Welcome people to Draconic Diamond - the third in the series - It will be very helpful to all if you have read Draconic Ruby and Sapphire first otherwise some of the references you will not understand, which is what happened with the interlude that I wrote. Chapter one is finished and reintroduces all the chars, as well as a few new ones that I hope you will all enjoy. Some things that are going to be a bit different with this is that it is going to be interactive, meaning some of your good ideas will make it into the plot line.

As well, as much as I love you all, don't give a review of "update soon!" - while I love my readers, this one is going to be a slow trek as my work life is now quite busy so I don't get as much time to write anymore - hence why I am still working on Chapter 12 of Rave, which I have been writing since Christmas.

So without further adiu....

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"The priest has been stripped of his powers now."

"I heard and felt the change. What do we do now about it?"

"It is completely up to you. His soul is tied to one of the most powerful beings alive, next to the Pharaoh's light."

"That may be so, but when he was High Priest he was just as powerful"

"True enough. His souls subsequent are not as strong, save the current one. That one is formidable. It has survived great darkness, something that none of the souls had succumbed to fully. The last one before the current came close. He hurt innocents but stopped before committing the final atrocity. Are you sure you want him as your own."

"Yes. The first soul and the last are the only ones that are twin souls. The three that are with them are completely pure, though the female has tied herself to a Celtic god."

"Dearest wife, it makes no difference. Morrigan is a goddess of the harbinger of death as well, as our son, so she is only serving a Death God. What worries me is our son's and their continuing hatred of each other."

"I know my dearest husband, but I would still like to see Seth as my Priest."

"It is still your choice dearest wife, but you have never had a man as your priest. I should be jealous of that. He is a very handsome man."

"Who is fiercely devoted to his soul mate, my husband. That kind of devotion is nearly unheard of. Fifty lives and all virgins until they could be with their soul mate. There is no need to be jealous my love."


"Still nothing. I have decided. I will take him as my priest and his soul incarnate.

"What about the girls? Or the Grail Knight?"

"The girls have their own devotions now, and it would be amusing to see the Grail Knight with me. He alone is powerful as he knows the location of the Grail. But he is very naive and I am not sure if I want him as well."

"His husband though is refreshing. He keeps them all on their toes though."

"That is true. Very well. If he will accept me, I will take him too. The child though has expressed her desire to stay with Artemis."

"That is understandable. After all Seth and Seto both served Set. Asetha served Artemis. That is fair."

"When she is no longer virgin, do you want her then?"

"Artemis may still keep her. We shall see. Out of all of them who are no longer virgins, Jorrin has told her he will not touch her until she is ready."

"By the time of the prophesy, she will be just over thirteen."

"But still a child."

"True. But for the prophesy to be fulfilled, they all have to be taken. Including her. It would fall to someone to educate her. That should be you."

"I thank you for that husband, but Artemis and Leto will be there. As well as Morrigan. They will not let her falter. As well as Setima."

"Setima will be busy with her own husband."

"I imagine that room is going to be turning into one very large orgy. Fortunately for all, they only see each other. Husband leave it. Asetha will be fine. Have faith. Now I want to go grant my new priest his powers"

"What have you decided to give him?"

"As a night goddess, his powers should reflect this."

"But he does enjoy healing others. Perhaps I should add those powers to him."

"That is your choice husband."

"So, they are considering celebrating the human's Winter Solstice, I think they call it Christmas, celebrating the prophet's birth. Did you wish to attend?"

"Do you think you can handle that many Greek Gods husband? Because you know that Apollo's family will be there."

"Our sons planned on being there as well, as the Pharaoh and his Queen are expecting. Ra wishes to make sure that the child survives."

"Can the mortals handle having Ra there?"

"That I am uncertain of. But we shall find out won't we?"

"That we will my dearest husband. So...I understand that it is a custom to bring presents for the guests."

"It is dearest wife. So what do you think they would like?"

"Something non- material for the most part I think will suffice. Let me handle it husband. I assure you that it will be enjoyable for all."

"That sounds like a marvelous idea. I shall leave it for you then dearest."

"Thank you. Now...for pretties for the girls."