Hi, this story is going to basically a prank war between Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Emmett. It's going to be really funny, so I hope you enjoy it! If you're wondering why its rated M, it's because there are some bad words, and I plan on having some lemony teasing later on ;)

I'm not really sure how long it will be, but probably around 20 chapters because I just have so many funny prank ideas.



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I got out of bed this morning and groaned! In one week it will be April Fool's day. Back home at Forks, it wasn't really a big deal. No one pulled pranks on each other, but this year I'm attending Green Meadow Academy, which is a boarding school, and I just happened to have Emmett Cullen as one of my best friends.

My boyfriend, (Edward Cullen) my best girlfriends, (Alice Cullen, who is also my roommate and Rosalie Hale) and my other best friend (Jasper, who is also Alice's boyfriend) warned me about Emmett. Apparently April's Fools day is his FAVORTIE day of the year, it's just another excuse to pull pranks and get on our nerves.

So anyway Edward, Alice, Rose, Jasper, and I decided that we weren't going to get scared shitless by Emmett. We are going to fight back!

The five of us have one week to prepare for Emmett and his pranks. And we were going to start off with something simple.

"Bellllaaaaaa!" Alice sang from my closet.

I grumbled.

"We have to get ready to prank Emmett! And be on the lookout, he starts his pranks one week early." She threw me some white shorts and a dark blue tank. "Get ready, were meeting the boys in 30!"

After I was ready to go, Rose came by our dorm. She said it wasn't safe for her out there alone.

"If you want Rose you can stay with us in our dorm? Just until this prank this is over." I suggested.

"That would be great!" She picked up two suitcases. Wait where did those come from???? And set them inside by our couch. She noticed my staring and smiled sheepishly. "Well, if you didn't offer, I was going to have to insist! It's not safe at my dorm! Emmett has a key!"

I chuckled, "It's fine Rose, mi casa es su casa."

"Huh?" Rose and Alice said at the same time.

"It means my house is your house, now let's go!" I grabbed their hands and ran them out the door.

We met the guys at a Starbucks on campus.

"Hello beautiful." Edward whispered in my ear which caused me to shiver and blush. He put his strong arms around my waist and nuzzled his nose into my neck.

"Hi." I squeaked.

Everyone chuckled at us. I looked around at our table and noticed someone missing,


Damn it!


Okay so earlier this week Jasper and I told the girls that we would all stick together against Emmett.

Well we lied.

I hate lying to Bella, but a man's got to do what a man's got to do. And right now, while lying to Bella, I'm trying to save my ass, and in a sense her too.

I groaned, wow does she have a perfect, round, tight, cute butt, focus Edward! Anyway if I see all the pranks that Emmett is going to pull, then I can save them from my beautiful girlfriend.

So right now Jasper and I are waiting for the girls to meet us at Starbucks, while Emmett goes and sneaks into their rooms to install the hidden cameras.

I know it's wrong, like if they're changing or something, but come on! We have already seen it all.

So back to the hidden cameras, Emmett is installing them because we want to see the looks on their faces after our pranks.

My phone buzzed right on cue.

The girls just left, I'm goin in!


K. Good Luck. We can stall them for bout an hour.


"Hey Jazz, that was Em. He said the girls just left and he is going to "Put the birds in the cage'" Jazz and I chuckled. Emmett was the one who wanted code names, for everything.

Just then the love of my life walked in.


Haha!!!!! I can't believe those girls thought that Edward and Jasper were in on their little girly pranks! Right now I'm hiding behind a tree outside the girl's dorm, waiting for them to leave so I can install these hidden cameras.

I plan on putting them everywhere, well except the bathroom. Not that I don't want to see, it's just Rose would be really pissed if I was watching her take a shit.

Not even five minutes late I saw Rose, Bella, and Alice leave the dorm building and head to Starbucks.

I got out my phone and texted Edward that the girls were leaving and I was going in.

I ran into the dorms and went straight to their room. I reached into my pocket and got the key Jasper gave me and ducked inside.

First I put a camera on the nightstands, the TV, the kitchen, and right outside the bathroom. I also put a one sound recording device in by the couch. While I was implanting it under the coffee table I got a text.

The girls are about to leave, you have 15 mins to get out!


And with that I grabbed my bag, locked the door, and headed back to my place.


I knew something was up when Emmett didn't meet us for coffee. Jasper said he was sick, but come one! Do they really think were that stupid?

Anyway the guys said they were stay with Emmett for about a week.

"Well, Eddie and I are going to stay with Emmett this week." Jasper said looking down at me. I knew Jasper was keeping something from me, but I didn't question him.

I saw Bella's eyes narrow at Edward.

"But we are supposed to be pulling pranks against him!" She said fiercely.

"I know love, we are." Edward said back to her, but he was lying and I knew it! He didn't look her in the eyes which is the tell tale sign that someone is lying.

Bella looked at me and raised an eyebrow silently saying 'that was bull shit'.

The rest of the time we talked about our upcoming finals, but I could feel something was up. Emmett wasn't here for a reason, and it's because he is doing some kind of prank.

But if Jasper and Edward knew then why would they just step out and let them do it? And why were they lying to us? And why were they staying with Emmett? It's almost as if they are trying to distract us- My internal debate was cut off by Bella.

"Alice, are you there?" She asked waving a hand in my face.

"Yeah, just thinking." I responded then got back to my theories.

So Jasper and Edward are defiantly distracting us, but why? Unless…


They are working with Emmett!!!!!!

I don't know for sure, but I have a gut feeling Jasper and Edward skimped out on us, and are working with Emmett.

Either way, we have to be extremely cautious when we get home.


Something is going on, and I could tell Alice just figured it out by the way her lips curled up into a smile, then backed down into a scowl.

Edward had been acting weird and Jasper seemed a little jumpy. Plus Emmett wasn't even here!!!!

For all we know he could be in our rooms right now!


Wait no, he doesn't have a key.

Whoosh, that was a close one. Just imagine all the things Emmett could do if he had a key to our dorm. Hmm. That reminds me, I have a key to Edwards and Jaspers dorm, so Rose must have a key to Emmett's!


"Hey Rose," I whispered into her ear.


"Don't you have a key to Emmett's dorm?" I whispered so low that no one could hear me, but her.

Rose just smiled and nodded.

We started to head back to our dorm, being extremely cautious. Once we reached I door I turned to give Edward a goodbye peck, but he quickly made it into a passionate kiss.

He licked my bottom lips asked for accesses and I gave it to him happily. Then one of his arms came around to the small of my back pushing me into him, while the other caressed my face. My hands were tugging on his gorgeous bronze hair pulling him toward me. And I started to feel a familiar feeling in my stomach. Then we were interrupted by an evil little pixie.

We both pulled apart gasping for air, and Alice chuckled. "Jeez, Edward could you just not try to suck of Bella's face for once?"

"Sorry, but that might be that last kiss I get for a long time." He mumbled looking down.

I reached out and lifted his chin to look into his eyes. "What are you talking about?" I asked my eyes narrowing.

"Nothing." He bent down to give me a quick peck, "I love you babe, so you later." Then he and Jasper walked away.

Once inside I turned to Alice and Rose.

"Something is up!" I said.

"Wait you guy, lets whisper." Alice whispered. Rose and I gave her a questioning look. She rolled her eyes "I think Emmett was here earlier, and I don't want him to hear what we are saying."

And then my mind put it together. Edward and Jasper are working with Emmett and were trying to distract us! While Emmett did something in our room! He might have bugged it!

Just as I thought that I saw a little black device about the same size of my pinkie nail on top of our TV.

I gasped.

"Bella?" Rose and Alice asked in unison.

"I know." Then I whispered them my theory. Rose looked like something clicked in her mind, yet Alice looked expectant.

"I already figured it out." She whispered.

Then I told them to look on top of the TV.

They both gasped.

"The war has just begun girls." I whispered.

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