Editor's Note for Without You

Dear Readers,

As TrueImmortality's editor in chief, I would like to thank each of you for the time and consideration you have devoted to this story, and for the fantastic reviews our author has received. While we all appreciate her creative ideas, TrueImmortality is not always the most punctual and meticulous of authors, so I must commend you for your perseverence in sticking to this story, despite its considerable ups and downs. I do hope it paid off for everyone in the end.

Now, to address the story itself: it is, though I regret to say it, aboslutely true. Although she might have taken some liberties with the dialogue and thoughts of the characters, TrueImmortality has written an account of a true event, which happened not so long ago. The experience was a traumatic one for the Cullen family and our close friends, the Alaska and Irish covens and the nomad, Blaise of Lorraine. It was a time of suspense and anxiety for the Cullens, but we came through it closer than ever. Because of the peril to some of our family members, we now fully realize how dear we are to one another.

Of course, we also must ask our readers to use discretion when recounting this story to their friends and family. If you would, please refrain from disclosing any details, and we would be very grateful if you would discourage others from spreading the truth of these events to the vampire communtity. While we escaped the judiciary action of the powers in Italy, we certainly are not out of danger of being summoned before the Volturi to account for our adventure. And, if you would be so kind, leave Blaise of Lorraine out of any discussions or communications regarding this story. We have agreed to keep our nomad friend safe from the public eye, and that includes the eye of Volturi sympathizers.

One last thing, before I close this letter of thanks: We regret to inform you that TrueImmortality may not be able to update any more of her current projects for some time. You see, when our author posted her story for the pleasure of you delightful readers, she did not, in fact, post it with our permission. I had permitted her to write the events down for her own use, and edited the story myself, but I did not know that her intention was to share the events with the world.

Because of this breach of privacy, we have, unfortunately, had to take rather extreme preventive measures in order that TrueImmortality will not post any further stories without our consent. We are not at all displeased with our author's readers-- you were unaware that this story was published illegally. We are displeased only with TrueImmortality, and must make certain she does not publish any more material vacuus consentio.

Therefore, though it pains me, I must inform you that TrueImmortality will be unable to continue her other stories for some time, the least amount of which is three days, although I expect her absence from her stories to be much longer. Please keep our dear author in your affections.

Once again, thank you for all your support.

With sincerest apologies,

Dr. Carlisle Cullen