The Deliverance of Dean Winchester

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Deliver Dean Winchester from the fires of Hell before the first seal is broken.

That had been the order. Simple. Direct. Castiel and the other members of his garrison did not question the order once it had been given. Each angel knew the urgency of their mission and that they could not fail.

The garrison of angels invaded Hell's depths led by Uriel and then Castiel. The tortured screams of the punished souls echoed around them, the searing heat blasting in their faces.

Castiel would not be deterred. He charged through the winding tunnels, ignoring the cries of anguish and desperation around him. He had only one focus. One mission. He would not leave until the man had been found and delivered from the nightmare surrounding him.

The lesser demons fled as the brilliantly light army marched through. Those demons knew they were no match for the angels. The more powerful demons, however, knew of the angels' plan and would not back down. They fought the angels, whether to destroy them or simply slow them down Castiel could not be sure. He could hear his brothers and sisters fight around him, some to their own deaths. The pain of losing those angels to the hands of the demons only served to propel Castiel on, stronger and faster than before.

He dispatched demons of his own as he continued his search. At one point surrounded, Castiel exuded the exalted light of Heaven, causing the demons to have their eyes burnt out and fall to the ground in a fit of screams and painful convulsions. He had to hurry. He could not afford to waste a moment. The first seal…

A sudden roar of thousands of demons cheering filled the air, nearly drowning out the screams of the damned souls. The demons had won a victory.

The angels were too late.

The seal had been broken.

Deliver Dean Winchester from the fires of Hell. He will be the savior for mankind.

Castiel did not hesitate. He pressed onward in his search, determined to find his objective.

The angel rounded a corner and entered a room.

There was Dean Winchester. He hovered over the soul of a young woman, digging a razor blade into her flesh and reveling in her screams of agony. His eyes were blackened and his body was a maze of scars and covered in the blood of his victims. To one side stood a demon of great power, smiling in a gleeful manner as he watched his young student carry out his orders.

Castiel was ready to put this to an end.

"Dean Winchester!"

The demon master collapsed to the ground at the sound of the angel's voice. The tormented figure that was Dean Winchester cried out, trying to block out the powerful voice.

Castiel walked up to the young man and grabbed him by his shoulders, the holy fire of his being burning hand prints into the flesh. In a flash the two departed from Hell's depths to return to the earth above.

Dean Winchester has been delivered. The savior has returned.