Gohan rushes to the hospital to see his mom.

"I can't believe mom is having the baby now and I'm not even there."

When Gohan got there his mom had just finished delivering.

" I missed it? Sorry mom. So where is my little brother?" said Gohan Chi-Chi smiled at Gohan. "Don't forget about your little sister." "What little sis..." Gohan was surprised to see that his mom just gave birth to a boy and a girl. "Mom I thought you were just having a boy?" said Gohan "I guess I was also having a girl" "But mom we only thought up one name and that was Goten. We can't name them both Goten can we?'' "I already thought up a name. She will be named Cheena" Gohan made a face at the sound of the name. "Cheena mom that name is..." Chi-Chi gave Gohan an evil look. "Are you saying you hate the name that your dear mother made up?" Gohan shakes his head "No mom I really love the name, it's great" "Good then it's settled" Chi-Chi looked down at her baby girl and boy who were both sucking on their toes. "Hello Cheena, Hello Goten welcome to the world"

7 years later

"Gohan I need you to watch your brother and sister while I go get my hair done" said Chi-Chi "Mom I have to study I have a test tomorrow. Can't you send them over to Bulma's and let them play with Trunks?" "Fine as long as you are studying I will take them to Bulama's place. C'mon kids let's go" Goten and Cheena came running down the stairs. "Mom tell Cheena to stop hitting me'' said Goten. "Cheena stop hitting your brother" said Chi-Chi "But mom he started it he said I was a little punk with a stupid name" "No I didn't!" said Goten "Yes you did" said Cheena The two of them went back and forth. Gohan looked at his mother "and you wanted me to watch them"

Once at CC Goten and Trunks ran to the training room leaving Cheena behind. "Hey guys I want to train, let me in" said Cheena. "No you're a girl and girl's aren't fighters" said Trunks from inside the room. "So what if I'm a girl I bet I can beat you up" `Oh brother, stop dreaming Cheena, I bet you aren't even a Super Sayian yet" said Trunks. Cheena was silent. "Just as I thought, now go away and let us train" "Trunks you are a jerk" said Cheena "Cheena why don't you go and play with your dolls or something" yelled Goten. Trunks and Goten started laughing. "Fine, Goten you are a jerk too" yelled Cheena. She walked down the hall and to the back of the house. There Vegeta was doing a little training. "Vegeta can I train with you?" "Go away and leave me alone. I have no time to waste playing with you" said Vegeta "Please I really want to..." Vegeta turned to face Cheena. Veins were popping out of his head. "Listen leave me alone and go do something girlie. Fighting is a man's
thing and besides you'll probley hurt yourself and call for your mom or something" Cheena just looked at Vegeta. Tears were forming in her eyes. "Fine if no one want's to train with me I will do it by myself" and with that Cheena ran off. Vegeta looked at her run. He thinks to himself *she really wants to train. She is Kakarots daughter. She may be just as strong as he is*

Cheena ran until she was in the woods. She fell on the ground and started crying. Soon her crying turned into anger. She was angry that everyone looked at her as just a little girl who couldn't do anything. Cheena's anger was building. Before she knew it she started to glow a bright yellow color. Her long black hair stood straight up on her head and had turned gold. The two strands of hair that was in her face were now swaying from side to side. "What's happening? I feel funny" She walked over to a little lake that was nearby and looked in. "Wow is this what a Super Sayian looks like?'' She tried to remember how Goten looked when he first turned Super. "Yes I am a Super Sayian" She began to jump up and down. "I can't believe it but I wonder how did it happen? Oh well it happened and I am so happy. Wait until Goten hears about this..." Cheena stopped for a minute. Should she tell her brother or anyone for that matter? This was huge but she didn't need to tell anyone. "I
didn't need anyone to help me turn into a super sayian so I don't need to tell anyone at least not just yet" Cheena looked at the sky. "It's getting late I better get back before mom comes back. Cheena raced back to CC with a huge smile on her face.