Hello there! This is just a small fic consisting in lots of drabbles about our characters post DH life. They are mostly inspired on my parents and my friend and her boyfriend. They are (the four) the cutest and funniest couples I know. Hope you all enjoy, and again, just so you know, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistake I might make.


Snapshot 1: Shaving Cream

She woke up to the sound of crying and yelling. Cursing for her interrupted sleep, she walked slowly 'till her bathroom, still rubbing her eyes and trying to fully open them. The crying suddenly stopped, and she smiled to herself, guessing that her husband had probably silenced their kids with breakfast.

The red-headed stopped in front of the mirror and analyzed the eyebags becoming permanent. "It's tough to be pretty and be a mother at the same time" she thought, smiling playfully to herself. Absent mindedly she grabbed her tooth brush and the toothpaste, checking her hair while shoving the brush into her mouth.

And spit it all a second later.

- EEEW! – she screamed, looking disgusted to the tube of shaving cream open on the sink. – Damn it! Again?

Author's Note: My mother does that all the time! xD