A/N: Aloha everybody! Meridith here. So I was in the middle of writing the next chap for this when I get an e-mail from Artsiege (well, in actual fact, it was a review, but I got an alert e-mail). In essence, she politely told me that this story has gone way downhill and I've effectively mocked/ruined Percy and Annabeth's love forever.

That's something I never wanted to do, because even though I don't really care about Percabeth anymore, a lot of people still DO. And it sucks when somebody completely ruins a pairing you like.

Thank you to Artsiege, PercyLovesAnnabeth85, Honest101 etc. for being…you know, honest. And thanks to everyone else for reading this piece of shit this far and being such nice people in your reviews.


EDIT: Haha, wow you guys. Let's cut the crap, you can't be that disappointed that it's over, it was shit to begin with. Don't blame the 3 bad reviews or whatever. It's not like I decided OH HEY THESE 3 REVIEWS ARE OBVIOUSLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER 500. More like, I'd known this was bad for quite some time but decided to continue it because I liked getting complimentary reviews (see? You guys are opium to me! )

Anyway. So I'd forgotten about this until I got a couple honest reviews that were like, "Meridith, this sucks, you could write better, quit posting this to feed your ego," which I totally was and that's not fair to any of you either, you're intelligent and deserve intelligently-written stories, not fluff without plot or meaning like this.

On second thought, I won't delete it though, that doesn't accomplish anything either and if this is somebody's guilty pleasure, well who am I to judge? :)

Lots of love, Mer.

PS--but if anyone else likes to write out there, would you be interested in a mini (like 2 or 3 person) writer's circle? Like we could exchange stories. I've got something with Tudor time-travel and something with a mermaid assassination attempt that I'm writing. But both might be as crappy as this.

But they've also got some action (not like that, sickos) and budding romance goin' on, so there. It could be fun. I want to read y'all's works as well.