Uuuh, you guys still remember me? So, yeah. I know I've been missing, it's just I fell in love with the Percy Jackson series, and Harry Potter was pushed to the back of my mind as a not so important thing. I can't say I'll really end Snapshots, because random drabbles come to me any time of the day, and I just might feel like writing again and post it, but… I have, like, three more snapshots or something ready, and after I put them up I may declare it finished.

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Well, this drabble is funny, and quite stupid, but I thought about it a long time ago, after a huge fight between my two sisters because my younger sis is incapable of brushing her teeth without spreading toothpaste all over the sink and mirror. Hope you enjoy.

Snapshot 13 – Toothpaste


It was SO annoying.

He did it everyday, ever since they married. And he swore he would stop, promised he would change, and she would believe him. She would forgive him every time. But it was all worthless. He never changed. It was on one morning in September that the situation finally got the best of her.

She walked into their bathroom and proceeded to the sink, to brush her teeth. And as usual, as expected, there it was. The tube of toothpaste. Open. On the sink. Bits of toothpaste all over the marble surface.

She flushed in anger and let out a yell. A loud one.

That September night, a very tired Ron Weasley arrived home from a mission and walked into the bathroom to take a shower, only to discover the bath tub full of toothpaste and a note from his lovely wife attached to the mirror.

'Enjoy the toothpaste, sweetie.'

He thought for a moment if it was the war that had messed up with her head, until he decided that it wasn't. He fell back on the bed, laughing madly.

"Well, I knew all that studying would make her mental in the end!"

A/N: Don't worry, nobody filled the bathtub with toothpaste here at home. But they did break a hairbrush.