He was old. His age far exceeded the number of trees that dotted the blasted rainforest of Ferngully, which sprawled out below Mount Warning like a grotesque carpet of poisonous fungus.

The fairies, he knew, where responsible for all of the life. Hexxus watched, daily, as the pesky, winged flies darted about the foot of Mount Warning, where they sprouted magic and foliage whenever they flitted amongst the humans, who they conversed with whenever they felt such pointless contact with the mortals was essential.

Hexxus' detestation was fueled by the fairies' improper behavior. Two different species should never come into contact with each other. He knew this rule as well as any other forest creature should.

With the fairies behaving so unruly lately, the very laws and foundations of the forest were being broken. Stories were being rewritten. Nature was even more unpredictable than before.

To let all of this happen, so suddenly, was a mighty transgression. The fairies had no more excuses to defend themselves with. He had warned them. His reign of destruction would fall down upon their world in a short period of time.

Hexxus amused himself with these, his own ruminations, with malicious joy and contempt.

One day he decided to put his plans into motion. He carpeted his vast shadow across the fa├žade of Mount Warning. He rained his poison across the land, confident of his plan. He hadn't expected anyone to defy his clout.

Magi Lune, the fairies' aged guardian, gave him the surprise of his timeless existence.