Title: Fated Turns

Fandom: Infinite Undiscovery

Pairing: Sigmund/Capell

Summary: What if the origin of Capell's birth was different? What if he and Sigmund had known each other sooner? What if they were close and cared deeply for one another? How were they separated? Sigmund/Capell YAOI!

Disclaimer: I do not own Infinite Undiscovery, Tri-ace does. However, I do own Dariea, Rosalia, the guards Bruno and Tom, Hades, Diablos, and their sister Abyss.

Warnings: Shounen-ai/Yaoi (as in two males paired together), Slightly AU so there will be OCs and additional locations and weapons to those in the game.

Author's Notes:

Italics represent Hades' thought-speech

~'-Diablos' Thought-speech'~

/ 'Abyss' Thought-speech' /

Fated Turns: Chapter 1- The Tide of Change Have Begun, Part I

"I can change any thought that hurts into a reality that hurts even more." drawled the velvet voice of the head of the Blue Isle Science Research Division Professor Dariea Bloodworth, "So if you do not wish for the mental image of me splitting you open like our patient here to become reality, I would advise you to stop lecturing me about my morality and conduct within MY lab, and do your job." Her amber eyes shone unusually bright under the lamp on the wall. An amused smirk on her lips, casted half of her attention to her young lab assistant, Rosalia Croft and the other half to the patient on the examination table.

"You're an inhuman monster!" yelled Rosalia, a look of utter revulsion passed upon her face, unshed tears barely held back by the thought of not giving the professor the satisfaction of seeing her cry before her. She placed her hand above her mouth as if to hold back the bile from her disgust from when she looked back and forth between the delighted uncaring gaze of her boss and the patient who lay a couple feet away over her own shoulder.

"Tell me something I don't know. Heal him. Do hurry before he dies." Professor Bloodworth turned Rosalia around and pointed an elongated fingernail over the assistant's shoulder at the male on the table, without a shred of care or concern in her voice.

Rosalia walked towards the body of the young preteen, and placed her hand a few inches over him. She winced away at the sight of him, with the skin of his torso peeled back to show the bones of his ribs and the bloody organs beneath them. The sight of so much blood and the stale coopery scent of the deep red liquid made her sick to her stomach and caused her to gaze into the heavy-lidded red eyes of the young male, where she could see a detached look of pain within them.

The professor strode over next to her side and leaned over to observe the still pulsing organs as she brushed her extended fingernails lightly on her cheek. She pushed the flaps of the patient's skin closed to help the healing process go along faster, then Bloodworth placed the fingertips of her left hand on his thigh, using her power of her lightning glyph to send a small electrical shock through him and quickly pulled away as a gasp escaped from his lips, his muscles contracted and his body tensed from the electricity flowed through him.

"Stop it!" Rosalia shouted as she saw the pain in the ruby eyes intensified. She closed her eyes tightly and cried "Megalevi," in a whisper.

His eyes fell closed as he slipped into the blissful embrace of unconsciousness when the soothing effect of the healing magic worked to repair the cuts that Bloodworth had inflicted on him. "Hmmm," Bloodworth murmured in her usual drawn out tone as she raised her eyes at the clock on the wall and put her hand with surprisingly human-sized nails on her assistant's shoulder,"6 minutes and 40 seconds, only 6 minutes and 20 seconds less than your predecessor. Congratulations!" She squeezed Rosalia's shoulder as if to praise her for suffering because of her kind empathetic nature, then she stalked away out the door. She paused outside in front of the guards.

"Would you kindly help me escort Lord Sigmund back to his room?" She requested politely, but the underlying threat laced into her words told guards she had meant as a command.

One of the guards handed her his spear and came in to the room. The guard turned to Rosalia and asked, "Are you alright, Miss?"

"I-I'm fine," she stuttered, "just f-fine."

He grasped her shoulder in comfort and replied in a sympathetic accented voice, "Me and Tom can understand what ya feeling. She made us watch the first three times she did this ta him, that sadistic bitch that she is, and you're the seventh assistant that's she made go this stuff. So if ya need someone ta talk ta just ask around fer Bruno here or Tom out there." He waited until she nodded her head to move delicately to carry Sigmund off the table. "Poor kid." He muttered and swiftly exited. He followed the professor, side by side with his fellow guard, to Sigmund's room.

When their footsteps fell out of earshot, Rosalia fell to her knees and cried her little poor heart out.

Bloodworth paused in her stride, her action copied by Tom and Bruno behind, as the sound of her assistant's sobbing reached her sensitive ears. "Ever the bleeding heart, ah, Bruno?" she said as she regarded him over her shoulder, closing her eyes until they became hooded golden-brown and the smirk on her face grew a bit more. "Oh, by the way, thanks for the compliment." She giggled as they continued on their way.

'Damn that accursed hearing of hers!' thought Bruno when a chill ran down his spine as he figured that she must have heard him call her a 'sadistic bitch'.

The professor led them further down the hall, a turn to the right and the fifth door to the left. She unlocked the door with a key from the ring in her pocket of her bloodstained lab coat. The heels of her boots clacked against the blood red marble floor when she came into the room with Bruno.

Without a word, Bruno placed Sigmund on the four poster mahogany bed, under the bed's wine red comforter and the black silk sheets below. Bloodworth wandered over to the wall on the far right and dialed a series of buttons on the panel upon the wall. She held out Bruno's spear up right as he stepped towards her and returned it to him.

"You may go back to your duties." She waved him off and he briskly withdrew out the door. She turned around as the secret door drop back and shifted off to the side into the wall and entered the hall behind. She stopped at the passageway of the room and looked ahead at the young preteen in the containment tube, casting a hue of pale blue that shined across her hair and skin. She stepped up to the panels that stood in front of the tube and pressed another series of buttons. The water in the chamber receded out and his body sunk down to the bottom. The tube lifted which caused the boy to fall upon the floor, shivering from the cold air within the room.

Bloodworth plucked the robe off the coat rack in the corner and traveled to him. "Wakey wakey." she whispered in a sing song voice in his ear as she set the robe over his body. The quivering young male rose to his feet and looked down at the scientist with drowsy red eyes when she stared back at him with glittering gold eyes, another amused smirk on her lips. She stood and pressed a guiding hand on his shoulder blade as she led him into the room where the unconscious Sigmund lay.

His eyes opened wide in surprise as he caught sight of Sigmund on the bed and hurried over to his side. Bloodworth went over to the cherry wood nightstand and took out a bottle of dark blue liquid from the drawer.


At the sound of his name, he turned from Sigmund to face the professor. She held out the blue berry potion to him and placed it on top of the nightstand.

"Umm, yes, professor?" he questioned as he peeked up at her from under his hair and back down at Sigmund again.

"Makes sure he drinks it when he wakes up." She instructed him with her typical drawl followed by a tap on the glass of the bottle. She waved goodbye over her shoulder as she retreated. A click signaled the locking of the door on her way out. The click clack of her boots disappeared into the distance.

Capell climbed into the bed and under the covers. He shifted closer to Sigmund until he lay right beside him. He wrapped his arms around the older preteen's waist, and then laid his head upon his chest. He leaned up and kissed Sigmund on the cheek. He reached over to the night table to dim down the light.

"Goodnight, Sigmund." He whispered against the soft skin of Sigmund's cheek. He placed his head back on Sigmund's chest. He started to hum a small melody into the hazy dimness of the room. Sigmund subconsciously huddled close to his companion and returned the embrace. Capell snuggled deeper into his arms. His eyes began to become heavy and he drifted off to the land of sleep.

Both slept in tranquility in the cool shadiness of the room. Every once in a while a groan or moan escaped the elder's lips as thoughts and remembrance of the pain administered by the professor's so-called check-ups. When that happened, Capell would gently run his fingers through Sigmund's auburn locks of hair and hummed another song to soothe him back to sleep. Sigmund started to relax, the tension vanished from his body and the pair fell back into peaceful slumber, unaware of the pair of violet eyes that watched them that belong to the large shadowy cat-like creature in the corner. It melded itself into the shadows and vanished.

Suddenly, it teleported into the professor's room from the dark corner behind the armchair in which she slept. The shadow beast silently stalked toward her. It opened its mouth wide, showing its sharp fangs. It brought its jaws closer to her hand that lay over the arm of the chair and… merely licked her hand.

"Hey, Hades." she mumbled drowsily, running her fingers in his soft dark sable mane. "Where have you've been?"

'Never too far away, Dariea.' His deep calm voice answered in her mind.

She chuckled at his answer.

"Were you at the greenhouse again?" she asked.

'No but it's a beautiful night out.' She looked down at him with a suspicious glance at his change of subject.

~ 'Perhaps we should go outside then' ~

/ 'Yea. I'm sick of being stuck in the lab! Let's go outside!'/

"Abyss, Diablos, welcome back." Dariea greeted the other two shadow beasts, a true smile upon her lips. "I'm a little tired of being cooped up inside, too. Let's go to the beach!"

She stood up and stretched from the chair. She knelt by Hades' side, gently clutched her fingers in his fur. She breathed in the scent of the desert air and flowers from it as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Abyss placed her head upon Dariea's leg and Diablos curled his tail around his sister's paw while he leaned against the young woman's back. The shadow beasts closed their eyes in concentration, focused their thoughts on the beach.

An aura of dark energy surrounded them and they transported them to the beach. Dariea opened her eyes when she felt the ocean breeze blow through her hair. Abyss rose from her lap and ran to play in the water.

"Hades. Diablos. How were they?" Dariea questioned her voice so soft that it could barely be heard over the sound of the waves. Both looked slightly surprised at her words.

'Sigmund was a bit restless after his appointment with you, but otherwise remained unconscious. Capell's presence seemed to help calm him well enough.'

~ 'As for your assistant, despair rolled off her in waves and she cried herself to sleep thinking of the pain you made that boy suffer.'~

"I wonder if she's the one Athene say would aid me in alleviating my cruelty. The ones before her were quick to leave. They practically begged me to transfer them somewhere else. She didn't stall as much as Faith did," A gaze of reminiscence passed upon her face at the mention of the Rosalia's predecessor. "Do you honestly think she'll last longer than the others did? No, don't answer that. We shall see."

/'Come on, ya guys! Let's play!'/

"You heard your sister! Let's go!" Dariea raced towards Abyss and tackled her over into the sea. She tossed her head back, laughing out loud to the night sky.

/'I'm so going to get you.'/

She sprinted away, kicking up wet sand and sea water as she ran away from the onyx furred creature. Her brothers joined in the game, running after them. Dariea danced and twirled in the moonlight, singing an aria to the sea. The three shadow beasts roared in harmony with her voice. She allowed herself to fall back into the sand after she ran to shore, exhausted from their play. The sound of the ocean waves hitting the sand lulled her to sleep on the beach. Hades and his siblings moved to lay by her side and transported away.

They landed into her bed and slinked off into the shadows.

Diablos appeared into Sigmund's room just as he had awakened. He smiled down at Capell, his eyes warm with compassion and pulled the younger boy's body closer to his. The sound of padded feet made him turn around to catch sight of pale green eyes staring back at him. Sigmund tightened his hold on Capell, carefully maintaining to keep eye contact with the strange maroon-colored beast.

~ 'Heh heh.'~ An echo of laughter seemed to enter his mind and judging from the look on the beast, it seemed to be amused.

Capell began to stir, capturing Sigmund's attention from the creature a few feet away from their bed. The younger boy slowly opened his eyes because the elder's grip had become uncomfortably stiff. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Good morning, Sigmund." He yawned, stretching his arm into the air. As Capell saw the beast as it sat on the floor, his eyes widened in fear.

~'Heh, heh. There is no need to be frightened of me, children.'~ Diablos reached out to the two preteens' minds. ~'I mean no harm.' ~

"D-did i-i-it just t-talked?" Capell stammered, pointing a quivering finger towards Diablos, looking back and forth between the red shadow beast and his bedmate, whose eyes were open in surprise.

~'It's "he", child. I'm a male, not an object. My name is Diablos,' he bowed his head in salutations, 'and it is only polite that after one introduced themselves to others, that they introduce themselves. So, you are… '~

Capell nodded his head in return and responded, "M-my name's Capell. And this is-"

"Sigmund. And how do we know that we can trust you?" Sigmund calmly interupted.

~ 'You don't, but who knows who you can trust in a place like this, eh?' ~