"Her name is 'Kayla', she also responds to Kay" Lab Rat proclaimed as Ty walked back in the lab.

"Wha?" He looked up to see a near perfect replica of Abby sitting on the table. "Is…is that the girl we just finished making?"

"Yep, the chameleon allows her to adapt, slightly change her features to suit what's needed." Lab Rat grinned proudly at his accomplishment. "Kay, model" The woman looked at him, before hopping off the table. She walked up and down for them a few times.

"Lab Rat, I get she's supposed to be my replacement partner, but this is my sister we're talking about. You can't expect this…admittedly cool mish-mosh of parts—"

"I don't. She's just to fool your parents until we get the real Abby back. Honestly, I'm even hurt you would think I'd do something like that." Ty sighed.

"Sorry…she is a decent replacement. I think she's too tall though" Ty tried to brighten his friend's mood. Lab Rat looked over at the 'too tall' girl, still pacing.

"Maybe…your parents wear glasses right?"

"Just my dad, mom wears contacts. Why?"

"Well, if you take the contacts and glasses away they shouldn't notice anything and you can put it off as her being sick."

"Sick?" Lab Rat bit his lip, then ran a hand through his non-existent hair.

"Err…How do I put this?" The boy reached for a goop shooter, then aimed at the still moving target. He reconsidered at the last moment. "Ty, you're gonna want to get some cover." Ty blinked at him, but warily obeyed. Once the other boy was safely behind a desk, Lab Rat joined him and shot. He missed, but the reaction was instantaneous. Kay went berserk. She began to attack anything she was close to, including the goop itself. Ty's eyes widened at the destruction.


"It seems we overdid it a bit on lioness. Preliminary test confirm, if she views anything as a threat, this is how she'll react.

"Well, how do we stop her?" Ty demanded. He kinda didn't want to face the bio-android if that was her reaction to some goop. Plus, she had the strength of an ant.

"Kay" Lab Rat called over the desk. Her head turned like an owl's would. She focused her unblinking gaze unto him. There didn't seem to be any emotion in her eyes. "Stand down, threat neutralized." With the command, she stood at attention, twisting her body around to match her head. "Good news is," Lab Rat started, turning back to Ty. "I can redo the percentage rates of all her animals and a simple injection should take to reestablish base traits. The bad news is—"

"It'll take you all night!" Ty finished for him. Lab Rat's face fell. "Yeah, but—if I finish the compound, you might be able to take her to school in the morning." Ty sighed.

"We thought the compound was finished last time. I'll just take her home as a body double for right now and you can spend all day tomorrow fixing her." Lab Rat grinned and instructed Kay to study up an Abby. Kay immediately left to do so.

"We're gonna get her back" Lab Rat whispered to Ty. Ty's eyes widened.

"I know it just…she's my sister, she's been stolen by a maniac. I just hope she's alright"

"Ty!" Lab Rat grabbed the smaller boy and forced him the look him in the eyes. "Number one, when Far-Tor captured you, she never stopped looking, she didn't let us stop either. Two, she's been missing for less than six hours. Three, Kay is a temporary body double until she gets back, then she goes back to being my fake girlfriend and you can forget this whole thing happened because she'll look different. Four, Abby knows you're coming for her. Alright?" Ty sighed. Then nodded jerkily.

"Thanks. I needed that it's just…I don't know what I'm going to do with her gone" Lab Rat scoffed.

"You think she knew what to do without you? She didn't even have a temporary partner to help her. You'll be fine. Not to mention, she's been captured by Kid Rot, what's he honestly go to do to her" Ty laughed

"He might bargain, rot the world or a kiss." The thought was so hilarious that the too started howling with laughter. They laughed the harder when they realized it may be true. Kay scratched her head in the doorway. She didn't comprehend emotions yet. Looking at the two and reviewing what she knew of the situation, she wasn't sure she wanted to.

2 hours later

"So sorry about that. Are you awake now?" The young woman in the glass tube didn't respond. She looked up at the thing wearing human skin and blinked slowly.

"Wha...What did y-you" Abby had to stop and take a breath. Whatever he had done to her, it had winded her. She could barely breathe let alone speak.

"Hmmm, still winded my dear? That's not good. Would you like some more oxygen?" Abby was panting even as hissing filled her chamber and it became a bit easier to breathe.

"My brother will be here any minute" She snarled at him once she could. He chuckled.

"I doubt that. Your communicator was left at the last location, and there is a scrambling device in this one to prevent any unfortunate…mishaps." Abby glared, though in truth she was more than a bit worried. This version of Kid Rot hadn't been making his typical 'join me' tirades, though it was obvious he was still obsessed.

"What did you do to me?!" She bit out.

"Hmm?" He seemed unconcerned. "Oh yes, that. It'll become apparent to you soon." She glared from her prison. He leaned against a wall. "I'm surprised you can't already feel it. No matter, the calculations were sound. Chester made sure of that" Abby couldn't help it. When she heard his name she'd growled in indignation and narrowed her eye. Kid Rot noticed. "What's the matter? Don't believe me? You should, I had to feed him the same thing I told you, about wanting to be 'cured'. If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only sucker. It makes me sick to share a body with him" As he said the last part, his eyes literally glowed red. His hands were consumed in rot, but there was nothing organic for him to effect. He took a deep breath. Abby watched him carefully.

"Let me talk to him" She said suddenly. Kid Rot flared up again and snarled at her. He seemed to catch himself again and gave a crazed giggle.

"He finally gave me the original rotting formula." He continued. "I've had to make a few adjustments on it. I apologize in advance, he's the scientist"

"Adjustments?" Abby wondered out loud.

"Of course. It took me months before I was able to get into his head. Once I was there it took me another few weeks to persuade him of anything. He was done with that experiment almost two years before you'd found him. By then it was too late, I was in control—"

"Why do you keep referring to yourself as if you're two different people" Abby shouted, cutting him off. Rather than enrage him as she'd hoped, this only prompted another manic giggle.

"Dear Abby, you're so intelligent. It's part of what I like about you. Did you honestly think meeting you was the first time he tried 'fixing' himself?" Kid Rot had put little air quotes around fixing. Abby was quickly coming to a dangerous conclusion.

"What did you do to me?" it was a terrified whisper. Kid Rot looked at her with mirth in his red eyes. A new voice cut through the tension. Another whisper, this one longing and weak.

"Dar—ling I'm coming" Abby clutched at her throat in horror. Kid Rot threw his head back and laughed.