Malfoy Manor

"Father i am in need of your assistance." I told him and of course he got a superior smile on his face.

"What ever you require son" He said.

"Delay the Weasley family so that they are late to the train. They do not need to miss the train just Harry. Can you do that father?" I asked raising my eyebrow

"Consider it done." He said and with that we made our way to Kings Cross.
____________________________At Kings Cross__________________________________

"Hagrid wait....I.." Harry yelled. But the big oaf was already gone. Poor Harry looked so lost. I suppose the ticket would be rather odd to someone raised by Muggles.

"Excuse me sir do can you tell me where platform 9and3/4 is?" Harry asked cautiously. I had to stifle a laugh at that one.

"Think that's funny do you." The guard replied and walked right by without a second thought. At this point i decided it was time to step out of the shadows and rescue the boy who lived.

"Hey Harry having some difficulties i see." I said with a smile. His shoulders instantly sagged with relief.

"Draco. It's so good to see you. I was starting to think that i would miss the train." He told me. "Please tell me that you know where to go." He asked hopefully. I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Of course i do. Its right where the ticket says it is. Here give me your hand I'll show you." I told him and took his hand. He looked at me hesitantly but followed all the same.

"Are you sure Draco there's a brick wall there." He asked biting his lip.

"Magic Harry don't worry. You trust me don't you?" I asked He looked at the ground but walked with me through the portal without saying anything at all. We made it through the portal and he spun his head around the amazement shinning clearly in his eyes. "Lets find a compartment before there all taken up okay?" I asked him and he nodded but he still moved slowly studying everything that he saw. "Hurry up Harry I want to introduce you to some of my other friends." I told him and he looked at me surprised and a blush crept up his cheeks.

"Draco can you let your friends find us i want to tell you something first. I didn't mean to hide it honest." He looked worried.

"Harry don't worry you can tell me once we find an empty compartment it can't be that bad." I reassured him. Of course i already knew what he was going to tell me. We found a compartment part way down the train. "Okay Harry you can tell me now I'm listening." I told him. He bit his lip again he seems to do that a lot.

"Okay. I didn't really lie i just omitted. I'm Harry Potter." He told me quickly. crouching away from me. A worried expression on his face.

"Okay? What's the problem?" I asked him.

"I thought you would be mad that i didn't really tell you who i was. I don't want friends because of my name I want them because they like me. It's silly i know." He was rambling.

"Harry I don't mind that at all. Your Harry Potter but your still just an 11 year old boy like me. Don't worry so much. I'm not mad at you I promise." I gave him a genuine smile to drive it home. He smiled at me clearly relived.

"Thank.,," He started but my friends interrupted him

"Draco!!! There you are we've been looking for you everywhere." Pansy said throwing her arms around my neck.

"Hey Draco" Blaise said with a smile. Goyle And Crabbe just nodded at me taking seats in our compartment. I sent them a little glare for interrupting my conversation with Harry.

"Harry these are some of my friends. Pansy. Blaise. That's Goyle and Crabbe. Guys this is Harry a new friend that i met at Diagon Alley." I pointed at each person as i spoke so that Harry would know which face went with the name. "WE were having a conversation before you ran in here and interrupted. " I shot them another glare as i spoke.

"Sorry" They all muttered having the grace to look embarrassed.

"Hi Harry It's nice to meet you." Blaise said sticking his hand out. Which harry took with a small smile. Harry opened his mouth to respond but Pansy opened her big mouth first.

"I'm Pansy PARKINSON. I'm sure you've heard of my family." She stuck her hand in an attempt to get him to kiss her hand. He however was having none of that and took her hand awkwardly and shook it. Her lips pursed and she gave him a look that said he had proven her assumption that he was bellow her.

"I'm sorry but i haven't." He said looking uncomfortable.

"You must be kidding. Are you a mudblood or something. Draco you know i don't allow mudbloods to touch me." She said with a glare.

"What's a mudblood?" Harry asked.

"That proves it. He's a mudblood." Pansy said looking disgusted and digging her own grave if Harry didn't like her she had no place near me.

"Shut your cow face Pansy. He's not a muggle born. Stop digging your grave." I snapped. "Sorry Harry Pansy can be very crabby." I told him apologetically.

"It's fine Draco. A mudblood is someone whose parents are non magical then?" He asked.

"Yeah Muggleborn's tend to dislike the term they think that it is derogative. Really though it's not." I told him.

"Nice to meet you Blaise. Pansy." He said giving them each a nod and turned to smile at the quiet goons as well.

Some girl with curly brown hair rudely threw open the compartment door without knocking.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Blaise asked the girl had the decency to look ashamed. Before snapping her head up in a show of pride.

"Sorry but have you guys seen a frog around anywhere a boy named Neville lost his." She asked looking at each of us. Her eyes stopped on Harry and i could see her brain click into place.

"Your HARRY POTTER. I've read all about you it's all so interesting i mean. My parents are both muggles so when i found out what i am i just had to read up on everything and your in quiet a few books did you know that?" She asked. I turned to look at Harry and his eyes went from bright and shinning to stone cold.

"I think i know who i am thank you very much i don't need a mudblood like you to tell me." He snapped. He definitely did not like being treated differently because of his name. Her eyes went cold at that name.

"Sorry for bothering you Mr. Potter. Believe me it wont happen again." Heromionie said. I found it amusing how much different Harry already was. The mudblood turned on her heels and spun out of the room.

"Was i too harsh Draco? I just don't like it when people treat me like i'm some kind of animal." He said.

"No Harry you weren't to harsh she was very rude." I told him

"Your Harry Potter?" Pansy asked slightly shocked. "I'm not gonna say sorry for what i said earlier. Cause i'm not." Pansy said. Oddly enough Harry's smile lit up his whole face.

"Thank you Pansy" He said beaming.

Harry Potter was a continual surprise.