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Tonks loved to fly. She's wasn't particularly gifted in the area but she wasn't bad either. She just loved how it made her feel so free. Looking down, being so far away from everything else, from the hurriedness of life, from the pain of it, everything seemed perfect. It was as if she was meant to be there, as if she fit perfectly into the grand working of the natural world. Everything was so clear.

All this was lost once her feet hit the ground of course, especially since it wasn't her feet that hit the ground first.

She made a slight gasping sound as her body made contact with the ground at number 4 Privet drive.

"Oh that's going to hurt for a while," she said cheerfully rubbing her elbow. Nothing was going to bring her out of her good mood apparently. Having a wonderful man catch when you fall will do that to a girl.

Remus was over to her before she could pick herself up.

"Are you alright?" he asked concerned as he placed one hand at her waist and the other over her hand to lift her up.

"Aren't you tired of asking me that?" she looked up at him and smiled. He was surprised at the sparkle in her eyes; he smiled back but didn't say anything. He couldn't seem to form any words.

"I was never really good at the landing part!" Tonks laughed.

"I'm hardly surprised," answered Remus with a teasing smile.

"Ok," came Moody's loud whisper, "Lupin, you're the only one of us who has met Harry properly; you will have to be the one who identifies him as not being the enemy. Unfortunately my eye doesn't see through the polyjuice potion, so we will have to question him."

Remus didn't realise that he was still holding Tonks' hand until Moody called him. He cleared his throat as he let go, he felt slightly embarrassed.

"Yes of course Alastor," he said as he walked up to the front of the group and stood next to Moody. "That shouldn't be hard at all."

As they entered the house with their brooms in one hand and wands in the other, Tonks concentrated on walking carefully. The house was rather crowded as all the order members filed in. Moody sent his broom to the backdoor with a flick of his wand, he would collect it on the way out, that way there could be more room in this abnormally clean house.

All the other members made a move to follow his action, including Tonks, however she was distracted when Remus pushed the sleave of his wand arm up. She watched him raise this muscular arm to send his broom away. She admired its manly form as the moonlight came through the nearest window lighting up the smooth curves, her fingers longed to trace a pattern along the veins. Her eyes moved up to his hand which was clutching his wand and she wondered why she had never noticed how large his hands were. A women would sure feel warm and safe wrapped up in those arms.

Her mind drifted back to just a few days ago when he had held her, she had been too emotional to notice how good it felt. Her mind was still rather pleasantly engaged when she tried to move her boom to the backdoor. And as a consequence of being distracted, instead of moving away, her broom smacked forcefully into her shoulder which caused her to yelp and reach out to the table to steady herself. In the confusion she lost her balance and knocked a plate right off the table.


Everyone turned to look at Tonks.

"Tonks!" Moody growled.

"Oh I'm sorry!" she said looking at the shards of ceramic on the floor. "Reparo" she incanted and the plate came back together. She picked it up and placed in on the table.

"This reminds me of your first case," laughed Kingsley. Tonks smiled. He always knew how to lighten the mood.

They all made their way up the stairs.

"Alohamora," Mad Eye whispered, pointing his wand at Harry bedroom door lock. "Lower your wand, boy, before you take someone's eye out."

"Professor Moody?" Tonks heard Harry's uncertain voice.

"I don't know so much about 'Professor'", never got round to much teaching did I? Get down here we want to see you properly."

There was a short silence, Harry wasn't moving. Probably doesn't trust us, smart boy.

"It's all right, Harry. We've come to take you away," said Remus kindly. It was clear to Tonks from the tone in his voice that he was happy to see Harry. How sweet!

"P-Professor Lupin?" came Harry's disbelieving voice. "Is that you?"

Tonks couldn't stand the suspense of not knowing what Harry looked like anymore. "Why are we all standing in the dark?" she asked. "Lumos."

"Oooh, he looks just like I thought he would!" said Tonks with a smile. Poor boy he looks so overwhelmed. "Wotcher, Harry!"

The others began to talk as well and once they had established that it was definitely Harry and once everyone was introduced, Tonks went to help Harry pack. They didn't have much time. Tonks was already impressed with Harry, he had almost said the Dark Lords name when they were all talking before. Obviously he didn't fear to speak of such a dark powerful wizard. Kingsley had always said it, but she was still a little hesitant.

Once they were in Harry's room Tonks felt a lot more comfortable than in the other rooms, it actually looked like someone lived in there. When she opened Harry's wardrobe she saw herself in the mirror. Ugh, this colour doesn't look as nice as I thought. I look so pale.

"You know I don't think violets really my colour. D'you think it makes me look a bit peaky?" She didn't really require an answer. Her mind drifted to Remus and what he would think of her.


"Yeah, it does," she said decisively. She screwed up her eyes and concentrated on the colour she wanted and a second later her hair had turned bubble-gum pink.

"How did you do that?" came Harry's surprised voice.

"I'm a Metamorphmagus," she answered not really concentrating on Harry and wondering what Remus would think of her appearance now. Not that it matters, I don't let anyone control me or my appearance! I choose the colours I like for me!

She went on to tell Harry how she was an Auror and she felt proud when he was impressed. This boy isn't arrogant like I thought he would be, all the fame hasn't gone to his head. She thought it was funny when he asked if you can learn to be a Metamorphmagus. He wanted to hide the scar he had that made him famous. An impulse she understood all too well.

After she had helped him pack, they went downstairs to find the others looking curiously at the muggle appliances and Remus had just finished writing a note to Harry's guardians about his safety. They sounded like horrible people according to the way Harry talked about minutes later they were all outside in the backyard waiting for the signal to leave.

Tonks was impressed by Harry's flying ability, firebolt or not the kid definitely had talent. She concentrated on leading the way, not enjoying flying as much as she had on the way there. The night air had dropped a few degrees and it was freezing, her mood didn't improve when Moody wanted to stay in the air longer just to be safe, she decided to follow Remus' orders and simply head to the ground. They were almost there. This time she landed perfectly. She watched Mad Eye give Harry the address of Headquarters and she suddenly felt excited. Sirius was going to see Harry which would definitely brighten Sirius' spirits.

As they entered Grimmauld place, Remus walked next to her.

"Needed no help landing I see" he teased. She made a face at him and he laughed. They both walked towards the meeting room door. Sirius was there and many others, as was Dumbledore this time. Ah, that must be why Sirius didn't come running out to see Harry.

"He's here," she mouthed to her cousin and he nodded. She frowned and wondered why he didn't look happy. Dumbledore must have given him another lecture about staying here at Grimmauld place. The meeting was quite long. There were many updates about new contacts made around the world and the latest political spin in the Daily Profit. Yet Tonks was finding it difficult to concentrate with Remus sitting right next to her.

Once the meeting was over, Dumbledore said his goodbyes and left the room quite quickly. Tonks found this rather odd and ran after him, she caught up to him just outside the front door, just before he was about the apparate.

"No wait sir!" she whispered loudly and he turned around.

"What is it Nymphadora?" he asked kindly looking over his half-moon spectacles.

"I-uh, I just thought you would be staying for dinner," she stuttered. The way he was surveying her, she felt like it was 6 years ago and she was back in his office revealing to him the most awful experiences of her past. He had asked her to explain everything to him and had promised that no harm would calm to her while she was at Hogwarts.

"I mean," she continued, "I know you don't normally stay but Harry just arrived, I thought you might want to see him and explain things to him now that he's safe. He must be so angry about not knowing about anything, but I think he would feel better if he heard it all from you." She willed herself to look him directly in the eye and not shift until he did. The stood in silence and she felt her cheeks go red as his eyes bored into hers. But finally he spoke.

"I have much to do Nymphadora...another time," he spoke in a stern voice which surprised Tonks. "Besides you have much on your mind, do you really want your old principal at the dinner table?" this time his voice was slightly teasing and she noticed the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Sir?" she looked confused. His eyes danced with mischief.

"Remus Lupin was one of my brightest students," he said with a knowing smile.

"What?" asked Tonks shocked as she felt her cheeks go red again. Dumbledore winked, turned around and walked away, his cloak billowing behind him.

"Remember this Nymphadora. Do not judge a person by their situation in life, do so by the manner in which they live with it," his back was still facing her as he walked away and then he suddenly disappeared.

What on earth did he mean by that?

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