A man sat on his throne looking at his death eaters annoyance clear in his features as he cast the Crucio curse on yet another of his loyal followers. A women was curled on the floor screaming in pain and yet the man did not care. He removed the curse only to send her a disappointed look.
"You killed his godfather Bella now he will never join us." the man said

"He is weak my lord i do not understand why you want him we don't need him." She pleaded

"Silence you insolent women. I need him and that is all you need know. Leave before i let myself indulge in killing you." He said. the women kissed the bottom of his robes bowed and made her exit attempting to hide the pain that each step caused her. "Malfoy send your son before me we have much to discuss the rest of you may go now." He said. A chorus of yes my lord was heard from the thirty odd wizards in black robes and masks. "Follow me" The lord said.

"Yes lord Voldermort." The young Malfoy heir said out of reflex. Once they were alone behind closed doors the formalities drifted away.

"Tell me what you know about Harry Potter becoming a Gryfindor." Lord Voldermort demanded.

"Rumor is that the hat wanted to put him into Slytherin but he refused and the hat placed him in Gryffindor instead. He thought that i was a git and rudely rejected my offer of friendship first year. That stupid traitor weasel had his claws into Harry already telling him lies about our noble house my lord." Malfoy said.

"Draco I have a mission for you." Voldemort said

"Anything my lord" Came the reply

"I am going to send you back to the first day that you met Harry Potter and you are going to see to it that Ronald Weasely does not get to Harry before you do. It shall be you who sinks your claws into the boy. You shall get him to trust you and then bring him with you back to me. I will give you one year. One year only before i loose my patients in you and take drastic measures. You will leave tonight. No one is to know. I will tell your parents you are on a mission for me and that is all anyone will know." Voldemort said

"Yes my lord your secret shall not leave my lips." Draco replied.

"See that it does not. Good Luck." With that Voldermort waved his wand and a vortex pulled Draco Malfoy in and hurled him nine years into the past.