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Staring down at her dad, Cheena's hands slowly shook. Her breathing increased a bit and she slowly started to shake. Trunks and Goten looked at one another before looking at Cheena. "You ok Che?" Trunks asked as he looked at her. Shaking her head no, Cheena just continued to shake as she stared at Goku. Standing beside his sister, Cheena looked down at their father then back to Cheena. "Don't tell me your nervous?" he said. "And why shouldn't I be? He's the one who taught me almost everything I know. How can I take him on?" Cheena questioned as she continued to stare at Goku. "Cheena c'mon, you'll do fine. You are a great fighter. Just do your best" Trunks said as he stood beside her as well. Cheena shaking slowly stopped as she looked at him. "I don't know! I just don't know! I've worked hard to make it this far and so has my dad. He's the best around" she said. "Yes, and you get to face him in front of everyone here and at home. This is going to be great" Trunks said. Cheena just stared at him then looked back at the ring. "Don't chicken out now Cheena" Goten snapped as he glared at her. Quickly looking at him, Cheena shook her head before walked past Trunks towards the stairs. Trunks quickly glared at Goten. "Now why did you go and say that?" he yelled. "She knows I'm just joking...fine, I'll go apologize" Goten said as he started to walk off but Trunks stopped him. "No, let her be alone for now. She needs to think" Trunks said as he sat down. Goten watched as Cheena walked down the stairs then out the arena. "What makes you so sure that she wants to be alone now?" he asked as he sat down beside him. "I know her that's why and if you weren't so mean to her you'd know her too" Trunks said. Goten just looked at him as a familiar voice was heard. "Trunks! Goten!" the person said. Looking at the bottom of the arena, the guys looked to see Miyuki waving to them. "Hey!" Trunks said as he waved back. Coming up the stairs, Miyuki excused herself past a few people and made her way over to the guys.

Walking down the path, Cheena placed both her hands behind her head. *I'm not afraid to fight dad, am I? I shouldn't be but I am. What if I'm no good? He taught me! What if I mess up something he taught me?* Cheena yelled and questioned to herself. "Cheena!" a person yelled. Still walking, Cheena kept her mind on her own thoughts. *If he beats me I won't feel bad...ok, I'll feel a little bad* she said to herself as she sighed low under her breath. "Hey Cheena!" a voice said again. Hearing it this time, Cheena turned around to see Kakarita coming towards her. "Hey, I was calling you, didn't you hear me?" she asked. "I'm sorry! My mind is just on my final match. So what can I do for you?" Cheena said with a small smile on her face. "I kinda need to talk to you. I can't tell anyone else and you can't tell Goten...especially Goten" she said. Cheena narrowed her eyebrows as she looked at her. "Why don't you want me to tell Goten? Is it about him or something?" Cheena asked. Kakarita just nodded her head as she stepped towards Cheena. Looking from side to side, she made sure no one was near by who could hear what she was saying. Cheena just watched her with curiosity. Seeing that no one was nearby, Kakarita looked back at Cheena. "I'm not who you think I am" she said. "Ok...who are you then if you're not Kakarita?" Cheena asked as she folded her arms across her chest. "My name is Kakarita but I'm not from this time. I'm from the future sort of speak" Kakarita said. Raising her eyebrows, Cheena just stared at her. "What?" she said as she stared at Kakarita. "Just listen to me, I don't want you to tell Goten cause he is my father" Kakarita said. Slowly Cheena's hands dropped to her side. She blinked a few times, trying to register what Kakarita just told her. "I know its hard to understand but I'm telling the truth. I come from the future. I came here to see the tournament and my dad" Kakarita said. Cheena just continued to blink as she stared at Kakarita. "Aren't you going to say something?" Kakarita asked as she stared at Cheena. Cheena quickly shook her head as she placed her hand on the side of her head. "Let me get this straight, your Goten's daughter and my niece?" Cheena asked. Kakarita just nodded her head. Cheena just stifled a laugh as she placed her hand behind her head. "No wonder you ignored him when he tried to talk to you. "Yea, I don't think its so great to date your own dad" Kakarita said. Cheena just nodded her head. "Look, I have some things I need to do but can you do me one thing, keep me dad away from me. I don't want him to try to talk to me or even find out who I really am" Kakarita said. "I won't tell him or anyone" Cheena said. "Thank you!" Kakarita said as she gave Cheena a quick hug then ran off. Cheena watched her go then looked up at the sky. "Goten has a daughter? Weird!" she said as she continued to walk, taking her thoughts back to her next match.

"So where did Cheena go?" Miyuki asked as she looked at the guys. "We don't know but she just needs to concentrate on the match and not on whether she'll mess up or not" Trunks said. "Well you know she wants to make Goku proud of her. I mean he did teach her what she knows right?" Miyuki said. Trunks just nodded his head. Miyuki just sighed before looking over at Goten. He was just sitting in the chair looking at her. "Aren't you going to talk?" Miyuki asked. Opening his mouth, Goten tried to speak but no words came out. Miyuki just laughed as she looked back at Trunks. "So how come you're so late?" he asked as Miyuki looked at him. "I couldn't get off of work. I don't know why I got a job. I asked my boss to let me go early but he just said no so I got here as fast as I could. I was hoping I'd see Cheena fight once, I just didn't know it would be against her own dad" Miyuki said. "I know but its going to be a great match' Trunks said. Miyuki nodded her head. "Well I'm going to go find her before her match" she said as she ran off. Trunks watched her go then looked at Goten. "Cat got your tongue?" he asked as he sat down. Goten just glared at him before looking at the arena. Walking around the grounds, Miyuki looked around. "Where is she?" she asked as she looked around. A smile flew across her face as she looked saw Cheena sitting down on a bench. "Che!" she yelled as she ran towards her. Looking up, Cheena smiled as she saw her friend run towards her. "About time you got here" Cheena said as Miyuki reached her and sat down. "Blame it on my boss. I love my job but he is such a jerk" she said. Cheena just laughed as she rested her arm on the back of the bench. "I just wanted to wish you luck before you go out there. I'll be cheering you on from the stands" Miyuki said. "Thanks!" Cheena said as she looked down at her hands. "Don't worry Che, you'll do fine" Miyuki said. "I know! Thanks Miy!" Cheena said. Miyuki just looked at Cheena then laughed. "Wanna hear something funny?" she asked. Cheena slowly nodded her head. "Goten couldn't say one word to me as he looked at me" Miyuki said. Cheena sprouted a smile on her face as she looked at her friend. "I told you he wants to get back with you" Cheena said. "He's been dating around, you know that! He's too busy to worry about me, I mean with all the girls he got calling after him and all the girls he's drooling over" Miyuki said. "So what? You know you want to get back with him" Cheena said. Miyuki just laughed as she looked at Cheena. "Look, today is not about me, its about you and your final match against Goku. Do your best" Miyuki said. Cheena just nodded her head as the announcers voice ran though the arena.

"This is ladies and gentlemen. These two fighters have been through it all today and now they are going against one another but its not just fighter vs. fighter, its father vs. daughter. Yes you heard me right, father vs. daughter to see who is going to be named the Champion of the World. Let's get this match underway. Will Goku and Cheena please report to the ring for the final match of this competition" he yelled. Sighing, Cheena slowly stood up and scratched. "Well its time" she said. Miyuki stood up and placed her hand on Cheena's shoulder. "You can do it and whether you win or lose, you still went out there and gave it your all" she said. Nodding her head, Cheena started off towards the arena with Miyuki right beside her. Stepping in the ring, Goku looked around at everyone. Bending to the left, then the right, he stretched then relaxed his muscles before working on his arms. Coming into the arena, Cheena immediately looked at him. "Good Luck and have fun" Miyuki said as she walked towards the stairs and walked up. Cheena watched her go then walked towards the ring. "Easy for her to say, she's not fighting her own dad" Cheena mumbled under breath as she stepped into the ring. The crowd erupted in cheers as they looked at the two competitors. Looking around, Goku smiled at everyone as they cheered then looked at Cheena. "Everyone seems excited" he said. Cheena just looked at him as she nervously shook her hands. *C'mon Cheena, cut it out* she yelled at herself. Looking at her dad, she could feel sweat already coming down her face. *What is wrong with me?* Cheena mentally yelled to herself. "Cheena looks so nervous" Trunks said as he looked at her. Goten was about to speak when Miyuki came up to them. "Hey guys, I'm going to go sit over there, ok" she said as she pointed further down in the stands. "You can sit here. I'll sit down there" Trunks said as he started to stand up. "No, we should all cheer Cheena and my dad on together so sit here" Goten said as he patted his knee. Miyuki looked at him for awhile then at Trunks who just shrugged his shoulders. "What? Its better then sitting in one of those chairs" Goten said as he looked at her. Miyuki just stared at him as she raised her eyebrows. Oh yeah, in what way?" she asked anticipating the response. "Well uh, its uh..." Goten said as he tried to think up a answer. Miyuki laughed as she walked over to him and sat down. "Thanks for the seat" she said as she looked back at him. Goten only smiled as he looked down. Down in the ring, the announcer stepped out of the ring. "Let the final match of this tournament begin" he yelled as the bell sounded.

Cheena just stood still looking at her dad as he looked at her. *I can't do this! What if I forget something he taught me? I'll disappoint him! Cheena! Stop it! Fight him! I can't!!* Cheena argued with herself. Goku just looked at her and smiled. "You ready Che?" he asked as he took his fighting stance. Cheena just nodded her head as she took her stance as well. *I can do this! I can fight him!* Cheena said to herself. Soon Goku's smirk disappeared as he charged towards her. Pulling his arm back he went for a punch to Cheena's face. Seeing him come towards her, Cheena quickly froze. "I can't do this!" she said just as Goku came towards her. Bringing his arm forward, he quickly connected with Cheena's jaw. Her head turned at impact. Goku didn't give in and continued his assault of left and right punches. Cheena kept her hands at her side as her head moved from side side with every blow to the face. "What gives? Cheena, what are you doing?" Goten yelled as he watched. Down below, Goku quickly jumped back and looked at Cheena. She stood in front of him with blood running down her mouth. "Cheena, what are you doing?" he asked. Cheena just stared at him as she tried to catch her breath. Frowning, Goku came towards her again, this time disappearing. Cheena stood still as she looked down at the ground. Reappearing behind her, Goku pulled his leg back and kicked Cheena in the back. Sailing forward, Cheena slid across the ring and laid still. Landing on the ground, Goku just stared at her. "What kind of match is this? She's not even fighting back" a man in the crowd yelled. Miyuki looked at Cheena then over to Trunks. "What's wrong with her?" she asked. "I don't know" Trunks said as he sat on the edge of his seat. In the ring, Cheena made her way to her feet but faced away from her dad. *C'mon Cheena, he's beating you down. At least put your hands up to block for goodness sake* she yelled to herself as she clenched her fists. Behind her Goku just stared at her before charging towards her once again.

Coming towards her, Goku quickly disappeared only to reappear in front of her. Quickly he put out a combo of left and right punches. Cheena put her arms up to block a few of them but not all of them. Goku caught her with a punch to the jaw, the chest and the chin. With one last punch, Cheena went sailing, landing on her back. Goku just looked down at her with a frown on his face. "What is wrong with you? Fight back or block better! I'm not going to win this way Cheena" Goku said. "I'm trying dad" Cheena said as she made her way to her feet. Growling, Goku quickly charged towards her and kneed her in the stomach. "NO YOU'RE NOT!" he yelled as she stumbled back. Holding her stomach briefly, Cheena looked over at her dad. "Fight me!" he yelled as he charged towards her once more. Taking a deep breath, Cheena took her fighting stance and charged toward Goku. As she approached she quickly flew to the side and went for a punch but Goku quickly blocked her. Bringing her other arm forward, Cheena went for another punch but again Goku blocked. Bringing back his leg, Goku kicked across the chest sending her sailing towards the edge of the ring. "Cheena! Stop!" he yelled. Cheena just continued to sail towards the edge of the ring. Growling slightly, Goku flew towards her and grabbed her leg. Swinging around, he tossed her towards the middle of the ring. Hitting the ground back first, Cheena just looked up at the sky. Goku stood in his spot looking at her. A scowl appeared on his face as he quickly flew towards the sky. "What's dad doing?" Goten asked as he looked up along with everyone else in the crowd. Stopping a few feet above the ring, Goku looked down at her before quickly transforming into a Super Saiyan. Pulling back his hands, he continued to stare at Cheena.

"Kame..." he stared. In the crowd, Miyuki, Goten, Trunks and the rest of the gang stood on their feet and looked up at Goku. "Dad, don't do it! Not from up there!" Gohan yelled. "Dad no!" Goten shouted as he looked down at Cheena. She was still laying on her back, looking up at the sky. "Hame..." Goku continued as he continued to stare at Cheena. Cupping his hand around his mouth, Goten screamed towards Cheena. "Cheena, get up!" he yelled. Cheena just remained laying on the ground looking up at the sky. "CHEENA! GET UP AND FIGHT! IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FIGHT THEN LET ME DO IT! I BET I CAN DO BETTER THEN YOU" Goten shouted. Cheena just growled as she heard what he said but just laid there. "Its not working!" Miyuki said as she looked at Goten. "HA!" Goku yelled as he sent the blast towards Cheena. "GOKU NO!" Trunks yelled as he watched the blast come hurdling down to the ground. Watching the blast, Goten looked at Cheena and smiled. "ITS JUST LIKE A GIRL TO NOT WANT TO FIGHT! YOU GOT WEAK AFTER OUR BATTLE CHEENA!" he yelled. Cheena growled as she clenched her fist in anger. Goku held his hands in place as the blast came towards her. "Cheena, move!" Trunks yelled as he looked at her. Slowly, Cheena sat up then made her way to her feet. "NOW MOVE!" Trunks, Miyuki and Goten yelled. Cheena just looked down at the ground then over at them. *C'mon Che, snap out of it! Just do your best and take him on...DO IT!* she yelled to herself. Nodding her head, she quickly looked up at the blast that was coming towards her. A smirk appeared on her face just as the blast flew into her. "CHEENA!!" Trunks, Miyuki and Goten yelled as they watched. Goku looked on from above with a frown on his face as he watched the blast hit Cheena head on. Suddenly his frown mixed with confusement as he watched what was going on below. Everyone watched as the blast started to rise into the sky. Screaming could be heard from below the blast which brought a smile to a few people faces.

"CHEENA!" Miyuki yelled with a smile. Everyone looked to see a yellow aura under the blast and two hands holding it up. Slowly Cheena emerged with the blast over her head. Now standing in front of everyone as a Super Saiyan, she looked up in the sky at her dad. "I think this is yours!" she shouted as she tossed the blast back to him. Goku smiled as he watched the blast come sailing towards him. Quickly he moved to the side and watched as the blast flew into the sky. Cheena smirked as she quickly disappeared. Goku laughed as he looked back down at the ring but soon stopped as he saw no one there. Before he could say or do anything, Cheena appeared in front of him and punched him in the stomach. As he leaned forward, she quickly pulled back and punched him in the face. Before he could do anything she was on him with a barrage of left and right punches. She quickly caught him with hit to his jaw, chest and chin, just as he did to her before. Moving back, Goku smiled at her. "Now this is the Cheena I know" he said. Cheena only nodded before going back on the attack. Charging towards Goku, she went for a few round house kicks. Goku quickly put his arms up to block each one then went for a few kicks of his now. Blocking one, Cheena quickly ducked down then disappeared. Smiling Goku looked up to see Cheena coming down towards him. As she approached, he quickly pulled back and punched her in the face. Falling to the side, Cheena quickly stopped herself and put her hand out. She smiled as she fired a few ki blast towards him. Goku smacked each one away as he flew towards her. Cheena smirked as she disappeared. Goku just smiled as he disappeared as well. Before anyone could say anything the two of them appeared in the sky in front of the crowd delivering right and left punches. The met each other with every blow. It was fist to fist as the two continued to go at it. Cheena went for a cross punch but Goku ducked down and caught her in the face. In the crowd, Chi-Chi stood up and glared at Goku. "Don't hit her Goku!" she yelled. Goku stopped as he looked at his wife. "But Chi-Chi, we're kinda in the middle of a match here" he said. Chi-Chi was about to speak again but Cheena cut her off by delivering a swift jab to Goku's jaw. "Cheena, don't hit your father" Chi-Chi yelled. Quickly Cheena stopped and looked at her. "But mom..." she said. "No buts, now I want you to have a clean fight" she said as she folded her arms across her chest. Both Cheena and Goku looked at one another before looking at Chi-Chi. Quickly they both flew towards the ring. Landing in the ring, Cheena and Goku stared each other down.

"I've got to pull out all the stops now" Cheena mumbled to herself as she looked at her father. Quickly she disappeared only to reappear behind him and went for a kick to the back of his head. Without turning around, Goku quickly ducked down. Spinning around, he quickly swept her feet from under her. As Cheena fell back, he quickly kicked her in her back, sending her sailing into the air. Slowly opening her eyes, Cheena looked to see her dad above her getting ready to knock her back into the ground. As she sailed towards him, she quickly disappeared just as he was about to hit her. Before he could turn around, Cheena appeared above him. Doing a backwards flip, she quickly kicked him in the back of the head and watched as he sailed towards the ground. Quickly she sailed after her, ready to attack again. Goku turned his body in mid air and looked as Cheena came towards him. With a smirk on his face, he fired numerous amounts of ki blasts towards her. Cheena flew from side to side as she dodged each blast. Seeing a blast come towards her, she quickly moved to the side. As she looked in front of her, she saw that her dad was gone. "What?" she said but before she could react, out of the corner of her eye she noticed Goku behind her. Grabbing her arms, Goku quickly held on as he fell towards the ring. Trying to get free, Cheena could only watch as the ring got closer and closer. Goku screamed as he grabbed Cheena by the back of her shirt and pulled her back before tossing her forward and into the arena floor. As the smoke cleared everyone looked to see Cheena laying on the arena floor surrounded by broken pieces of the ring. "What a match" the announcer said as he prepared to count. Slowly opening her eyes, Cheena pressed her hand into the ground and made her way to her knees. Breathing heavily, she quickly looked up to see Goku about to come down on her with his foot. Quickly she rolled out of the way, just as his foot smashed into the ground.

Jumping to her feet, Cheena quickly charged towards Goku. Quickly he disappeared as Cheena swung with her right arm. Just as him, she quickly disappeared as well. Soon loud sounds were heard around as everyone looked to see Cheena and Goku appear the disappear as they went and delivered a combo of left and right punches and kicks. Sweeping his legs from under him, Cheena quickly elbowed Goku in the stomach. Goku hit the ground and looked up as Cheena prepared to step on him but he rolled out of the way. Jumping back, Cheena quickly looked at her dad as he made his way to his feet. The two stared at one another before smiles flew across their faces. Quickly the two pulled their hands back and prepared to deliver their most power moves. "Kame...Hame...HA!" they both yelled as they each fired a blast towards the other. The two blasts came hurdling towards one another before meeting at the middle. Holding her hands as steady as she could, Cheena screamed as she continued to power up. "This is it! I need all the energy I can get" she yelled as she screamed as loud as she could. All of a sudden a red aura surrounded her just like before when she was fighting Trunks. Her energy boast quickly flew towards Goku and pushed him back a bit. Pushing forward, Goku quickly screamed as he powered up to Super Saiyan 2. The two blasts grew larger and larger before it rose over both of them. Cheena gritted her teeth as she tried to keep the blast up. Goku meanwhile held his ground as if it was the easiest thing in the world. "No...I can't give in! I won't!" Cheena yelled as she powered up as high as she could go. Electricity flew around her body as she pushed all she had into her blast. Goku smirked as he looked at her before powering up a little bit more. Cheena slowly started to get pushed back towards the edge of the ring. "NO!" she shouted as she pushed as hard as she could. Tiredness flew over her before she slowly dropped her hands. As she looked up she screamed as Goku's blast came hurdling towards her. "CHEENA!" Trunks yelled from the stands. The blast pushed Cheena out and straight into the wall behind her.

Everyone was silent as they looked at the wall that now had a huge whole in it. Goku just looked on with a look of concern on his face. "Che?" he said as he quickly ran over to the wall. Looking in, he quickly jumped. Everyone waited to see what would happen but soon the wait ended as everyone looked to see Goku emerge with Cheena in his arms. Her shirt and pants were torn in a few places and she has a few marks on her arms and face. Quickly Goku laid her down before standing up and placing two fingers on his forehead. Taking one last look at Cheena, he quickly disappeared. Everyone sat in silence as Cheena laid motionless on the ground. "C'mon Che" Miyuki said as she folded her hands in front of her face. Soon Goku appeared with something in his hand. Bending down, he quickly opened her mouth and placed a sensu bean inside. It remained in her mouth as he stared at her. "CHEENA! CHEW IT!" he yelled as he sat her up. Slowly Cheena's eyes fluttered but didn't open. Her mouth closed and started to move as she chewed the bean. Swallowing it, she quickly opened her eyes and looked around. Seeing where she was, she quickly looked down at the ground. "I lost didn't I?" she said. Goku just smiled as he looked at her. "Yea but you put up a great fight. It could of gone either way" he said. Cheena just looked at him then rolled her eyes. "Yea right!" she said. Goku just smiled as he looked at her. "You ok?" he asked. Cheena just nodded her head as a small smile fell across her face. "Just a little tired" she said. Goku nodded his head as he helped her up. "Here is your winner ladies and gentlemen, Goku" the announcer said. Everyone cheered as Goku waved to the crowd. Cheena smiled as she grabbed his hand and raised it in the air. "So you're not upset you lost?" he asked over the cheering. "Why should I be? Now I know I have more training to do if I'm ever going to beat you" Cheena yelled back. The two smiled as they waved to the crowd above.

In the back Cheena just sighed as she looked at the arena which was starting to empty out. Walking out, she walked towards the arena floor and stepped inside. It still had the huge dent in it from when she got tossed into the ground. Cheena just smiled as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Hey Cheena" a voice said. Opening her eyes, Cheena looked to see Miyuki coming towards her. "Hey" Cheena said. "Hey, I guess your dad got another student" Miyuki said. Cheena looked to see Risika talking to Goku. "Yeah, she would be a great student for my dad" Cheena said as she turned away and looked at the stands. "Hey Che, how come you didn't fight back earlier?" Miyuki asked. Cheena laughed as she turned towards her. "For a stupid reason. I thought I'd disappoint my dad if I messed up of something like that. I don't even remember anymore. All I remember is getting blasted out of the ring. Man that hurt!" Cheena said. Miyuki just laughed as she looked to the side. "Hey Miy?" a voice said. Cheena looked to see Goten coming towards them. She watched as Goten whispered something to Miyuki and her laugh. "Hey Che, you had a great match" he said. Cheena smirked as she looked at him. "Thanks for yelling at me" she said. Goten grinned as he stared at her. "That's what I'm here for" he said. Cheena just nodded her head. "Well we're going to go get something to eat, dad's treat. You coming?" he asked. "In a bit" Cheena said. She smiled as she watched Goten say something to Miyuki and her laugh again before she latched onto his arm. "There they go again" Cheena said as she looked around the ring. Taking in a deep breath, she looked at the arena seat. "Hey!" a voice said. Cheena looked to see Trunks coming towards her. "What's up?" he asked as he walked over to her. "Nothing, just remembering this day" Cheena said. Trunks smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "You ready to go eat. We better hurry before your dad eats it all" Trunks said. Cheena just smirked as she looked at him. Leaning in she gave him a kiss before pulling away and pushing him away. "Last one there won't eat!" she yelled as she ran off. "No fair!" Trunks yelled as he quickly ran after her, laughing all the way.

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