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I knew Bella knew something was wrong with me, but I was just so nervous for lying to her. I was just waiting for her to yell at me screaming saying I was a liar and a traitor.

Damn guilt

I think Rose and Alice were figuring it out too. Rose had a look of concentration on her face, while Alice's eyebrows furrowed till finally she shot Jasper and me a look that was pure annoyance.

After walking the girls back to the dorm, Jazz and I stopped by the store to get what we needed.

"Hey, do you think is right? You know turning our backs on them? They might get really pissed! And maybe break up with us!" Jasper was jumpy and I could tell he was just imagining what would happen if he lost Alice. He would be almost as frantic as me if I lost my Bella.

"No they wouldn't do that, Alice loves you man. And seconded, I know what we're doing is totally fucked up, and yes they will be pissed as hell. But we can't back out now, Emmett would kill us." I said as we walked through the threshold of the door. We bought the fake hair, sleeping pills, and other items, and then headed back to Emmett's.

We decided on staying at Emmett's for the rest of the week, so we could all spy on the girls. Especially Bella, I didn't want Emmett checking her out while she was changing or anything.

When we got there I saw Emmett's huge figure sitting on his bed with a laptop. The laptop was hooked up with the cameras in the girl's room.

"Em, what are they doing?" Jasper asked while putting our supplies away and heading for the laptop.

"Well, they were talking for a while and now they are all on Bella's bed." Emmett said looking down, with a guilty expression on his face.

"What are they doing on Bella's bed?" I asked, very frustrated, I mean it's not like they were-

"Fuck, Em! Don't watch that!" Jasper yelled.

I ran to the bed in half a second.

There on the screen was my Bella, my beautiful innocent Bella looking at a Playboy with Alice and Rose.

I got hard instantly.

"Emmett! WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled!

"What, come on man that is fucking hot." He shrugged.

I took out my phone to call Bella, even though I could clearly see the desire on her face while looking though the pages.

The phone rang, and on the screen I saw all the girls look at each other and I saw Alice smirk.

Bella picked up the phone on the screen, and I moved over to the couch.


"Hey, do you want to go out tonight?" After seeing Bella looking at a Playboy I just had to have her.

"Umm, well I would love too; accept Rose and Alice won't let me." She said nervously.

They wouldn't fucking let her???? Why the hell not?

"Why?" I whined.

"We have plans, and umm, I have to go. Love you." And with that she hung up.

I closed my phone and stared at the screen and saw Bella talking to Rose and Alice but I couldn't hear anything.

"Em! Turn up the fucking volume!" I yelled, frustrated that Bella said no to our date.

"Jeez, someone's not getting sex tonight." He smirked.

I growled at him while he turned up the volume like I asked.

"Well, I really want to go, but if he did switch sides and is with Emmett, then…" She trailed off looking sad. It broke my heart.

"Oh he is! And Jasper too! We are so going to prank them tomorrow!" Alice was determined.

"What did you have in mind?" Rose asked with an evil glint in her eyes.

"Well I need to shave my legs, let's talk about it in the bathroom." Alice said and the girls followed after her.

"Did you put a camera in the bathroom?" I asked Emmett.

"Hell no, Rosie wouldn't talk to me for weeks if she found out!"

"Guys, the girls are going to get us bad, I just know it." Jasper was shaking his head and rubbing his temples.

"It's okay guys; we'll just put our plan into action tonight." I said. I don't want to prank Bella, but I'm going to get Rose and Alice so bad for not letting me get my Bella tonight.

"Game on!" Emmett bellowed.


So since the guys put the cameras in the room, we decided to pull a mini prank on them. Why is it mini you ask? Well, because it's not as half as bad as what they're going to get later. Alice, Rose and I already went to the store to get our supplies.

First we went to the electronics to get hidden cameras and all sorts of other gadgets that we might need later on. Next we headed over to Target to get dyes, bleach, and itching powder. I thought we were finished till Alice and Rose brought me to the mall.

"Why are we here?" I whinnied while walking into the mall, well more like being forced. Alice and Rose were practically dragging me in.

"Because, Bella we want to look extra sexy for the guys." Alice said with a smirk.

"What? I thought that we were having a no kissing *cough sex* rule until this is over?" I really didn't like that rule. I needed my daily dose of Edward.

"We are, that's why we are going to look sexy." Rose explained. "After seeing us they are going to want us sooooo bad, but we can't give in."

After we got back Alice handed me a Playboy.

I raised an eyebrow.

"I know, I know, but I just wanted to mess with them a little." She said we a sheepish grin.

"If you want we can cover up the pictures with paper." Rose suggested, sensing that I was uncomfortable.

"It's fine."

"Okay, well lets all go on Bella's bed and girls… look like you want it." Alice said, than we stepped inside and changed into our pajama bottoms and tank tops. We all matched except we had different colors.

After half an hour of looking at the Playboy together, my phone rang.

"Hello?" Rose looked up, and I saw Alice run her hand through her hair and smirk.

"Hey, do you want to go out tonight?" Edward asked seductively. I bet he doesn't even know how sexy his voice sounds.

"Umm, well I would love too; accept Rose and Alice won't let me." This was my part, I was suppose to act nervous and clueless.

Even though I really want him right now.

"Why?" He whined and I smiled, he must really want me.

"We have plans, and umm, I have to go. Love you." I had to hang up, or else I might change my mind about the no kissing rule.

"What did Edward want?" Rose asked, even though she knew the answer. We all had to play a part.

"He probably wants Bella to go out duh!" Alice said sounding exasperated. Damn she's good.

"Well, I really want to go, but if he did switch sides and is with Emmett, then…" I railed off trying to look sad.

"Oh he is! And Jasper too! We are so going to prank them tomorrow!" Alice was determined.

"What did you have in mind?" Rose asked with an evil glint in her eyes.

"Well I need to shave my legs, let's talk about it in the bathroom." Alice said as we followed after her.

After searching the bathroom, we found that there were no cameras in there. And for that I'm grateful.

We walked in and Alice closed the door.

"We were great! We should be in a movie." Alice said while giving Rose and me a high five.

"I know! Okay so here's the plan." Rose said while sitting on the floor. "First, Bella and I will get the guys out of the apartment. Bella will say that she missed Edward, or something like that and we will take them out to dinner. Alice when we walk out of this bathroom, say that you're going shopping but really go over to Emmett's to put in the cameras and our prank. Then you will have 1 hour Alice, that's all we can guarantee." Alice nodded. "Then you will head back to the apartment and we will meet you here. Got it?"

"Yes Rose, it's brilliant!" I said then we walked out to get our plan in action.


Bella and Rose called later to say that they wanted to go out to dinner with us because Alice was going shopping.

I decided that Alice probably went shopping to get the supplies for whatever the girls were planning for us.

Either way I was just happy to have my Bella with me again.

Em, Jazz, Rose, Bella, and I were all sitting at a table at the burger joint on campus. I was trying really hard not to grab Bella and take her right there; she just looked so damn sexy! She was wearing tight jeans that hugged her beautiful curves and a tight dark blue top.

And on top of all that, while we were eating she kept her hand on my thigh and was inching it up to where I wanted it the most. I was very uncomfortable in my jeans. Bella saw me squirm in my seat, and I know that she saw the bulge in my jeans because she smirked

Since Bella and I were sitting so close I felt her phone vibrate.

She looked at the text before responding, and then put it away. I saw her and Rose exchange a glance.

"Who was that? Not a secret boyfriend I hope." I teased while bringing her into my arms.

"Nope, just Alice, she said she is going to be home in about half an hour to get her some fries." Bella said while placing her hand back on my thigh and rubbing. I almost let out a moan.

The rest of dinner went the same; I couldn't really focus on anything, because of the sexy women teasing me. Jasper already put the sleeping pills in their drinks, and they would be out as soon as they got home. Including the milkshake he got Alice.

Once we got to the girls dorm Alice was waiting for us. Jazz and I said our goodbyes, and headed back to Emmett's to watch them. But on the way, I just couldn't help but feel sad that Bella didn't give me a kiss goodbye.

After watching the girls for about half an hour they all yawned and went into a deep sleep.

Time to put our plan in action!

Jazz, Em, and I snuck into their room and found that they were in a deep sleep. Hmm, Jasper must have put a lot of medicine in their drinks.

We each went to our significant other and started our prank. We grabbed their hair and gently put it into the bald caps that we bought. Next we got the fake hair and spread it messily around their pillows and floor, then finally got an electric slaver and put it next to Alice's bed.

We step back to observe our work, and I couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

From the little bit of light from the window we could see our plan was excellent! The girls looked weird without hair, but my Bella was still beautiful. She looked so peaceful when she slept.

Well you better enjoy it! I thought she is going to be furious tomorrow!

We went back to the dorm to get some sleep because we wanted to be there for the big unveiling.

"Dude, they are so gonna freak!" Em said while getting into his bed.

"I know. I'm scared." Jasper said.

"Me too." I mumbled then drifter off to sleep.

I was having a wonderful dream about Bella,

I have dreams about Bella all the time, and just when this one was getting good...

I was awakened by my alarm.

After we got ready we headed to the girls to see our plan in action.

We waited outside the door, till we heard an ear piercing screens and unintelligible shouts a, "I can't believe those mother fuckers!" It was Rosalie. "Im going to kill them!" Alice. And "Why would Edward do this? My hair!" My Bella screamed.

We walked in to see our three murderous girlfriends.


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