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Tonks at the age of 15:

Since she had woken up that morning, Tonks had changed her hair colour from one end of the spectrum to the other and back again. None of the colours felt right until finally she decided to go with her natural dark chocolate hair colour. She was very nervous because of what she was about to do. She had been visiting her cousin Sirius Black in Azkaban prison for the last year and even though nobody else believed that he was innocent, she did. She could just feel it. She had given up on trying to convince her mother of this and now she was about to try one of Sirius' old friends, Remus Lupin. She wondered if this guy would be able to see that she looked a bit like Sirius, there was definitely a an obvious family resemblance when she was in her natural form.

She had promised Sirius that she would try to find his old friend and visit him before the holidays ended and a new year started up at Hogwarts. It wasn't hard to find his address. He was listed in the witch and wizard phone directory of England. She was nervous because, for one thing he lived in the dodgy side of London and she was going alone, but also because her mission was to try and convince this man that she had never met, that Sirius didn't betray Lily and James Potter to their death and that it was all a misunderstanding and that it was his other friend Peter Pettigrew's fault. It sounded ridiculous to her ears even though she believed it. But there she was, travelling on the Knight Bus, wondering how on earth everything would play out once she got to his flat.

All too soon she arrived at his place, the Knight Bus was quick like that. It was in one of those low income housing buildings, she definitely didn't feel at home. She bit her lip. Oh come on Tonks, show a little spine, you weren't sorted into Griffindor for nothing, be brave. She knocked on the door three times, loud and clear. She wasn't sure what she had expected, a big beefy guy with lots of tattoos and piercings she supposed, but the man who answered the door had a gentle and kind look about him. She found him quite handsome He had a great scar across his right cheek, obviously he had endured some sort of pain in his life. That's just like mine. Tonks had a scar across her left cheek also, however, being a metamorphagus she would always cover it up so no one knew. He looked tired and troubled like Sirius.

"Yes?" Remus smiled politely at her,

"Uh hi" Tonks said in a high pitched voice. "Are you Remus Lupin?"

"Yes" he answered kindly. "And who might you be?"

"My name's Tonks" she extended her hand which he happily took, he smiled. "I'm here on behalf of Sirius Black"

He dropped her hand immediately, a look of shock and anger upon his face.

"What about Sirius Black?" he growled in a low voice that scared her. She took a few steps back.

"P-please, I know this must come as a shock to you, I-I'm sure you've tried to forget him these last 8 years, but I have a message from him and-"

"I don't care, you have no idea what you're talking about little girl, go home" he sneered at her and tried to slam the door in her face.

The way he said "little girl" made her angry and she wanted to punch him. Any fear she had felt had gone and so had her hair colour. It was now bright, blood red, as were her eyes, she looked rather sinister.

"I know a lot more than you do at this point" she screamed and abruptly stopped the door from closing and pushed her way into his flat.

"You know you really do a wonderful impression of Professor Snape, the Slytherin bastard" She snapped at him and then she looked around. It was a rather small space. The furniture was mismatched and the carpet was clearly very old. When she turned back to Lupin he was staring at her in shock. She was used to it.

"I'm a metamorphagus" she explained gently as her eyes returned to their natural colour.

He still stared for a while, then he nodded slowly, admiring her appearance, he thought she looked rather pretty. Tonks took advantage of his silence.

"Sirius is my cousin, well second cousin, my mum is Andromeda, I've been visiting him for the last year. I believe that he is innocent"

Remus sighed. "Of course you do, he was after all, the one with all the charisma. Tonks your deluding yourself, he's a wonderful liar, take this from someone who knows, he got us out of many detention's that way. Lying is his speciality".

"No you don't understand -" she pleaded.

"No you are the one who doesn't understand, whatever he has told you is a lie!" He grabbed her wrist firmly and led her out of the door, she tripped a little on her way out but caught herself before she hit the floor. "Now please, I would appreciate it if you didn't come back here" and he slammed the door shut.

She stared at the door in fury, her eyes as red as her hair again.

"Well that's too bad Lupin! I'll be seeing you again" she yelled so that he would hear her. She spun around to walk away and tripped and fell to the floor. "Damn" she breathed. 'Poor Sirius' she thought. She really didn't like this Lupin guy, but she wouldn't give up, she planned to visit him again in the next holidays.

And that's what she did, every holidays for the next five years she managed to show up at his door step to try and plead Sirius' case, all she wanted to do was convince Lupin to just visit his old friend. And every time he would get more angry and kick her out.

The last time she ever tried to talk to Lupin was just before Sirius had broken out of Azkaban,

Tonks at the age of 20:

"Hello Remus" she said in a sing-song voice as he answered the door. As soon as he saw it was her he tried to shut the door. "No, no we shall have none of that" she teased. Tonks had gained confidence over the years, especially since this year she had been accepted to Auror training school.

Remus looked her up and down and couldn't deny that she was looking more beautiful than she had the previous year. He hated her partly because of this. He had shut the world out after losing James, Lily, Peter and Sirius, but Tonks kept on pushing herself in. He hadn't felt a woman's touch over 14 years and every year she would visit him, looking more beautiful than the last. She was a temptress and she didn't even know this power that she had.

She had picked a particularly bad evening to see him, it was the night of a full moon and any minute now he would be transforming

"Tonks, please go" he said abruptly.

"No" she said and blasted the door open with her wand. "You and I are finally going to talk about this Lupin and I'm not leaving until you agree to visit Sirius" and she plonked herself down on his sofa and crossed her legs.

He could feel it, the evil taking him over, he had taken his Wolfsbane potion but that didn't mean the process of transformation wasn't messy. Usually his thoughts before he turned were not pretty and he had never been in the presence of someone else before when it happened – at least, no one human at the time. His eyes were drawn to the skirt she was wearing, he noticed the milky colour of her thighs, he wasn't sure whether he wanted to make love to her or bite her delicate skin. 'Shit, it's happening' he panicked. The change over was happening in his mind. This was how the potion worked, the wolf would take over his thoughts until he was fully transformed, only then would his thoughts return to normal.

"You pathetic slut" he snarled at her. Her eyes snapped up to his in shock. "It's been five years, do you really think that after all this time you could somehow convince me to believe that murderer's innocence. Is that really why you come here princess? Because by the way you dress, it seems you're here for a very different reason" he looked her up and down and licked his lips.

She looked scared, like a lost child. 'No stop it!!!' the man screamed to the wolf inside, but it was too late for that, the wolf was drowning him out. He saw her move to zip her jacket up and was over to her like a flash, he grabbed her hands. "No dear, don't lets cover up all of your..." he looked down at her womanly curves, "charms" he finished.

"You son of a bitch" she glared at him, he could see the tears forming in her eyes. What have I done? Stop this! He forced the wolf in him to let go of her. She punched him square across the mouth. With his wolf reflexes he saw she was about to whip out her wand, but he did nothing to stop her, he deserved whatever she was about to do and before he knew it he was flying backwards and had slammed violently into the wall.

"I trust Sirius when he tells me you're not a bad person" she said breathing heavily, "So whatever it is that is going on here, you are going to regret it. And if you ever dare see me again, you better be on your knees begging me for forgiveness". And with those last words she was gone.

The next morning Remus woke up in human form and as his memory of the previous nights events flooded back. He wanted to find Tonks and beg for her forgiveness like she had said. It took a lot of strength for him to not try to find her. It's better that she thinks I'm a bastard then to know the truth. He hoped for her sake that they would never meet again, but secretly, he was hoping beyond all hopes that he would be able to at least glance at her beauty one more time.

It would be a whole 2 years before his secret wish came true. But the point is, that it did.

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