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BOOKER wasn't the one that imprinted on DAKOTA.






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"Then let me come with you! I can defend myself! Remember what I did to Blake and his gang?"

"I said NO, Jae!"

"That's enough," Booker said as he came between us.

Paul's angered expression softened a bit as he begged, "Jae please..."

I frowned at him. "That's my final word, Paul."

He growled loudly and became angry again as I watched his body began to shake terribly.

"Paul! Get out of here!" Sam shouted and instantly, Paul ran off into the forest.

I was following Paul at an enormous speed. I stopped abruptly when suddenly his clothes ripped and he was replaced by a giant, gray wolf. He ran off...

I didn't follow after him this time...

"Jae...Paul will come around, he still won't agree what you chose, even I agree with him...but it's close to getting to nine and your parents would want you home soon..."

I stumble over a root that was sticking out, so I lunged forward.

Booker pulled me up and steadied me. I turned to face him, "Thanks! ...Booker?"

Before I knew what was happening, Booker grabbed me, pulling me close to him. His arm around my waist and his hand at the back of my head, and then he pressed his lips on mine...

He kissed me...

Then there was a growl, I looked to my right...

There was Paul...

"Of all the stupidest things I had ever done"

Jae's POV

He kissed me.

Booker kissed me…

And Paul witnessed it.


"Paul, wait!" I yelled, but I was too late. He looked derange and all I could see was the anger and the furious jealousy harbored in his eyes.

Before I see it happened, he lunged at Booker and they collided like two hard granite boulders slammed against each other. One had a stronger momentum than the other. Paul slammed Booker against a tree, and by then Booker already changed into a wolf. They were now growling and biting at each other. I could see the blood splattering everywhere like red paint destroying the imagery of a forest with two wolves that were once comrades...

Now, I'm not so sure anymore.

"PAUL, STOP!" I yelled again, but my voice wasn't reaching him. He was bigger than Booker as he rammed him against another tree that I'm sure was equivalent to a car going through 75 miles per hour.

I was finally able to move from my frozen spot as I ran over to Paul and jumped on top of him, putting my arms around his neck. To say that I wasn't afraid would be a complete bull shit. I was horrifyingly afraid, not only because I fear for Booker's life…but I was afraid of Paul being this way.

When I latched unto him, he backed away from Booker and tried to get me off. "P-Paul!" I cried and he stopped, but he was still shaking and trembling with rage and frustration.

I slowly got off of him, but I never left my arms from his neck. I kept holding unto him as I looked over at Booker's injured wolf form. His head was down and he was letting out small whimpers.

Paul growled at him, almost like an order of get out of here. I think it maybe was since Booker looked up at Paul and me with regret in his eyes, before he ran off in his limping form.

As soon as he left, silence held still between the two of us. Neither of us had any clue what to say. I had no idea what to say! And usually, I would say something…just anything…

I wanted to call his name, but I held my tongue.

I was afraid.

Time passed and finally, Paul started to move heading to where Booker left.

I gripped unto him tighter and begged, "Please Paul, don't…" I trailed off when he looked back at me with sad eyes, almost like he was telling he's not going to go after him.

He rubbed gently his wet nose on mine, assuring me. I loosened my hold as he left my grasp, heading behind the large bushes. I heard the poof sound again, every time they phase.

He came out with a few fresh wounds that were already healed. I worried more for Booker, considering that Paul did a lot more damage on him…

But then I thought about what Booker did…

He kissed me…

I collapsed unto my knees, buried my face with my hands, and cried. So many emotions rushed through me. I felt upset, betrayed, dirty, broken…and sad. Most of all, I felt sad and sorry. I felt guilty. I felt like I lost a brother and a best friend. I was sorry that I could never be what Booker wanted me to be, but I was mad that he would try to enforce it upon me. I was sorry for hurting Paul, but I was mad at him…no…I was mad at myself.

Paul was instantly by my side as he wrapped his long warm arms around me. He pulled me on his lap and I cried on his exposed chest. For a long time, we stayed like that and by then I have stopped crying.

We kept our position, and I think we both liked it to remain this way…just for a little while longer…

Booker's POV

Once Paul phased back to human, I stopped the ranting of chameleons and let my true thoughts out…

Of all the stupidest things I had ever done…this is by far the top one on the list…

Moreover, right when Paul just came in! STUPID!

I didn't know though…I had no idea…

It was an automatic response! An instantaneous reaction! A curse!

I know I'm making excuses, but it was involuntary!

My mind, my body…all at once lusted for HER!

Jae…Jae Ophelia Morningstar

One touch…and her hold on you is forever…

Is it her ability? A spell that bewitched us? I can see that it worked on Blake, and possibly Bryce. Obviously, me. Is she doing this on purpose, or is she not aware of it?

At all the times she had such great balance, she just had to choose tonight to stumble over her feet, and ME, being so chivalrous, decided to catch her!

But the moment I touched her was when everything of my mind shut down and did as it pleased… It did as it pleased!

And I…I was the victim, not Jae!

Of course, it was silly. It was ludicrous to blame it on her when I was the one that physically kissed her! But my mind couldn't help but think that it was her fault. She's the reason why I reacted the way I did. It was her fault that I kissed her. It's her fault I'm feeling this way towards her!

Of course, I am quite aware that I sounded like a crazy fool just now, but…

The only thing that's still humanly sane in me is that I regretted it. I regretted of what I've done to her, and of how I betrayed Paul's trust…their trust.

We were comrades and brothers! Not only in the pack, but in the secrecy that we both know that Jae is girl, and also we saved her from that insane female, Anna.

Everything that Paul and I have been through held back my crush for Jae…almost diminishing it for I told myself countless of times to never betray that brother…

But once I caught Jae again, that crush grew into love… I responded to it.

And yes, I'm quite aware of how dramatic my thoughts are right now, I said to the being who is reading my thoughts from another parallel dimension, like a reader reading a book about a poor soul who also has the same conflict as I do. (…cough….)

Booker! My eyes widened at the intruding voice. Guess what?!

Oh shit. Kenneth.

Umm, everything alright, Book? You don't sound good.

Sound is the sensation produced by stimulation-Wait...You called me 'Book'.

Kenneth responded with a suspicious tone. Yes...yes I did

You're happy...too happy...

Once I have recovered from the small surprise, my mind quickly caught on as to why Kenneth was acting this way.

Did you...?

Kenneth came out of the forest and stopped right in front of me, looking excited and grinning from ear to ear. Yup! I imprinted! Isn't it great?

You imprinted? Who's the lucky girl?

...Umm...there's a downside to this...

Let me guess...does this girl hates you?


Kenneth!! I yelled and I saw his memories. It was Dakota Jennings. Before Kenneth and I were friends, he, Brady, and Collin used to make fun of her then something happened and she stopped coming to the park and changed classes.

Who was that guy again? Theo?

I heard Kenneth snarl. Yeah...

You know, he's not the only one to blame.

I know! Damn it, I know! There's me! Oh! Brady and Collin is going down!

'Are' going down

Whatever! Hey...why are you here? Did Sam sent you on patrol?

I dropped my guard subconsciously and Kenneth saw my memories. He looked at me with eyes widened and his mouth gaping at me.


I turned away in shame. I did...It's true...I did it...

No wonder...no wonder you've been always distracted. I know! I know YOU, Booker! But right now, I'm not sure! What possessed you to-

I DON'T KNOW! I growled. I thought of every possible and impossible theories that would make sense to this! I was careful! I kept my distance! I let Paul spend much of his time with Jae! But...I just don't know! But you know I would never do such a thing!

And yet you did! Moreover, you're blaming it on HEEEeeeerrr...??? He trailed off.

I sighed a bit, seeing as where this was going. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick-

Her...Her??? HER?!?!

Hm, that took you a while.

JAE'S A GIRL?!!!???!

I told you so... I remembered back from the beginning, I told them that Jae was a girl but did they believe me? Nooo...



... …. ….Well...this make things a little bearable yet even more complicating.

Which is why you'll keep your thoughts to yourself!

Kenneth gave me a look. And how am I supposed to do that? I can't just think of something like "Pickles" and go on, and on, and on about it

I rolled my eyes at him. Think of your imprint! Avoid this from the pack! And don't mock me and my pickles!

My 'pickles' and 'me'

That's what I said!

He rolled his eyes at me and continued, Wait, why can't we tell the rest of the pack that Jae's a girl? You just showed me-

Look, can you just keep this a secret? I've already caused enough trouble for them...

His eyes narrowed at me. You're going to leave again, aren't you?

He didn't say it in a questionable manner, but in a convinced manner. When I was little, my father, brother, and I were at a neighbor's party. I heard some of the adults talking about me, about being different. One of them blamed me to be the cause of my mother's death. I ran away and wandered the forest, thinking about it. I stayed there in the forest, cold and hungry for two days before I went home the next day. Kenneth was the only person that I told about the reason why I ran off, not even my family. Overall, I leave when I'm upset...and I think about it.

Yeah...Just for a few days...maybe a week.

God, Booker! It's gonna get harder for me to hide it!

It's harder for me, Kenneth! My mind – I....I just don't think I have enough strength to hide it anymore. I really hate to admit this, but I'm in my time of weakness right now...I-I can't...

There was nothing more to say. That was all I had to say.

No... Kenneth said. No, you're also doing this to avoid Paul and Jae. And I know you're not a coward!

Kenneth, please? Just a week and I'll come back. I need time. I need to... I need to stop this. To prevent this infatuation from growing.

...Alright...Just...will you tell me where you're going?

No...I don't want the pack to know. Just go.

It was silent between us, neither of us was moving. I was waiting for him to leave until he spoke again.

Seriously? Jae is a girl?

I rolled my eyes. Geez, if it was going to be this annoying for them to find out that Jae's a girl, I'm not sure if its worth it anymore. However, their facial expressions would be priceless...

It would be EXTREMELY priceless...Jae is a girl...He's a girl...a girl! Wait, does Paul know?

You're the son of the greatest detective here in La Push and in Forks, and you're asking me does Paul know?

...Wow, you must be stressed out if you're going to talk to me like that.

I let out an aggravated sigh. Just go!

I'm going, I'm going...come back soon, okay?

Yes, mom

He glared at me before taking off. I waited until he was out of my mind. Once he was, I took off heading towards to my home.

I got there faster than I thought then I climbed into my bedroom window. I took out a suitcase under my bed and the wallet hidden beneath the floorboard. The wallet contained at least two thousand dollars, my allowance over the years that I have saved, more than enough to get me by a week. I was planning to get to a motel in Forks. Oh, that's right. The Forks Motel. That would be a nice place.

I put on some decent clothes and shoes before I exit out of the window and landed on the ground with ease from the two-story window. I decided not to change form and just run through the forest as a human. I was still fast, but not as fast as a wolf could though I don't want to meet up with any of the pack right now. I wanted to be alone with my head, my mind, myself...

I wanted to be alone with my regret...

Jae's POV

I don't know how long we've been like this. Me, in his warm loving, forgiving arms, on the cold grass in a late November night. For a moment it seemed so peaceful, but everything was still depressing to me. Paul's hurt face when he saw Booker and I kissed. God, I never felt so much guilt. And I sort of liked it...that just proved I'm a whore (Exp.: T~T)

"Hey..." I heard Paul speak, but with an uneasy tone. "I think...we should head back."

"Yeah, we should," I replied silently. I could hear myself talking like I was dead. It sounded like a voice with no life in it.

Paul frowned at me as he helped me up unto my feet, one arm wrapped me around and pulled me close to his exposed chest. We started walking out of the forest with no words to share and no laughs.

Though he always changed that...

"Hey Jae?"


"...Remember that night? When you pretended you didn't know so that I get the chance to tell you what I really am?"

Why is he speaking so normally, right now? I shrugged mentally and decided to play along with it. "Yeah...what about it?"

"Remember what you said?" He asked with his mouth grinning from ear to ear. He continued, "Ooh, yeah, sure if you're a werewolf then I'm a girl."

The night became better as I start out with a breathless laugh, but slowly it became louder and much more livelier along with Paul.

Five minutes later, we emerged from the forest and half the gang were packing up while the other half, Seth, Brady, Chloe, Collin, Billy, and Old Quil, gathered around Kenneth who was blushing crimson red. The ones who were missing were Embry and Quil; I guess they went off to tell Jacob about the whole thing.

But wait, why was Kenneth blushing?

Paul noticed it too as we both went over there to join the group.

"Hey finally, you two came out!" Chloe said.

I eyed at them. "What's going on?"

"This guy here," Seth pointed. "Has imprinted! And he won't tell us who!!"

I raised my eyebrow at Kenneth who looked away from me, looking nervous and all. I wonder...

"So what? Is it a boy?" I teased and everyone around me started laughing. Ahh...this is what I need. A distraction...

But Kenneth was dazing off, concentrating at something else. "...Yeah..." He solemnly answered and we all became quiet. When he realized what he said, he quickly put his hands up, flailing around and defending himself, "No wait! I meant NO!"

Too late, the damage was done. We all busted our guts while Kenneth continue to sulk on the log he was sitting.

The fun continues as they kept mocking him, eventually they turned to Paul and me, but we just kissed and made them stop. No way the teasing will work on us...

But somehow Seth found a way. "So wait!" He said. "How do you two make babies?"

"SETH!" Paul shouted instantly and Seth began to run for his life. I thought they would run to the forest, but Seth avoided it as he laughed and kept teasing Paul...who was getting pissed off each time, but more controlling. We all stood there laughing, and when Seth came by I stuck my ankle out and he tripped over. The laughter increased as Paul stopped beside me and laughed.

"Oww..." Seth whined. "Damn that hurt"

I laughed at him. "Sorry, Seth, but you asked us a very touchy question."

The fun died down soon when Kim piped in, "Hey, Jae, didn't Booker say that your parents needed talk to you? It's past 8:00" That dumbass Booker...he told me it was close to nine! (Last chapter at the ending, he lied about the time.)

The name Booker placed a heavy dread in my heart, but I composed myself as best as I can. Boys don't cry. "Uhh yeah... I guess I should be heading back now."

"By the way, where is Booker?" Collin asked.

All eyes were on us since Booker did went after us. Paul and I were silent, but then Kenneth answered. "Oh! He just told me a while ago that he had to go home. He said his dad wanted him home early as well...something about hacking in the school's computer.*" Booker hacking in the school's computer? Why would he do that? And why is Paul biting on to his bottom lip as if he did something wrong? (Note*: referring to when Booker and Paul finds out the true identity of Anna. Kenneth knows this because...he is the detective's son.)

"Anyway, I guess I gotta go," I said as I started leaving, but then Paul stopped me.

"Do you need a ride home?" Paul asked. "You can't just walk there."

I rolled my eyes. He had forgotten already? "Hello? Superpower person here?"

He blinked and grinned sheepishly. "Oh yeah..."

I was going to go again, but then I had an idea. I grinned at him slyly. "Wanna race?"

He looked at me with excitement. "Are you sure you can keep up?"

"Please!" I scoffed. "Two legs are better than four!"

He went up close to my face and kissed my nose. "Prove it," he said.

I smiled widely and I was about to kiss him, but I tricked him and took off like the wind leaving him in the dust...or more technically, sand, but you get the idea.

I was soaring through the forest with the leaves swirling and the air whipping against me. Thankfully, I have very short hair. Before long, a large gray wolf was beside me. He looked bewildered and amazed, and so did I. When we passed by a ray of moonlight, his fur glowed, for a moment, with great intensity. He was very graceful and handsome looking in his werewolf form. At first, it looked like he could go faster.


I leaned in even more, gaining more speed as I spread my arms back and let them loose and my legs took longer strides. Haha, I am now a ninja.

Soon I reached the high slope driveway of my home and I fell unto my knees. "WOOH! Oh yeah! Who's the Man?" I kept shouting that until Paul was at my side, all dressed and scowling but he looked quite amused.

"You know, technically, you're a woman."

I stuck my tongue at him. He rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah, pretty mature."

I got up and walked over to him, poking his chest. Paul recoiled rubbing the small stinging pain I inflicted on him. "Ow, ow! Hey!"

"Say it!"

"Say what?"

"Come on, Paul, say it!" I urged him. "Who's the man?? Hmm?"

He glared at me before sighing and smiling as he said, "SHE'S The man!"

My jaw dropped and he started laughing. I shook my head, but I couldn't stop smiling so widely. "Damn you, Paul. Don't refer me to that movie! I don't play soccer, I play football! And I don't like being in a men's dorm." (Note: Go watch the movie She's The Man.)

"Hmm, yeah that's true. So far you squeak when you yell too loudly, you get detentions frequently, you ditch classes, you have a strange craving for banana muffins, but ever since the Anna incident you switched to Blueberry muffins-" Wait, I did? "When you're angry your nose would cringe and you would pout your lips, and when something is bothering you, you want to go and be alone and think about long and hard..." He went on and on, telling me the things that I do, his tone started out from cynical changing to adoration.

It was so odd, standing here and listening to him, telling me every single thing I did. It was like he memorized a poem-No, a book. He memorized everything about me.

I know that his main purpose was to make fun of me, but suddenly its course changed and now.... "-You hide yourself in a wardrobe and relied only on yourself...and when I'm there with you in your moment of weakness, you relied on me."

It was silent now between us. I had no idea how to make of this. Paul stared at me for a long time before finally realizing what he was doing. I saw a tiny blushed on his face as he fidget nervously. "Oops, sorry umm...I got carried away-" I shut him up.

He didn't finish his sentence when I suddenly tiptoed over to him and pressed my lips against his. There was a strange tingling shock between the two of us and for some reason...this felt better...more than all the kisses we gave to each other. He felt it too as he brought me into his arms and I wrapped mine around his neck, my fingers running through his hair as he and I kissed passionately. The sensation of this wonderful moment was burning me, but not in a hurtful way. Before we could get even further with it, we were interrupted.


Immediately, Paul and I pulled away and looked to the person who cleared his throat so loudly.

Dad...Dad...Dad...Oh shit.

I grinned widely and sheepishly. "Umm... Hi dad..."

He was glaring at us with such rage in his eyes, but moreover there was some worries in there...concern...and fear? His expression then softened...probably a thought crossed him, but damn it, what is he thinking?

"So...Paul," My father started to say and Paul looked like he was going to piss his pants. Dad continued, "You know...?"

"Umm yeah...Just...today..."

"Today, hm-?"

"JAMES! LEAVE THEM ALONE! AND GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!" I heard my mom yelling from inside the house. "YOU TOO, JAE OPHELIA MORNINGSTAR!!!"

To be honest, I was a little scared and I saw that my dad was as stiff as surfboard. "Is it...that time of the month again?" I asked.

Dad nodded his head slowly. "Yes...it is..."

I scratched my head, feeling awkward in this situation. Paul was also fidgeting around. I held my hand out to him, "Well, umm, I'll see you tomorrow?" I'd hug him and kiss him, but...you know, my dad...

Paul seemed to understand as he shook my hand. "I will see you tomorrow...and don't ditch first period, you've ditched enough of that class."

I sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I knoooww."

We said our goodbyes and he was off into the forest. I look back at my dad who was giving me this look, almost like scrutinizing me. I toughened up with my chest out and my chin up, "What?" I said.

My dad opened his mouth, ready to scold, but our positions backed down when my mom yelled with such a terrifying, high pitched voice....



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