Summary: She was that weird girl from So Random and he was that jerk from Mackenzie Falls. That was how it was supposed to be, but a plane crash changed everything. There are 16 survivors, among them Sonny and Chad, Now nothing will ever be the same.

Pairing: Sonny/ Chad

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Debris was everywhere. Pieces of the plane were scattered about most pieces were on fire, some still had people trapped inside dying to get out. The lucky ones were already out, in complete chaos trying to help the others. This was Flight 14, one of the newest planes out there. The least expected to have a deadly crash, especially while carrying two famous teens with hit television shows. And this is where our story begins.


"Sonny! Are you ready to go!? Your flight is scheduled to leave in three hours!" Her mother yelled from the kitchen. Sonny was going to Texas to film a commercial, and take some pictures. Sonny ran down the stairs in a hurry, with two big bags on her arm. She ran into the kitchen grabbed an apple and started out the door.

"Ready!" She yelled from out the door on the way to her car. Her mother sighed and followed her to the car.

The car ride on the way to the airport was relatively quiet. Sonny just stared out the window thinking about how excited she was for her upcoming commercial since it was to be her first ever. Her mother listened to the radio calmly and silently. When they arrived at the airport, Sonny's mother drove to the front and pulled over, where she helped Sonny get her bags out of the trunk.

"Bye sweetie, be safe, I love you!" Her mom exclaimed giving Sonny a hug goodbye; Sonny returned the hug "I love you too, bye." Sonny grabbed her bags and proceeded to the check in desk.

"Chad! Get your ass down here now! Your flight leaves in 2 hours are you trying to miss it!" His dad yelled.

"I'm coming!" Chad yelled back from the bathroom, he was still putting the finishing touched on his hair, he just can't just go out looking average he was Chad Dylan Cooper! One of the hottest looking guys out in the industry! When he was done he went to his bedroom and grabbed his three suitcases and started walking down the stairs slowly, where he saw his father at the bottom with an angry look on his face, which wasn't new since he was sure that was his father's only look. "Your driver has been outside for the last hour and a half! Damn why do you have so many bags you're only leaving for a week!" Chad ignored his father and headed for the front door where he was met with his driver who took his bags. Chad mumbled a quick goodbye and headed out the door and into his limo.

Chad listened to his Ipod on the ride to the airport, dreading his flight to Texas, but he had to go, Mackenzie Falls season one was coming out on DVD and they wanted him out promoting it. About an hour later Chad's driver opened the door for him letting him out, when Chad got out his limo driver shut the door and went to get his bags. They went inside and checked him into his flight. Chad dismissed his driver and went to go and find his gate. Gate 23 Chad read on the screen, and started on his way to the gate.


"Oh my gosh it's Chad Dylan Cooper!"

"Please sign my shirt Chad!"

Sonny turned around when she heard a crowd of screaming fan girls at the airport. Chad's here? She thought to herself. Airport security came to Chad's assistance and helped remove the screaming girls and brought him to the gate. Sonny got a frustrated look on her face. All she wanted was a relaxing flight and now she had to put up with the obnoxious Chad. Great! She thought sarcastically. She looked over at Chad once again and saw him coming her way, she was about to cover her face when it was too late, he had already taken a seat next to her.

"Sonny" Chad said smugly "Funny seeing you here, looks like were on the same flight, but tell me what brings you to Texas?"

Sonny glanced at Chad and answered his question politely. "I have a commercial to…" Sonny was cut off by the loud speaker. "Flight 14 is now boarding, I repeat Flight 14 is now boarding." The loud speaker said. Sonny and Chad stood up and stood in boarding group A, while Chad mumbled something about how dumb it is that this plane doesn't have first class. Sonny rolled her eyes and moved up in line.

When they got on the plane Sonny took the first seat available to her. Chad took the seat next to her by the window saying he's not taking the chance of sitting next to a fan.

"These seats are need more cushion." Chad complained

Sonny gave him a crazy look.

"What! You know I'm right, I wish my plane was fixed, and then I wouldn't have to use public transportation." Chad said disgustedly

Sonny looked amazed "You have a private plane!?!" She asked excitedly

"Of course." Chad said giving her a 'who doesn't look.

Just then the pilot came on the loud speaker saying that he was ready for departure and to buckle your seat belts. The plane took off with ease and Sonny and Chad rode in silence, Chad fell asleep and Sonny read a book that she had brought with her.

An hour later in the sky, the plane started to shake. Chad snapped up at the sudden jerk and looked at Sonny who looked terrified. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"Ye-s-s-sss" Sonny said shakily. Chad looked at her sympathetically. "Sonny it's going to be ok its just a little…" He was cut off by a big bump; it felt like someone was literally jerking the plane. Next thing he knew Sonny was on him with her head buried in him. Chad held on to her, for his new oncoming fear. The plane began to jerk more and more. The pilot put on an alarm and released the gas mask. Chad grabbed his and Sonny's masks he put his on first then helped her put on hers. Chad felt the plane begin to go downwards, and he started to hold on to Sonny for dear life. Pieces of the plane began flying off and things began coming out and fall about the cabin. The last thing Chad rememberd was Sonny whimpering, and then everything went black.


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