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Temperance Brennan awoke with a start at the sudden impact deposited on her bed. Groaning, she reached out and felt around her bed for the new occupant. Finding nothing except her partner on the other side, she lay back down and closed her eyes again. Suddenly, she felt a small body climb on her back, then her nose filled with the scent of blueberry baby shampoo.

"Mama up!" piped a tiny voice as soft little hands pushed at Brennan's shoulders.

Brennan let out another groan. "Sebastian, baby, Mama's sleeping."

"No, Mama, up! Time get up!"

Brennan sighed wearily and slowly pushed herself up in bed. Leaning over, she tousled her two-year-old son's soft brown curls and pulled him into her arms. He had always been an early riser. Brennan had never been a sound sleeper before Sebastian was born. Little time was spent sleeping, as most of her time was taken up with work. But now, with a rapidly growing two-year-old, sleep seemed a precious luxury she seemed to get even less of then before.

That said, Brennan loved being a mother. She had not expected to get pregnant, and abortion had crossed her mind. She told herself she knew nothing about being a parent, much less a good one. Her partner would stay, she knew that, and he would be a wonderful father to their child. Still, how could she be a good mother when her own mother had abandoned her at 15? Looking at Sebastian now, however, Brennan felt a stab of guilt at the notion that she had even considered abortion. She could not imagine now not having her precocious little son here. The little boy that everyone always told her was a duplicate of her, was the light of herself and her partner's life.

Brennan cuddled in the warm bed with her son for a few moments, running her fingers through his brown baby curls. Sebastian lay quietly in her arms for a few moments, then began squirming, kicking his legs and slapping his hands together. Brennan shifted her son to look into his blue eyes.

"Do you want to wake Daddy up, bugs?" she asked.

Nodding eagerly, Sebastian ran and pounced on his father, climbing on top of him and shouting in a singsong "Up Daddy, up Daddy, up, up, up!"

Seeley Booth groaned and stretched out his arm, catching the toddler.

"I have a Sebastian monster on me!" he said playfully, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He leaned into the child's face, nose to nose.

"Well, luckily Daddy knows how to take care of Sebastian monsters. Tickle!" he cried, tickling the little boy as he squirmed and kicked and laughed.

Brennan glanced over at the clock, which read 6:17. Smiling, she reached out and pulled her partner's arm off their son.

"Alright, we've got to start getting ready," she informed them. "Last time we were late for daycare because he takes so long to get going."

Booth obediently picked up his son in his arms.

"Okay, buddy, let's start getting ready."

He moved to lift them both off the bed, but Sebastian was staring at his mother with his patented pout look, eyes wide with his lower lip jutting out plaintively.

"Pleeeaaassee no daycare, I go to work with Mama today?"

Brennan steeled herself against her son's best pleading look. For one who so many thought was cold, the child's pouting face worked on her nearly every time. Looking away, she shook her head.

"Baby, Mama has to go to work by herself today. Besides, you have fun at daycare, with all of your friends."

Sebastian's lower lip trembled. "No, I go to Mama's work!"

He hoisted himself out of his father's arms and crawled into his mother's lap. Placing his little hands on either side of her face, he directed her face so he was looking directly into her eyes.

"Love you, Mama. Pllleeeaaassee?"

Brennan sighed.

"Alright. But just for the morning, afternoon you're going back to daycare."

Sebastian's face immediately lifted into a bright smile, and he jumped up and down on the bed in excitement. Laughing, Booth caught the boy and set him on the ground.

"Go to your room, okay Bugs? Daddy'll be there in a minute to help you get dressed."

With a nod, Sebastian ran off.

Booth chuckled and lowered himself to the bed.

"The pouting face works on you every time, huh Bones?"

"Shut up." Brennan said with a smile.

Booth positioned himself so he was propping himself up on one arm, lying beside Brennan.

"So, Sebastian gets to spend all morning and all evening with Mama. The squints get to spend all afternoon with Mama. When does Daddy get some alone time with Mama?" he asked, looking at her with the same plaintive look their son wore.

Brennan shook her head with a laugh.

"Maybe, if Daddy gets his son ready in the next forty-five minutes, Mama could make an hour for Daddy tonight." Leaning in closer, she whispered "maybe two."

Booth was out of the bed and taking off out of the room less than two seconds later.

"Faster than Rocket Richard, Bones!" he called.

"I don't know what that means!" she called back.

"Okay, baby," Brennan began, as she held her son's hand and swiped them both onto the platform. "Remember, this is a big place, so you have to stay – "

"Aunt Cam!" Sebastian yelled, taking off for his aunt before Brennan could finish her sentence.

" – with me." Brennan trailed off.

Camille Saroyan dropped the tools she was holding and held out her arms to receive the little boy as he barrelled toward her. Sebastian thrust himself into his aunt's arms, and Cam scooped him up, laughing and kissing his cheek.

"Hey tiger! Did Mommy let you miss daycare today?"

Sebastian nodded feverently.

"Well, in that case, why doesn't Aunt Cam take you to see the museum while Mommy does some work?"

"Thanks, Cam." Brennan said gratefully.

"No problem." Cam replied, taking the toddler and his backpack. Sniffing the air, she stopped short and sniffed Sebastian's backside.

"Hold on there, tiger. I think Aunt Cam's going to have to give you a quick diaper change first."

Cam laid her nephew on one of the tables and quickly completed the task that used to make her too squeamish to accomplish. While she was snapping up his pants, she frowned.

"Hey Brennan!" Cam called.

Brennan jogged over and peered down at where Cam was pointing at her son's legs.

"He's got a lot of bruises." Cam observed.

Brennan nodded. "Have you been falling a lot at daycare, baby?"

Sebastian nodded absently; more interested in the lights underneath the table then the bruises. Cam shrugged as she snapped up his pants.

"It's not uncommon for a two-year-old to fall often. It's probably nothing."

Brennan nodded. She picked Sebastian up and kissed his head, before handing him to Cam.

"Alright, you go have fun with Aunt Cam, baby, but remember, Mama's taking you back to daycare this afternoon."

" 'Kay, Mama!" Sebastian chirped as Cam carried him off. They wandered off down the hall, but Brennan could hear her son singing.

"See metacarpals, see metatarsals, see phalanges..."


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