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What if you discovered something fun to do? Like pretending who you're not, it could be fun as long as somehow, you stay as the same person. However, what if everything starts to change into a little more awkwardness than a little more of the supernatural imprinting?

Jae Ophelia Morningstar is her name as she pretends to be something she wasn't born to be, but she did it for fun, though will it hurt others more than she would suspect from a harmless little joke?

"I imprinted on…"

I gripped the stirring wheel a little harder than I did as it made a small sound of it breaking slightly. My mother, seating next to me, looks at me and scolds, "Don't do that to the steering wheel"

I sighed, letting out the anger as I loosened my death hold, leaving a dent of my thumbs pressed against it. "Happy?"

My mother sighed as she said, "Look, I know this would be hard on you, but it's best if we live here"

"You never explained why though," I countered. "Dad is the best lawyer; he's actually famous! And you, the famous cook of Beso! So why do we have to move from something so happy to a place full of rain?"

My mom said nothing else as she laid her back down and relaxed; I, for one, will not relax.

Hi, I'm Jae, people call me Jae, and I am a girl, really I am, although my outfit doesn't say so, so I was always mistaken as a boy. Right now, I'm wearing a diesel trucker hat, tan cotton and black mesh, along with an actual shark tooth necklace, a black turtle neck sweater with a black Volcom Daringer jacket, loose-fitting Levi's jeans, and Nike's man air boots; yes, definitely I'm all boy. Underneath these boyish clothes, I could be a girl. I have reddish short cropped hair but stylish if it wasn't so messy, and my eyes are special because they are bright green with a little hazel in it. I have pale soft skin, but with muscles, not as buff though. And, I do have boobs; I just wrapped them around with bandages to hide them.

See, we had this deal that I would agree to move in with them to La Push, IF I could be a boy

Took a few weeks, finally got them to agree to throw out all my girly clothes and bought me some boys' stuff.

Why did I suddenly want to be a boy?

Well, if you want to have fun in life, make it all extra-UNordinary as you could, or else, you'll get bored.

"Are we there yet?" I whined as my mother just rolled her green eyes at me and said, "You're the driver, you tell me are we there yet…"

"You still mad that I want to be a boy?" I asked and I hear her sigh.

"Honey look, I just don't get it, what does making you look like a boy benefits you besides showing that you're lesbian?"

I blushed in embarrassment. "I am not a lesbian… I just want to have a little fun in life"

She sighs again. "Fine, but at home when you go to bed, you're sleeping in girl's clothing"

"Uhh no, just boxers" I teased.

"Jae Ophelia" she said my name in a warning tone and this I sighed.

"Okay, okay, girl's clothing…ew…"

"That's a good…boy…"

We both burst out laughing.

Note to self: Laugh like a boy! And not burst into a high pitch sissy laugh!

It wasn't long until we arrived at our new home, and I guess it wasn't that bad. It was actually bigger and a little grand than most homes that I've seen when driving through, plus, we're a little bit isolated.

"J-J! Sophie!" my father called out to us when we got out of the car. My face cringed when he called me by my nickname.

"Dad!" I called out to him. "We had a deal! No sissy nicknames like that!"

He frowns at me. "What am I supposed to call you? Jae?" I gave him a look, and he muttered in realization, "Ohhh yeah…"

My mom, Sophia, laughed and just smacked my dad. "Well, we have our luggage in our car, go get it, love"

I snickered and my dad eyed at her. "Why don't you?"

"Because I'm a lady," she replied walking into the house, swaying her hips and my dad stared after her with a look mixed with disbelief and a daze at her ass.

I simply let out a gagging sound as I head inside the house but he stopped me.

"And where do you think you're going, Jae?" I turned around to glare him, but he was smirking in all his glory as he continued, "You're a man, and you will help your father move the luggage"

Oh no, he did not just use that on me. "But-!"

"Uh-Uh!" he cuts me off. "It's a man's duty"

I glared at him, before agreeing with this as I head over to the car with him, getting out the luggage and bringing them to the house. It didn't took so long considering our abilities, however, we had to slow down our pace…a car was coming.

We stopped walking and looked over at the side of road to see a Rabbit pull in the driveway, and out came three tall hot Indian boys. I snorted slightly as of this moment, I consider myself as GAY.

"Well, hello, can we help you?" My father asked them sincerely and politely but his tone was a little off, almost like he was nervous.

"Oh, you must be Mr. Morningstar, am I right?" the oldest but no the tallest out of them talked as he took a step in front of my dad and held out his hand. My father does the same as they both shook hands, and answered. "Yes I am, and you must be Sam Uley, and I know I'm right"

I snorted again and Sam with the other tall guy cracked smiles from that small tiny joke.

"Well then, I'm Jacob Black," the tall man that cracked smile introduced himself as he shook hands with dad, he then gestured to the other native hot guy. "And this is Paul Walker"

I looked at the man who was a little shorter than all of them, and I was a bit surprised to see him but not noticeable, hopefully. He looked…well, exactly almost the same as Sam and Jacob, but he was more…attractive to me.

I was going to smile but that was a little too lady like, need to be a boy.

"Yo," I called out. "Name's Jae, what's yours?"

He turned around to look at me like he was about to glare me but then instead, he looked at me a little surprise too. I wondered why as I stared into his eyes; they had a lot of different emotions. It went from shock to wonder, to adoration that sent butterflies into my tummy, and then it went to realization.

Before anything else happened, he ran off; I just watched him running off to the woods.

Okay, so what the hell was that?

"Um, is he alright?" I asked.

I could see the two natives getting a little nervous, Jacob then answered, "Yeah, he's fine, he always sometimes forget things so he would blow away like the wind"

"Anyways," Sam intervened. "We need to get going now; it was nice to meet both of you. Welcome to La Push!"

He said it in a hurry as we all shook hands with each other before the Natives runs to the Rabbit and drives off, leaving my father and I confused.

"What was that all about?" My fathered asked.

I shrugged as we both continued on, bringing our baggage into our new home.

Note to Self: Need to be complicating, like boys.

Paul's POV

I ran through the trees, panicking at what just happened back there.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! OH MY GOD!

PAUL! Sam shouted out. Relax! Calm down and-


Jacob then came in. Whoa! Easy there Paul! Just, hold on! We don't know what you're talking about!

Are you serious?! Do you have any idea what just happened!?

Umm… Jacob trailed off and I ran faster. Where should I go? Maybe Canada?

PAUL! STOP! I stopped. Sit. I sat.

Good dog, Sam said and I glared at him in annoyance, and Jacob laughed at this.

They then came out of the bushes and stopped running when they found me sitting. I am trying so hard just to run but curse this Alpha order.

Sam ignored that. Paul, tell us exactly what happened…

I…I…Oh my god…

Jacob groaned. Just spit it out, man!

I…I imprinted…

In an instant, their thoughts were clashing as they thought of one possibility of it, and it was right.

You imprinted…on… Sam trailed off, knowing exactly who.

Really? Are you sure? Jacob asked, not sure if I was being true or being insane.

So I showed him my memory once more.

I didn't really wanted to be there; I didn't know why I had to go and greet the new residents, and then that's when I saw the most beautiful figure on earth, yet covered but you could see the face of an angel right behind those stylish clothes, that astounding reddish crop hair, its pale white radiant skin that looked so soft, and its eyes were stunning with its bright green hazel eyes; it was just amazing.

I admitted it out loud to the world…

I imprinted on a boy named Jae!

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