Hi, I've been a member for like 3 years but this is the first time I'm putting up a story. So please go easy on me.

The main pairing for this story is Tsuna x Yamamoto. I think this pairing is under appreciated while the Gokudera x Yamamoto I personally think is a little overdone. Who said rivals have to be lovers! Just my opinion anyway. Hopefully this story will make more people like Yamamoto x Tsuna fans . Anyway at the start it may seem Yamamoto and Tsuna centric but different characters will come in later on.

The story is planned to be quite long. Chapter 1 is kinda short and doesn't tell much but I hope you will stay with me for this story.

Sorry ahead for spelling and grammar, I try my best to fix all of them...

Enjoy and please comment, I love to see what you guys think.

Chapter 2 will be up very soon.

Rating - 13+/T, Ratings may go up in later chapters but it haven't been determined yet

Pairing - Tsuna x Yamamoto mainly

Genre - Lots, friendship, drama, romance, action, it really depends on the chapter

Disclaimer - Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Amano Akira as do all the characters in this story except Miss Misako, although like many Yama fans, I wish he was mine :p

Warning - maybe foul language, didn't really check (sorry), nothing explicit unless otherwise stated. This story is shouen-ai and maybe yaoi later on.


Chapter 1

Confession Day

It was a normal day. Leaves are turning yellow-ish brown hinting that winter would be here soon. Gray clouds cloaked the sky, nurturing the earth with its rain. The rain splattered against the window making little noises that distracted the class. The teacher droned on about some historic event and all the students wished that the clock would move just a little faster. It was only first class after all. However for one particular student, he didn't care how long history was taking. In fact, he wouldn't have minded if the class lasted forever. The reason for this is due to a certain girl that happens to be in the same room as he is.

"Ah… Kyoko-chan…." Tsuna Sawada said dreamily. School didn't really matter to the boy as long as he could see his beloved Kyoko. The girl of his life, dreams, everything. She was the purpose of even coming to school at all. She was the perfect girl, her outgoing and caring personality and the smile that lights up his whole world.

When he woke up this morning, he felt that today would be a different day. He had a good feeling, it was a day for a new start. That's why Tsuna decided that he would finally confess his feelings to his crush today. He was never this determined before, he always chickened out at the last moment but he decided that he had put this off for too long. Today would be the day; the moment of truth.

"Sawada." the teacher said impatiently. "Sawada-san!" The boy jumped out of his seat.

"Yes, sensei?" He said sheepishly, his imaginary date with Kyoko-chan ended abruptly. Giggles could be heard in the room.

"Answer the question" Miss Misako demanded, glaring at the boy while the piece of chalk she was holding was tapping against the blackboard. He was not paying any attention at all. Tsuna looked around nervously, hoping one of his classmate would fill him in what the question was about. He was met with blank looks, apparently no one had paid attention either. Great, I'm the only one that got caught.

"Could you repeat the question, sensei?"

"Which side did Japan join during the first World War?" the teacher repeated.

Crap, as I thought that didn't help at all. It's not like I actually read the pages she assigned last week…

Once again, Tsuna scanned around the room. He searched for Gokudera first because he undoubtedly have the best grades out of the three of them or even the whole class. Plus he usually knows the answer. Unfortunately for the tenth, the loyal storm guardian was currently asleep in his desk snoring away.

AH!! He's sleeping like there's no tomorrow!

He turned to Kyoko-chan next. His crush gave Tsuna an apologetic look. Don't be sorry Kyoko-chan~~~ this isn't your fault~~~~~ blame this on my stupidity~~

Lastly he glanced at Yamamoto, his rain guardian. Yamamoto sat up straighter when he realized Tsuna was looking at him. The rain guardian shrugged and gave him his biggest grin which said something like I didn't read it either. Tsuna blushed like crazy at the guardian, heat creeping onto his face. The tenth hastily turned back to face the front. He didn't want Yamamoto to see his red face. Stop blushing!!! Geez, it's just Yamamoto. Calm down Tsuna! The vongola sky ring on his finger became a little warmer. Tsuna looked at the ring curiously.

"Sawada-kun?" Miss Misako said.

While the teacher tried to catch Tsuna's attention, the rain guardian sitting near the back was confused as to why Tsuna would look away so quickly. "Something on my face?" Yamamoto said quietly.

In reality, Tsuna realized that ever since the ring scramble ended something changed. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but since then he figured out that the source of his problem has something to do with Yamamoto Takeshi; his best friend and baseball enthusiast. Yamamoto haven't changed one bit, it was Tsuna that did. Every time he look at his friend, his face would get hot and he would start to blush or something along those lines. It was very similar to what he was experiencing now.

The fact that Tsuna didn't know why he was reacting like that to Yamamoto was the reason he have kept this a secret. It was rather embarrassing thus he refuse to discuss it with his guardians especially Yamamoto. So far he managed to keep the awkwardness hidden but recently it has been harder and harder for the tenth to face Yamamoto. Tsuna had a feeling the rain guardian was already suspecting something wrong.

"Your answer, Sawada-kun?" interrupting his moment of thought.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer sensei." Tsuna said sheepishly.

"Can anyone help Sawada?" Miss Misako asked. The class shook their heads. "Well that's ok, you can sit down but detention for you after school today." She added.

"I have cleaning duty today." Tsuna told her, hoping she would change her mind.

"I'm sure you can find some time after cleaning."

"But..but I have something important to do after school today!" He argued desperately.

"What is it that is so important that you have to skip detention for?" She asked, her eyes narrowing, daring him to speak again.

"It's…" Tsuna said nervously. I want to tell her how I feelI even build up courage so that I can make it through… But there's no way I can tell her now… "It's… Nothing."

"Good. Now if Gokudera-kun could wake up and join us again then maybe we can get this unit done before next month." She said while she flicked a chalk at the sleeping guardian's head. The chalk flew at an amazing speed and a howl of pain came from Gokudera when he got hit. Gokudera sat up reluctantly as he rubbed his head from where he was hit. The whole class broke out laughing.

The tenth couldn't hear the laughter though, he disappointedly sat back down in his desk. The courage he worked so hard to save was wasted… He sighed in misery. I guess I really am no-good after all…

"Now, about the land that Japan got after…" Miss Misako continued.

Tsuna was not paying attention to history anymore. "Can this day go by any slower.' He groaned silently, making sure that Miss Misako wasn't within hearing range. Despite his precaution though he still got hit by a piece of chalk.

"Ow!" Tsuna cried out. Kyoko-chan giggled silently and Gokudera was going on about how she dare hit the tenth. I must look like an idiot right now… "Not that it really matters anyway" Tsuna mumbled under his breath.

At the back, Yamamoto was still baffled at his friend's behaviour. You could literally see question marks revolving around his head. He grinned though and came to a conclusion. "Must have been the teacher."