I'm not dead...really. RL has been killing me with inspiration. Seriously.

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Chapter 3

While chaos ensued at the Apollo home, another kind of chaos was occurring in a tiny town of Suzu, along the tip of the northern end of Japan. A young woman was staring a tall woman who claimed to be true mother, and her real mother was standing present shaking her fist at her.

"You can not have her. I forbid it!" the older woman cried out.

"You do not have a choice. The child is coming with me to her brothers." the taller woman said as said child was looking confused.

"Brothers? I only have one brother." the younger cinnamon coloured haired woman said.

"Child, you have five brothers that are very eager to meet you. The woman that bore you, knows this." the taller woman named Morrigan said to Serenity, Joey's sister.

"Mother? What is she talking about?" the girl said, turning to her mother who was taking on a decidedly paler shade of skin then she had fifteen minutes prior to the woman's arrival. Morrigan had arrived in all her own style of pomp and stance of a silver and black limo, and dressed to kill. With her dark looks and pale skin she set off a pale peach Alexis Mabille business suit.

"Nothing! Do you hear me - Nothing!" the tiny woman shrieked at her nemesis.

"Kawaii, you were told of the child you carried, and his obligations. Her brothers long for her. You will hand her over." Morrigan told the woman that bore Joey, and watched her get paler and paler as realization filled and she recognized that she had lost this battle.

"You can't take my child away. She's all I have left." the woman said, tears falling freely from her eyes.

"You chose to cut yourself out of my son's life. Now I take his precious sister to her brother's loving arms. Rest assured, no harm will ever come to her, but she no longer will be isolated from her family due to your poor choices in life." Morrigan decreed, and turned towards the young woman, who was staring at the argument between the women.

"Young woman, go upstairs and gather your necessary items. Any favourite items that you have you may bring. Clothing you will not need, it will be provided for by your family." Morrigan said, as she rested a hand onto the shoulder of the sixteen-year old.

"Why are you taking me from Mother?" Serenity asked, a quiver in her voice, still completely confused about what was going on. She knew that there had been a festival the night before at the temple, but her Mother had once again refused to let her go, claiming that her 'abomination' wasn't going to 'taint' her baby girl.

"Your brothers have been longing to see you." Morrigan said, trying to keep it slightly vague. She didn't want to ruin the surprise of the others, which she knew that they would be delighted with the treat. She had intended to bring her the night before but with the excitement of the girls and the trauma of the gods it did not seem appropriate. As for the other boys, Duke and Tristan, they had attended the festivities but had to travel back to Tokyo almost immediately and were supposed to be returning sometime today.

"Why are you referring to Seto and Joey like that?" Serenity asked, as she sat down on one of the chairs that was close to the kitchen. They had just begun the morning breakfast when the woman had appeared in the home, and she was stunned as she had never seen such a tall woman.

"I shall tell you when we arrive, but I will say you are going to your brothers. I want to surprise them. Besides, your mother would not have allowed you to spend Christmas with Joseph. I can promise you will be able to. And New years as well." Morrigan said, neglecting to mention that once the others see her, she will be lucky if it wasn't going to be a Serenity sandwich in the house.

"Then I should just need my collage of the wedding photos that I took. I set it up for Christmas. I was almost all done." Serenity said as she could hear her mother gasping.

"No! No! No!" she began shouting but a stern look from Morrigan seemed to mute the woman. In reality Morrigan had enough of her former disciple and had severed her vocal cords temporarily. After Johfrit's death, Morrigan had been watching herself her son's soul mate and like Apollo had been aghast at the turn of events that had shaped the life. So with her abilities, had made sure that the soul of their most precious - the soul of Serenity - made its way to be with Joey. After his forced reincarnation, Morrigan made sure that the woman that was chosen to bore him, would bear this soul. However having all five souls communicating with the woman, as all that bared the children of Apollo could do - had driven the woman nearly mad. When Morrigan had appeared and told her that she would bear another, she had originally rejected it. It was only when Morrigan threatened her family, who was still part of the group that had been those that had borne Jono all those centuries ago, that she had agreed. Not wholeheartedly, but had agreed.

"Riel Kawaii - you have been guardian of the pact for many years. The pact has been fulfilled. It was fulfilled six months prior. Your devotion has ended. It is enough. The purpose has been done." Morrigan said about the fulfilling of the ensuring of the safety of Jono.

"What do you mean, the pact was fulfilled?" she thought to the goddess, since her cords were frozen. Of which Morrigan released her spell on them and Riel brought her hand to her throat.

"My Treasures have returned." she said still ambiguous. Riel had fulfilled her purpose, anything more - she was not interested in. All that mattered was her boys and their continuing happiness. Which would involve a cinnamon haired girl. She would make an excellent chaperon for Asetha and Jorrin. And an excellent aunt to Mokuba.

"What are you saying. That those voices are ALIVE! Impossible!" she nearly screeched

"That is exactly what I am saying. Now, nothing else concerns me. You will send the custody papers to Joseph by end of business today or I will not hold myself responsible for anything else that may occur to you." Morrigan said as the young woman came down, a large and very thick photo album.

"Are there any other items you would like?" Morrigan asked the young woman, as she slipped on her boots.

"There are some letters but that is included in the album. I do not have any other valuables." Serenity said, as Morrigan held out the girl's coat and helped her into it.

"Serenity, you can't do this. Please! I am your mother!"

"Mother, I will call you when I arrive at wherever I am going. Goodbye Mother." Serenity said as the taller woman wove an arm around the cinnamon haired girl's shoulders and guided her through the door.

"Do not worry my child. You will be very happy when we get back to your brothers." Morrigan said as her driver opened the door for the young woman and they slipped into the car. Inside it was very straightforward - along one of the sides was silvery white cushions made not of leather but a suede-ish fabric and had a small kitchen with what appeared to be sparkling bottles on ice in a mini sink.

"Feel free to take one my dear. It is sparkling pomegranate and grapefruit. There is also a small tray of fruits and cheese in the fridge." Morrigan said as the car began to drive and they settled in.

"So where are we going?" she asked sitting back down with a small plate of cut pita breads and strawberries and blueberries.

"We are going to Ap..Alen's home. Your brothers are there and will be delighted to see you again." the Goddess answered, almost slipping Apollo's name.

"Why are we not going to Seto's home?" Serentity asked curious.

"As a Christmas present to Katsuya, he agreed finally to move into Alen's home." Morrigan said, attempting to mention that her other brothers were already in the house.

"That sounds wonderful. I have never been to his house. Though Joey had told me that it had some lovely gardens." she said.

"He does, though you might like my grotto. You will have to ask your brothers to take you." Morrigan said, keeping her responses vague again not wanting to spoil the surprise.

"That sounds awesome. So how was the festival last night?" Serenity asked and with that Morrigan began to tell the woman about the different events that happened, which helped to span the two hours of travel time back to Domino.

(Riel = Garlanded Maiden - )