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Naruto: Three Hearts. One Love

Chapter 4: The New Girl

Naruto snapped awake.

He was already in a state of panic as to why he fell asleep when Hinata and Sakura's life were hanging by a small thread. The thought raced through his mind like a typhoon at maximum. He threw back the sheets of his bed and flung his legs over the side. He ignored the pain in his body because he was determined to learn the fate of his friends and comrades. The second that he had placed all of his weight onto both feet he began to stumble forward. Thankfully his hand reached out and set itself against the window as a makeshift crutch. The floor was stinging cold against the soles of his feet which only amplified the dull pain in his body.

Grinding his teeth he hobbled his way inch by inch to the door. Never before had such a short distance seemed like a hike up some impossible mountain and just as he was making his way towards it the door opened and a nurse came in.

"Mister Uzumaki!" She exclaimed, "you're not supposed to be out of bed."

"I need to see my teammates!" Naruto growled as he moved his hand from the window to the bed railing for his crutch.

"You're…" The nurse tried to connect what Naruto was saying, "Oh yes! The girl in two-twenty. She asked me to come find you and bring you to her."

"Girl?" Naruto asked, "Don't you mean girls?"

The nurse shook her head, "I only saw one girl."

Just like many times before, Naruto was confused, but he knew that the answers were coming when the nurse brought out a wheelchair and set him into it. The feel of the wheelchair was so much better than trying to hobble his way around. He remembered the path that they were taking since his room was just down the corridor from Hinata and Sakura's. As the Nurse was pushing the wheelchair along he started to think back over the jutsu that Shizune was talking about. As he started to think about what the jutsu could do, a wave of fear came over him, he started to wonder what kind of person she would be, and most of all would it be more like Sakura or more like Hinata? He had already connected the dots that the girl in the room that the nurse was talking about had to be her. She was a girl born of both Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga. His stomach began to twist into knots on itself as he started to wonder about who was in that room. If it weren't for the fact that his stomach was empty he would have thrown up it's contents.

"Here we are." The nurse said as the wheelchair turned into room 220.

Naruto looked in and saw that one of the beds was empty. He remembered how one of the beds had Sakura in it. She was bandaged and bloody from the crashing debris of the hospital and hooked up to all kinds of machines to keep her alive. He then looked to the other bed closest to the window and in that bed was someone very different.

It had to be the girl that the nurse was talking about and Naruto could swear he saw Hinata and Sakura in that girl. In the light of the sun pouring through the windows he saw that she had very long hair, the very same length as Hinata's but the color was different. In fact the color was like Sakura's but it wasn't. The color wasn't pink but rather a shade closer to red. Despite the angle that Naruto was at he could see the color of her eyes and they were just like Hinata's; a white glazed look but Hinata's had a more lavender shade to its white glaze. The girl that Naruto saw had more of a blue shade to her eyes.

Despite how much Naruto tried to deny his own perverted nature he couldn't help but look down at her chest. The way that the hospital gown flowed over her chest made Naruto think of how wonderfully endowed she was. She wasn't too big but at the same time she wasn't too small either. Yet, the thing that really took Naruto by surprise was her smile. It was the kind of smile that neither Sakura nor Hinata had. Sakura's smile was usually one used out of automatic courtesy. Hinata's was used more in her blushing state whenever she would speak with Naruto.

She turned her gaze. "Naruto-kun." She smiled, "Thank you for bringing him, nurse."

"You're welcome, miss." The nurse bowed, "And now I'll leave you two alone."

Naruto only stared as the nurse left him along with this woman who was both familiar in her features and a stranger at the same time with her smile.

"Come closer, Naruto-kun." She asked as she patted the side of her bed beckoning him closer.

The way she called him was also a feature that struck Naruto the most. It was usually Hinata who would call him that and used the honorable suffix of "kun". He knew that Sakura never did that. She never used "San", "Chan", or "kun" because to her he was just Naruto and nothing else. In fact as he thought about it she only called Sasuke with that suffix.

Naruto reached down to the wheels of his chair and slowly pushed himself forward towards the side of her bed.

"I know that this is very…weird, Naruto-kun." She said with the utmost politeness, "It was only a few days ago, you knew two very different women, and now they are both here in this one person."

Naruto didn't say anything as his mind was trying to understand who was who within what he was seeing.

"Well, say something, Naruto-kun." She demanded.

He snapped his attention at her and he could already hear Sakura's voice in that sentence. He scratched his head.

"Which…" He uttered, "Who…"

The girl smiled as she leaned forward and placed her hand on his forehead. "You don't seem to have a fever."

"I don't." Naruto answered but added his same sentence fragments, "Who…which…"

The girl giggled, "I guess that leaves out who, where, why, and when, doesn't it?"

The way she giggled was also unusual to hear for Naruto since he hadn't heard either Hinata or Sakura laugh with such sincerity.

"Which girl are you?" He finally managed to ask.

"Which?" The girl asked, "At this point, I'm an equal fusion of both girls. I am both Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga, Naruto-kun."

"But…" Naruto shook his head trying to figure out how to state the question, "What do I call you?"

The girl nodded, "It will be confusing if you were to call me either Sakura and Hinata."

"Sakata?" Naruto suggested, "Or Hinakura?"

The girl giggled again, "Dear me, no. I actually have thought of a name for myself while I was sitting here and looking out the window. From now on, Naruto-kun, I want to be called Natsuko."

"Natsuko." Naruto smiled, "A summer child."

"Well that takes care of one issue." An old voice called out from the door.

Both Naruto and Natsuko looked towards the door and found the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, and her subordinate Shizune at her side. Tsunade came in and passed by Naruto and sat down on the bed next to Natsuko and began examining her like a doctor examining her patient.

"How are you feeling?" Tsunade asked.

"Physically, I feel fine." Natsuko answered, "Mentally though, I feel a little…mixed up."

"How so?"

"It's the memories of both Hinata and Sakura." Natsuko explained sounding like she was trying to find the right explanation for what she was feeling. "It's like watching the same movie but seeing it from two different camera angles. Such as the feelings towards Naruto-kun."

"What feelings?" Naruto demanded.

"Well…" Natsuko began as she did a gesture that Naruto had only seen Hinata do. She brought her hands up together close to her chest while the tips of her index fingers tapped against one another. Her cheeks began to flush slightly as the blood rushed into her face. "You see…Hinata had very deep feelings towards Naruto-kun. She did want to tell this to him for a very, very long time but that comes into slight conflict with Sakura's feelings. At first she considered Naruto-kun an annoyance in comparison to Sasuke-kun but that began to change over time. It changed into a greater fondness for him since she came to admire Naruto-kun for his determination and unwillingness to give up."

"It will feel like this for a while." Tsunade explained. "For now, I suggest both you and Naruto rest."

"But what about the mission, Tsunade-sama?" Natsuko asked sounding panicked.

"That's already been resolved." Tsunade reassured as she placed a hand on Natsuko's shoulder. "The attackers have been captured and dealt with. For now, you two will rest for the next few days, then you'll be released, and you'll head back to Kohona."

"I see." Natsuko said sounding remorseful. "I only wish we could have done something to prevent the loss of all those at the hospital."

"What has happened has happened." Tsunade said as she was about to leave.

"Tsunade-sama." Natsuko asked, "I have one request to make."

"What sort of request?" Tsunade asked while she turned to look at this new girl.

"I'd like Naruto-kun to share this room with me."

Tsunade looked at Natsuko and then at Naruto wondering, at first, why she was making this request, but she could see the reason in her pale-blue eyes.

"I'll talk to the nurse and have it arranged." Tsunade answered

"Thank you."

"Just make sure no funny business goes on while you two are in the room together." Tsunade warned as she left the room with Shizune.

As the door closed Naruto looked at Natsuko, "What'd she mean by funny business."

Natusko smiled, "I think that's a discussion for another time."

To Be Continued…