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Watching Zelos Wilder -–idiot extraordinaire-- sleep was strangely mesmerizing. Well. At least for Lloyd it was. The young brunette found himself sitting on the edge of the small bed, --within a rented room at the Desert Rose, to be precise-- his tired eyes focused solely on that pale, uneasy face of his slumbering companion.

In sleep, the mask was gone. That cocky smirk, those crazy antics, all of it disappeared when the former Chosen's eyelids slipped closed, when his body lay curled in a peculiarly uneasy posture. Sleep was supposed to be restful, wasn't it? And yet Lloyd couldn't help but sit and watch that restless, troubled face, those frowning lips... Couldn't help but watch, knowing that the redhead's sleep was anything but restful.

...I wonder... What he's dreaming this time... the weary teen absentmindedly pondered, his head tilting to the side a little as Zelos shifted in his sleep. That upset frown, and tense posture...

There was only one real thing Lloyd knew to do to alleviate that frown, that anxious sleeping frame. One sole thing that eased that terribly restless face he cared so dearly for.

The lanky teen gently moved to lie beside the slumbering former Chosen, his brown gaze set on that pallid skin, those pink lips. "...Zelos... It's okay..." he murmured, cautiously moving to touch the young man's pale cheek with his gloveless hand. "It's okay."

Zelos' sleepy, troubled blue eyes slowly opened at the younger teen's quiet words and gentle touch, and a soft smile graced those pink lips, replacing his former frown. "...Bumpkin..." was the only response the clearly half-asleep redhead gave, his eyelids slipping closed once more.

"Doofus," Lloyd gently retorted, a bittersweet smile forming on his lips as well. With this said, he gently moved to rest an arm around his companion's slender frame, drawing him close.

It was a routine. A familiar, necessary routine. Holding that slender frame close, breathing in the scent of Zelos Wilder. Listening to his soft breaths, and watching the unease melt from his face as he snuggled closer to the brunette. That... More than the smirks and flamboyance, more than his crazy masks and mischievous antics, this...

This was the Zelos Wilder he loved the most.

Lloyd closed his eyes, drawing the redhead closer, wrapping both arms gently around his thin frame. In the morning? Zelos would have that idiot smile of his firmly in place, this he knew. But for now? Through the long hours of the night, he could simply hold the damaged former Chosen. Hold him tight. You've... Got me, Zelos... No matter what... With this far-off thought, the teen allowed himself to drift into slumber, along with that lovable doofus held in his arms. ...And... I've got you.