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Summary: This story tells of Kara, Katara's illegitimate daughter, how why and what happened. Strictly my imagination only.

Disclamer: Don't own ATLA, however much I wish I did. But whatever coincidence this is with another story, it was my idea. I do not plagarise.

Katara surveyed the melons on display. Some were not quite ripe, some too ripe, and the others were too small or too big. Finally she settled on a moderately sized one which was a little too ripe. A small girl who closely resembled her tugged at her long thick skirt. The girl had long hair the color of ebony and large amber eyes. Her hair was pulled back from her face in a braid.

"Mama?" The girl looked at Katara with big amber eyes.

"Yes, Kara?" Katara continued to look at the melons, searching for a better one before she took out a copper piece and paid the lady who ran the stall.

"What's that?" Kara asked, pointing.

"Where, sweetheart?" Katara bent down to her daughter's level.

"There!" Kara exclaimed, pointing. Katara could see something dark red and wooded. She stood up and made her way through the crowd, taking Kara's hand tightly in hers.

When they were close enough to see it closely, Katara realized it was a palanquin. She had seen them in the Fire Nation before, when she had spent time there with Aang. Banners bore the flame insignia of the royal family, so she knew it was Zuko.

"Mama, what is it?" Kara demanded, her voice imperious. Other than her black hair and amber eyes, she looked like a child from the Water Tribe.

"A palanquin, sweetie." Katara bent down and brushed a lock of hair off Kara's face.

"A p-par-queen?" Kara stuttered.

"A palanquin." Katara corrected.

"Who's that?" Kara asked, her eyes wide. Katara looked up. She watched Zuko get up. She also straightened up.

"The Fire Lord Zuko has arrived." A herald called out.

"Fire Lord?" Kara asked. "Who's he?" Katara felt her throat close up and her heart speed up at the sight of him. Your father. Katara didn't say the thought out loud. Her blue eyes were riveted on him. Even after so many years, she was still enthralled with him.

She watched him look around, his eyes cool and assessing. The those beautiful golden eyes met hers. She held his stare for a while before dropping her gaze and taking Kara's hand. She turned and walked quickly, weaving her way through the crowds, clutching her basket and Kara's hand tightly.

She turned into an alleyway and made her way through the buildings. Her brisk pace was unrelenting, and Kara struggled to keep up. When they finally reached the ice building they called home, Kara was tired and out of breath.

Katara shut the door forcefully and slumped to the floor. Kara had come in and collapsed on the rug by the stove. Katara was breathing hard, her heart was beating erratically.

"Momma?" Kara lifted her head to look at Katara.

"Yes, sweetie?" Katara looked at her daughter. Her heart ached for some reason.

"Who is that man from the p-pa-" Kara stumbled over the last word.

"Palanquin, sweetheart." Katara said. "He's the Fire Lord. A very important man." Katara added. And your father. But you must never find out. Katara added mentally.

"Oh." Kara answered. They sat together in silence. Finally, Kara got up and went to play. Katara followed and put away the contents of her basket. She hadn't seen him in at least four years. Why did he have to appear now? Why did he manage to make her pulse race and breathless after so many years apart? Why her? Why now? Why here?

Her brain was crowded with many thoughts and a lot of confusion. And it was all because of him. He was the cause of her heart ache, the cause of her confusion, the cause of her child. He was the cause her life was the way it was now.

She slumped against the wall and began to cry as her memories engulfed her in a storm of what if's and why's.

Zuko watched as Katara disappeared into the crowd. A small girl that looked to be around five had followed her. In fact, the girl looked exactly like Katara when she was younger except for her black hair and eyes the color of caramel. The girl had to be her daughter. There was no other logical explanation.

But where had the black hair and golden eyes come from? That was a mystery. Unless. Zuko did not dare to follow the thought to the end. Just then a tall man in a deep blue parka came to him. "Sokka?" Zuko was amazed. The Water Tribe warrior looked nothing like the gangly youth he remembered from four years ago.

"Zuko! Good to see you! I was wondering when you'll come and pay us a visit." Sokka greeted.

"It was about time. We need to form a stronger alliance. Maybe through marriage." Zuko said thoughtfully. "But that's besides the point. I'm here and I expect you to take me to see Hakoda then the rest of the city." Zuko grinned.

"Aye aye, sir." Sokka saluted Zuko mockingly and laughed. "Come on, it's a big city, and it'll take hours to show you everything." They both walked towards the palace that was located in the center of the city made of ice.

"How's Suki?" Zuko asked, grinning wickedly.

"Somewhat busy with our three year old girl, Kyna, and expecting yet another." Sokka answered with pride.

"You've been busy, haven't you?" Zuko's eyes gleaned with mischief. Sokka swatted him on the arm. The two men had grown to understand and like each other after Zuko's coronation. After his romance with Mai had fizzled out, the wacky Water Tribe boy had kept him busy with his many crazy pranks and upsetting the noblemen of the Fire Nation. They had formed a bond.

"What about you? You haven't been fishing enough haven't you?" Sokka ribbed him.

"I haven't found a fish I like enough." Zuko made a face. "It's not like there aren't any fish, but they're fan girls." Zuko said. But there had been one, a little voice in his head insisted.

"I know. That's why it rocks to live in the South pole. The fan girls can't stand it here. Too cold for them. Some of them were really serious, but a couple of months here changed that." Sokka answered, his eyes shining wickedly.

"Yeah. With a little help, huh?" Zuko asked, rolling his eyes. They were now in the shadow of the magnificent building.

"Yeah. It helped to have a girlfriend who can fight." Sokka answered offhandedly. "Speaking of her, here she is." Suki waddled into sight, her body huge.

"Wow." Zuko could only stare. Suki was as huge as a balloon.

"Hi, Zuko. Nice to see you too." Suki answered wryly. Sokka walked to her side and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"How much longer?" Zuko's eyes were wide.

"About another month or two. And stop looking at me like that. I feel huge already. No need to make me feel worse." Suki replied ruefully.

"Okay. Yes, ma'am. Where would you daughter be then?" Zuko asked.

"Hmm, probably playing with her four year old cousin at my sister-in-law's house." Suki answered.

"Speaking of your sister-in-law, she should be here right?" Zuko looked around.

"Yes, but she went to the market so she'll be here later."Suki frowned. "Did you see her at the market, Sokka?" Suki questioned Sokka.

"Nope. Didn't even see her shadow." Sokka shrugged.

"I think I saw her." Zuko put in.

"Saw who? Where?" a deep voice boomed. Hakoda stepped out of the shadows.

"Katara. I want to talk to her." Suki bit her lip.

"She kind of disappeared after I saw her." Zuko added.

"Oh. My daughter probably needed to get back. She has a daughter to look out for." Hakoda said.

"I saw a girl with her. About two and a half feet tall. A miniature of Katara. Except for the eyes and the hair." Zuko frowned.

"That's strange. Usually she leaves the girl at home. But that's not the reason you're here. Come, we will have some refreshments and then Sokka will take you around our city." Hakoda strode off. Zuko followed him. He could see all the hallways. It was like a maze. One could get lost in this building if he didn't know his way around.

Hakoda led them into a small courtyard decorated with glittering ice arches. When Zuko examined them, he could see small ice flowers on the arch. In the middle of the courtyard, there was a table set for five. A bowl of soup and a loaf of bread had been prepared.

"Katara's supposed to be here." Hakoda said, frustrated. "Sokka, please go and get her."

"No need to, Dad. I'm here." A breathless voice said. "Sorry I'm late. I had to put Kara in the nursery with Kyna." Katara appeared from behind an arch.

"Hello, Katara." Zuko said softly. His eyes were filled with an indefinable emotion. His face however, was inscrutable.

"Hello, Zuko." Katara answered, her voice trembling. Hakoda sat down and the rest of them followed his example. Hakoda was seated at the head of the table, with Zuko on his right and Sokka on his left. Katara and Suki sat further down, with Suki next to Sokka and Katara next to Zuko.

"How have you been?" Zuko asked Katara.

"Well enough. How is you nation faring?" She asked politely.

"Quite well. But my noblemen are looking for a suitable Fire Lady, and they have said that I am to find myself a fiancé by my 25th birthday or they will find me one." Zuko answered wryly. He tried a spoonful of the soup. It was delicious, laden with exotic spices.

"Why haven't you married?" Hakoda asked Zuko.

"Never found the right woman." Zuko replied shortly. "I need a woman who is willing to take over and look out for the nation's best interests. I am also hoping to marry a woman who loves me truly, not because I'm the Fire Lord." Zuko smiled ruefully. "Not many woman fulfill those two requirements."

"Well, there are many women here, noble of birth. They will help strengthen the alliance between us." Hakoda said, his expression thoughtful. "It will be good if we can arrange a marriage between our two nations."

"Find me a woman who has backbone, willing to stand up for what she believes in, who is strong, capable of running a nation in my absence, able to stand her ground with men who disagree, diplomatic, and hopefully, one who will love me for who I am, and not what I represent." Zuko answered with a dry smile. "These are the qualities that a Fire Lady needs. A Fire Lady without these qualities can ruin a nation if I am not there." Zuko explained. "My problem is finding a woman that can handle all of that and more."

"Not many women would fit that bill, but they would try." Hakoda said, dipping his bread into the soup.

"Katara would fit the bill." Sokka piped in. He started ticking points off his fingers. "She's a waterbender, she'll fight a guy if she thinks she's right. She can be as stubborn as a donkey-goat. She's pretty diplomatic. She's a great leader. And she probably will love you if she doesn't already." He smiled triumphantly. Katara scowled at her brother. That last comment had gotten to her.

"He has a point." Suki admitted, "But I'm not so sure about the love Zuko part."

"I think so too, but what does Katara say?" Hakoda smiled at his daughter. She blushed.

"I have no idea. If you guys see it that way," she shrugged.

"That's diplomacy." Sokka put in. Suki smiled.

"Sokka!" Katara scowled.

"That's the stubbornness of the donkey-goat and willingness to fight a guy." Sokka smiled wickedly.

"Sokka!" Suki looked at him reproachfully.

"Sokka, shut up!" Katara glowered at her brother.

"That just proves my earlier point. Her leadership was pretty apparent when we were saving the world from you crazy father and delinquent sister." Sokka cocked his head, while his sister glared at him.

"Sokka, I said shut up." Katara's tone was deadly.

"She's got backbone, also proven when you crazy father was attempting total world domination." He ducked as an ice ball came flying his way. His sister looked pissed.

"You're probably right," Zuko conceded. "But I think if you keep this up you'll be a little more that a pile of pulp by the time the sun sets. Your sister's seriously pissed at you now." He smiled.

"He's right, Sokka, you'd better shut up." Suki told her husband.

"I agree with Sokka, but I object to the term donkey-goat in reference to my daughter." Hakoda interjected.


Zuko regarded the scene with amusement. It all started with the topic of marriage. Specifically, his marriage.

"Hey, it's not like I'm marrying her now." Zuko smiled with amusement. Katara's face flushed with color.

"But she'd be a good match." Sokka said, his eyes dancing with mischief.

"Sokka!" Suki reprimanded him.

"Would you have her, Zuko?" Sokka asked, his voice held a note of seriousness despite the banter.

"Sokka!" Katara's voice held a note of panic.

"I probably would." Zuko admitted gravely. "She has all the qualities I need in a Fire Lady," And she loved me before, he added mentally. She might still love me. Agni knows I do.

Hakoda looked at Zuko. He would be a good match for his strong-willed and stubborn daughter. But they were both very strong-willed, rather daunting and formidable apart, let alone together. They could consume each other, or they could balance each other. Yin and Yang, water and fire, male and female, sun and moon.

He pondered on this as the rest of the group chattered.

"Twinkle toes!" Toph wailed, feeling very unsteady. Her toes curled up as they hit the cold ice. Aang rushed to her side and took her arm. Toph felt better with him supporting her. She just didn't like ice. It was slippery, and it made her feel unbalanced and vulnerable. She already was, being blind, and she didn't want to be any more vulnerable than she already was. She shuddered.

"I'm cold. Or rather, my feet are." Toph said. Despite being nineteen, she was still unable to do many things. Especially those that involved sight. Beside her, she could hear Aang sighing. She heard him rustling about in a bag he had wisely brought.

"Here, I told you to wear them and you didn't want to." He shoved the shoes into her hands. She knew that he was irritated. Normally he would be gentle and caring, but he was being rather rough with her.

She bent down and put her feet in them. She never liked wearing shoes. She preferred the feeling of sand and soil slipping between her toes. Unfortunately, that was not about to happen here in the North Pole. Aang was visiting Chief Arnook for the sake of appearances. Also, he had been spending too much time in the Earth Kingdom. He needed a change of scenery. And he dragged her along with him. So here she was, stuck in the North Pole, with her feet freezing and feeling very much blind.

She had never been to the North Pole before, so she clung to Aang, slipping and sliding. They had only been here for five minutes and yet she already was feeling scared and homesick. It's only for a few days. It's only for a few days. Toph chanted mentally. If she felt like this after only five minutes, how would she make it though through a few days? She was stuck. How she wished Katara or Suki were here. At least they would understand.

Katara took Zuko though the maze of small passages and hallways of the palace. After showing him the most important rooms, namely his room, the dining room, the meeting room and the kitchen, she took him to see the city. She showed him the docks, the market, the houses and healing centers which she had help to start.

"Mainly we help those who can't afford a doctor." She explained as she led him into one of the healing centers. "Sometimes there are not many people, but usually, someone will have sliced themselves open or something like that, and we'll help them."

After that, she took him to her house. She went into the kitchen and he followed her. A small table, a pair of chairs and a small stove were spaced around the small room. There was also a few cupboards. Katara took out the teapot and a pair of cups from one of the cupboards and tea leaves from another. She measured out the tea leaves and put them in the teapot.

She boiled some water and poured it into the teapot. Then she brought the cups and teapot to the table. Zuko had already settled himself in one of the chairs. She passed him a cup of tea and poured one for herself.

They drank the tea in silence. She refused to look at him. Her eyes were focused on her cup. The silence was overwhelming and awkward. He watched her as she spun the cup between her fingers.

"What went wrong? You just fled, and left a note. Why? What happened?" Zuko asked her, breaking the silence.

"It was the right thing to do." She muttered, looking at him before turning away.

"You're lying." He said flatly. "It's so obvious. When you left Aang, you came to me, and we ended up having a relationship. And that was wrong?" He asked, his voice scathing.

"Yes." Came the reply, low and somewhat indistinct.

"Why?" Zuko questioned. She remained silent, staring into the depths of her teacup. She appeared quite fascinated with it.

"I demand an answer. I have that right at least. And be honest." His voice was commanding, and she could hear the steel in it. She would not be able to get out of this one.

"I cannot tell you. Not now, not ever." Katara lifted her head. Her blue eyes were filled with tears, but her voice was steady.

"I left for a reason, one that could destroy you and everything you've worked for. It would destroy your nation." Her voice trembled slightly. She took a deep breath. "I will not tell you, even if you begged me on your knees, or if you tortured me for an answer. I won't tell you." She said, and he could hear the finality in her voice.

She stood and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Zuko alone with his thoughts.


Katara went into her room and tried to calm herself down. Seeing him had been a shock. But she knew it was inevitable. As had their discussion had been. Eventually he would confront her. And one day, he would confront her again and ask for the truth. She took a big gulp of air in an attempt to compose herself. Tears were close the surface. She had to control herself.

Through sheer willpower and determination, Katara calmed down in a matter of minutes. She left her room and went to the kitchen.

"Let's get back to the palace for dinner." She said. Then she led him through the maze of a city back to the palace.

When they arrived at the dining room, Hakoda could sense his daughter's upset. It was not obvious. She was laughing and smiling, but underneath the cheery demeanor she was hurt. He was fairly sure of the reason. He ate his meal thoughtfully, not participating in the conversation.


Zuko was not fooled by the façade Katara had put up. Though she was making fun of Sokka, she was still upset and disturbed by his questions. He was fairly sure that her answer had something to do with the girl he saw with her at the market earlier that day. But what?


Katara was making jokes at Sokka's expense, but she was still disturbed by Zuko's probing questions. She knew that he would try and puzzle it out, but if he never saw Kara he wouldn't figure it out. She finished her meal quickly and rose to leave. She went upstairs to check on Kara. She'd speak to Suki later.


Zuko followed her through the maze of hallways. Sometimes he lost track of her, so he had to be fast and stealthy to follow her. He watched as she slipped into one of the doorways. He followed her in. She was bent over two children in the middle of the room. One of the girls spotted him.

"Momma, isn't that the Fire Lord?" The girl looked exactly like Katara except for her eyes and hair. Her hair was the same color as his, as black as pitch. Her eyes were the color of golden honey and caramel. The two colors mixed to produce a unique amber he had only seen in his mother's eyes.

Something in his brain clicked. It was his daughter. His illegitimate daughter. His child. He looked at Katara, his golden eyes accusing. She averted his gaze.

"Yes, darling. Mummy and Auntie Suki decided that tonight you can have a sleepover with Kyna." Katara said, stroking the girl's hair.

"Really?" The girls squealed together.

"Yes. Now go and have some supper and get ready for bed. You can have a pillow fight." Katara smiled. The girls bounced out of the room exuberantly, chattering on top of their voices.

"So will you kindly explain to me why did you keep this secret?" Zuko asked, his eyes glinting. His stance was casual, but his muscles were tense.

"You ought to know. You know how devastating it could be. On you, on your reputation, and the effects it would have." She answered him, her blue eyes full of fire. " 'Hey did you know the Fire Lord has an illegitimate daughter?' 'Yeah. He slept with some waterbending slut from the South Pole.' 'I know, she's a total whore. She probably seduced him.' " She mimicked. "I know what people will think, Zuko. I'm not stupid."

"And how do you think I would take it?" He asked. "You know I would have married you. I loved you, damn it!" His said, his voice rising. Katara threw him a warning look.

Katara opened the door and beckoned him out. She led him to a small room further down the hallway. Paintings hung on the wall, with rugs thrown on the floor. It created a cozy atmosphere. A small stove kept the room warm. She sat on one of the rugs. He sat next to her, fighting the urge to wrap his arms around her.

"You know as well as I do what a scandal it would have caused." She said, her voice low and steady. " 'The Fire Lord married some slut in from the Water Tribe.' 'Yeah. I think she seduced him or bewitched him.' Your subjects would lose respect for you." She said, her voice soft. He knew she was right.

"I don't care though. The can say all they like, but I don't care. It's just because of you." She continued. "When they lose respect for you, they will cease to obey you, and then you will have a hard time governing your country." She leaned against him. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around her. His heart clenched. She was so soft. He buried his face in her hair.

"Would it matter? I think what matters is how strong our love for each other is." He murmured into her ear. "I still love you. That's why I never married." He confessed.

"I know." She replied simply. "I never really loved Aang like this. I had a terrible crush on him. But when we were together, it always felt wrong. There was always something wrong." She smiled wistfully. "Aunt Wu was right. I'd marry a powerful bender. I just thought it was him. I never thought that you might be who I was looking for."

"I wouldn't blame you. I was selfish, immature and uncaring. I wasn't exactly a good bender either." He smiled. "After the time Aang and I went to find the dragons, I trained until I was as good as I am now. Iroh helped me and guided me. Thank Agni he was there to watch me and help me grow. I was so bitter. Ozai never really loved me, and all I wanted was his approval. I never got it." Zuko recalled.

"After the comet, Mai and I were happy for a while. Then the pressures of running the kingdom overwhelmed me. Our relationship got worse until we finally broke up. She wanted more than a few kisses and empty promises. She wanted more than I could give." He said, lost in the swirl of his memories. "You came along just before we broke up. It was like you were the final straw. Mai left and never came back." He spoke, his voice soft and full of pain. Katara wrapped her arms around him and leaned her head on his shoulder. He was still hurt because of that.

"Aang and I were more childish. We had fun, doing all the silly things he never got to do. Penguin sledding, riding elephant-koi, annoy the sea serpent, fool around with the Unagi. You name it, we probably did it." She smiled wryly. "We did a lot of stupid things. He wanted to do them, and I just went along with it. Once, he went to Ba Sing Se and got drunk. He fooled around, got me drunk. All I remember having a terrible hangover the next morning. The main reason we split was because the spark wasn't there anymore. It fizzed out, and so did our relationship."

Zuko smiled. "Remember that night at the oasis, seven years ago?" He asked.

"I think so. It was that night Zhao invaded the city. The night the moon spirit died. The night when the whole world could have been thrown into chaos. An awful night to remember. The possibility, the potential. It was so overwhelming." Katara recalled. She loosened Zuko's grip on her and stood up.

"I need to check on the girls. You can find your way to your room, right?" She asked with a smile. "Go further down, turn left and your room will be the third on the right." She opened the door and left.

When she entered the nursery, Kara and Kyna were screaming with laughter. Kyna had somehow managed to tear one of the pillows into pieces and the girls were covered with feathers. Their supper of sea prunes and penguin soup was on one of the tables scattered around the room.

"Momma!" Kara shrieked. She threw herself at her mother. Kyna followed her and tried to bop her with a pillow.

"Girls! Enough!" Katara reprimanded. She put her hands on her hips.

"Okay. Tidy up. Finish your supper and get ready for bed." Katara ordered. "I'll read you a story if you finish quickly." She added. "Maybe I'll tell you about Avatar Aang." Katara smiled, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Yes, Mummy." Kara answered.

"Yes, Auntie Katara." Kyna replied. The girls giggled in unison and began to tidy up. Katara helped them.

After the feathers, bits of the pillow case and toys were put in a corner, Katara straightened up the rest of the furniture and picked up the clothes lying on the floor as the girls dug in to their supper with vigor.

"I finished my supper!" Kyna called.

"Me too!" Kara added. Katara came over to check that they had finished all of their supper. Their bowls were clean. The girls loved the sea prunes and penguin soup that Kana always made. Kana always had some small treat for her great-granddaughters, may it be hair clips, sweets or their favorite food.

Katara smiled. "Okay. Now go change and get ready for bed." Kara rushed to get her things while Kyna dragged her feet and went unwillingly. Eventually, both girls were dressed in their nightgowns and ready for bed. Katara tucked them in and sat on Kyna's bed.

"Okay. What story do you want to hear?" Katara asked, stroking Kyna's head. The girl had unbraided her hair and now it fell loose around her head. Kara was unbraiding her hair, pulling of the ribbon that bound it.

"Can we have one which is about waterbending?" Kyna asked. Kara nodded vigorously. Katara smiled. She helped her daughter unbraid her hair and sat on her bed.

"When the world was young," Katara began. The girls listened eagerly. "Everything lived in harmony, two spirits came. They were the Moon Spirit and the Ocean Spirit. The Moon Spirit fell in love with this world and decided to remain in this world. The Ocean Spirit loved the Moon Spirit, so the Ocean Spirit stayed in this world to be with the Moon Spirit."

"They traveled through the world, trying to find a place that was peaceful, quiet, serene. A place that no one could find them or harm them, for when they decided to stay in this world, they had to give up their immortality. Eventually they went to the North Pole and stayed in an oasis there. It6 Became known as the Spirit Oasis. They took on the form of koi fish. The Moon Spirit was a white koi fish with a black spot on its head, and the Ocean Spirit was black with a white spot on its head. They became known as Tui and La, or push and pull. They represented the balance of the world. The Moon Spirit was kind and gentle, whereas the Ocean Spirit was wild and fierce. They balanced each other."

"Together, they watched over the ocean, over the seas. Then one night, the Moon Spirit tried pulling the water, guiding it in one direction. Soon, the Moon Spirit mastered this and every night, the Moon Spirit would pull the water higher, sometimes manipulate it into various forms. Sometimes they were the reason that the ocean was restless, the waters were unquiet. The Moon Spirit pulled the waters on one side and let it rest on another. The Ocean Spirit helped her, for it knew all about the oceans and the seas, their ways, the way they moved. The moon learned to influence it gently."

"One night the waters were high, and another it was low. This fascinated the people of the North and South Pole. They wondered how it was done. Sometimes they would spend the whole night gazing at the sea, wondering, studying, gazing. Some of them wanted to know what was beyond the horizon. They were not able to leave because they did not know how."

"One night, a woman tried to pushing and pulling the water with the moon. After a few weeks, some of her people joined her. Soon, some of them were able to manipulate water. This became known as waterbending. They used it to fight and protect themselves. One day, a woman hurt herself and put her hands in the water to relieve her pain. It was then healing was discovered."

" The waterbenders created techniques for fighting and healing. In the North, the men decided that only men could learn to fight, but in the South, all were welcome to learn to defend themselves."

"Today, many of the people in the Water Tribe are waterbenders, but whether they heal or they fight, they contribute to our communities." Katara ended.

The girls were asleep, their faces serene. Kara had a half smile on her face, revealing the fact that she was having a pleasant dream. Katara kissed the girls on the cheek and left.

"Sweet dreams, my darlings." She smiled. Then she turned and shut the door quietly. Kara shifted slightly in her sleep. She was dreaming about being a waterbender.

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