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Chapter 3: Hey Arnold:

Meanwhile, in a subs in the Nicktoons universe, a boy who has spiky hair on the each end of his forehead and wears a small blue cap. He wore a green vest and white shirt. He wore a kilt and he sat down with his legs crossed. He then sensed someone approaching behind her. A girl wearing a blue coat and has brown skin and dark brown hair approaches behind him. She ran up to attack the boy but he grabbed her leg and threw her over his shoulder as she collapsed in front of him. The girl sat up as the boy rose to his feet, both smiling.

"Nice move there, Arnold. You improved after your training with Spongebob" the girl said.

"It was really your move, Katara" Arnold said as she helped him up. "I nearly redirected your own attack against you. And I can hear your footsteps. I know you were there."

"Heh. I shouldn't have not underestimated you again" said Katara.

"You know, I surprised to see you soon after Nitro's defeat" Arnold said.

"When we returned to the land of the ice, many of my people and my friends disappeared, vanished without a trace" Katara said worriedly. "We were wondering what would happen to them."

Arnold turned around and looks at the sky. "Many of our comrades have also disappeared."


"Who do you think is responsible?" Arnold thought.

"Nitro is defeated" Katara said "Zim is imprisoned in the Ghost Zone. Only two people remained to fight to settle their conflict once and for all."

"The Avatars and the humans" Arnold said.

"Precisely" said Katara "we need to know if they are responsible for all of this. I know Aang wouldn't do this. They are from this world which is why I need your help."

"You need more than my help" Arnold said turning to her "Contact Jimmy Neutron. He has a better understanding about the Avatars than I do. I will go and find Tommy Pickles."

As Arnold left Katara as he search Tommy's hometown. He saw it was all a mess.

"What happened here?" Arnold said "it's like it all collapsed. If my hunch is correct…" He picked up his mobile phone and called Katara. "Katara, have you contacted Jimmy?"

"Yes. It seem that he is researching for Timmy to find out where Conker is" Katara said.

"I'm not surprised" Arnold said. Timmy was always the one stopping Conker from controlling the fairies.

"He will contact with you later, Arnold" Katara said "I'll go and search Nitro's throne room. How your search for Tommy?"

"Not yet, but I feel like I am… close." Arnold turned around in time to see Tommy charging at him with a huge stick. Arnold dodged the stick and got into his fighting pose. Tommy dropped away his stick.

"Closer than you think!" Tommy said. Tommy and Arnold then begun their fight as Arnold block most of Tommy's punches and kicks. After a few blows, Arnold punched Tommy in the stomach and then kicked him to the ground.

Tommy looked up at Arnold and snarled. "Is this what the heroes of this world do? Kill your enemies?"

"It was you who attacked me, Pickles!"

"Many of my friends had disappeared" Tommy said "And now I had found their kidnapper."

"I didn't kidnap any of your friends" Arnold said.

"I had heard your communication. You and your friends were…"

"Investigating the disappearance of our comrades as well" Arnold said making Tommy looked shocked "It seemed we have a common enemy, Tommy. The question is, are you willing to work together to uncover the truth."

"How do I know I can trust you, Arnold" Tommy said.

"Because I am about to save your life" Arnold said as he pushed Tommy out of the way as a rock shard had flown past him.

Both Arnold and Tommy stood up to see the avatar Aang there.

"Aang. What are you're doing?!" Tommy asked but Aang did not reply.

"Go now. We shall meet up later" Arnold told him. Tommy nodded and ran out.

Aang was angry with Arnold. "You allowed Tommy Pickles to escape! Now you shall suffer my wrath!"

Aang then waved his hands and a huge wave of water circles around him and then he fired it at Arnold. Arnold dodges it and saw some gadgets he used in his own movie. He picked them up and used his laser gun to fire. Aang dodges them and used his fire power but Arnold dodged and used his teaser and shocked Aang making his body numb.

As Arnold approached him to check if Aang is OK, until he saw something very strange. Aang's eyes glowed yellow and he yelled in rage. He charged at Arnold. Arnold leapt forward to kick him and a flash came.

Arnold landed on his feet and looked around amazed. He turned and sees a flaming hair boy wearing a blue jacket, a black shirt and blue trousers behind him. It was Johnny Test.

"What happened? Where am I? I felt so strange" Johnny said as he looked around and then turned to Arnold.

"I had seen this trick before" Arnold said as he gets ready to fight again "Your illusions do not fool me, Vlad Plasmius."

Johnny looked very confused but Arnold attacks him without hesitation. After a long fight, Arnold knocked Johnny unconscious as he used his stun gun. Johnny lay on the ground motionless as Arnold look at him. Arnold look at him in surprise.

"That's odd. If that was Vlad Plasmius, he would have reverted back to his normal self" Arnold said. He used his scanner and find that the readings were impossible to read. "His wave patterns are strange. I must take him to my grandpa. He can find out where he come from."

He carefully picked up Johnny and walks away.

As he returned to his own homeland, he placed Johnny on a bench and walked to his door and knocked. No one answered.

"Grandpa! Anyone?!" Arnold called but no reply. He walked away from his house looking worried. "Where are they? Why won't they answer?"

"Because they no longer draw breath" said an evil voice causing Arnold to turn around. He saw Danny's arch nemesis standing behind him.

"Vlad Plasmius!"

"And soon, neither will you. I'll kill you first and then show your dead body to Danny!" Vlad said.

Vlad used Ghost Ray and fired them at Arnold but Arnold dodged out of the way. He charged at Vlad and used his weapons to attack Vlad. Vlad teleported away from it and used Ghost Stinger and fired at him but Arnold used a mirror to deflect it back and Vlad was hit. After a few blows and attacks later, Arnold defeats Vlad.

Vlad laid on the ground motionless as Arnold walked up to him. He can't believe he defeated someone more stronger than him. He was lucky, this time. But he frown at the ghost.

"May the Nicktoon Gods bind you in the Ghost Zone for your treachery, Plasmius." He said. He then picked up his communicator when it called on him. "Arnold here."

"This is Jimmy Neutron speaking."

"Jimmy? Did you find Crocker?"

"Not yet. We almost caught up with him but he disappeared" Jimmy said "Both Timmy and Spongebob both tag him. I was trying to find out where he is but I have no luck I afraid. Timmy and Spongebob are off to find more information. Did you find Tommy yet?"

"Both the Pickles and the Avatars are not behind this" Arnold said "There offspring were lost as well. I think there's a new threat. I fought a boy, someone who hair resembling fire" He looked at an unconscious Johnny "At first I thought it was Vlad Plasmius transforming his appearance." He looked back at the defeated Plasmius "I looked pass from that possibility. This is a different person altogether. I will check his heartbeat."

"Yes, his heartbeat. You have to make sure he is still alive so I can experiment on him."

"OK, but his heartbeat and his chi is not like anything I seen before." Arnold said "I try to attend it." He held Johnny's wrist.

"Don't do anything crazy now, OK, Arnold?"

"I'll be fine" Arnold said.

"Remember you are not invincible." Jimmy reminded him.

Before Arnold can do anything, the yellow aura surrounds Johnny surrounds himself and Arnold. Arnold screamed in pain as his eyes glowed yellow. And then he disappeared.

His radio was left behind. "Arnold? ARNOLD?" Jimmy's voice ran out.

To be continued…

So now...

Arnold is playing Liu Kang

Katara is playing Kitana

Tommy Pickles from All Grown Up is playing Sub Zero

Aang plays Scorpion (don't ask why cause I am trying out different roles here for each character)

Vlad Plasimus plays Shang Tsung

Jimmy Neutron plays Soyna

Next time, Dexter takes on Aang, his rival Mandark, Arnold and even Danny Phantom with a little help from Samurai Jack. So stayed tuned.