had to stand since all the seats were taken. It was always amazing when all of my aunts got together. There were so many of us just in this house. I could not imagine if the House of Trinity and House of Tristan got together.

"We are all here because our Queen has been taken by rogue vampires. The last time she was seen was in Russia." Stated Sophia. "Sophronia states that our Queen Serilda went to Russia to meet up with some one."

"With who exactly?' asked Tessa

Sophronia answered. "I am not sure but she was captured before ever meeting this person"

"Why would she go meet someone all the way in Russia and not somewhere closer?" asked Floilana

"The thing is that no one knows who she was going to meet." Said frustrated Sophronia

I raised my hand. "Everyone knows that Russia is inhabited by some Rogue Vampires, maybe our Queen was going to make a deal with them or a treaty of some kind"

Anisia turned to glare at me. "Why would Queen Serilda make a deal with those leeches?"

"Then what other reason would she be in Russia in the first place?" I hissed at her

"Right now it does not matter why she was there. What is important is to get Queen Serilda back" declared Sophia

Everyone agreed before any more bickering could start.

Sophronia stood up. "Since we really have no idea where she can be, we will get into groups and scout out our territory first and then go into further lands."

"We should go to Russia and start there!" said Tansy

"It would not be wise to just march up there. There could be a trap waiting for us. We have to be careful. Our Queen is strong she can handle herself for a couple of days" stated Sophronia

We all agreed on that. After all she was Queen of all Fury.

"Giulio, Valente we ask you to keep this information to yourselves. I don't want thins getting out for other Immortals to hear and try to take advantage of our situation"

"Of course Sophia, we will not say a word" Promised Valente

"The same goes for me. If there is any way we can help, please notify us" stated Giulio

"We appreciate your help" Sophia said looking around the Fury's

This is how it was going to be. We were to search for Queen Serilda. There was a high percentage that we were going to fight for her release.

And we were all for it.

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