Pips anxiously watched Crysta. Squeezing her cold hands within his trembling fingers, he whispered hoarsely, "Please, Crysta, wake up. I didn't mean to leave you." He quietly began to sob.

Batty had found her first. After meeting up with Pips awhile back, the energetic bat had informed his panpipe-playing friend of Crysta's mishap. Not for the first time, Pips was thankful for Batty's companionship.

"Keep trying, dude!" Batty encouraged Pips, who sighed

"Hush, Batty, I think she's – she's waking up!" he cried excitedly. He held his breath as Crysta's eyes fluttered open.

"Hi, Pips," she whispered. A slow smile played across her full, red lips. Pips grinned from ear to ear.

"Its good to have you back," he said.

That night, free of Hexxus' nightmares, Crysta rose from her green bed once more. Immediately she swept her eyes over her cozy abode, searching for Pips.

"I'm not far," he promised. Crouching at her side, he kissed her comfortingly across the cheek.

"How about one right here?" she asked, pointing a finger at her paled lips. Pips grinned wildly and lowered his mouth towards hers.


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