"Heh, another recruitment letter." said seventeen-year-old Kamikatsu Ishimaru

Ishimaru was the #1 soccer player at East Tokyo High School and was number six in all oif Japan. He was being heavily recruited by many Universities and Proffesional teams throughout Japan. Ishimaru however, could care less about any of this. He was also known for his messy black hair with a brown streak going through the top and dark brown eyes, he also had a medium build, which came naturally from soccer.

Today was just like any other day, sunny and typical. Ishimaru pretty much did the same routine everyday, get up late, rush to school, forget his breakfast, doze off in class, go to soccer practice and copy homework fromSeiku. He was thinking of this bland routine when he suddenly heard a voice behind him,

"Heads-up Ishi-kun!"

Ishimaru quickly turned around just to see a soccer ball crashing into his face and quickly fell with a thud.

"What the hell was that for?!" yeleld Ishimaru

"Well Ishi-kun, I did tell you to watch out you know."

"Oh come on Seiku-kun, you know not to do that."

Kasumoda Seiku was Ishimaru's best friend and teammate. He had loud spiky blond hair and bright green eyes and a smile frozen on his face. Even though they were best friends, they always had a constant rivalry going on, from Soccer to gettng dates to eating. They even had a hair growing contest! As they walked on the sidewalk, they began having what seemed like a casual conversation.

"You ready for practice?" asked Seiku

"That's pretty much the only reason I come to school." said Ishimaru

"I can tell, considering all you ever do in class is sleep anyway." said Seiku sarcastically

The two friends continued their conversation as they walked past an alley, little did Ishimaru now at the time, a certain someone who was in the alley, would change his life forever.

"Where the hell am I?" said that someone

That someone happened to be naimed Chainz. He was about 3 feet 5 inches tall and was around twelve years old. He had a gray faux hawk and onyx eyes. He wore a silver earring in both of his ears. He was also wearing a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket that had a white cobra on the back. Matching his jacket, were some black pants with black boots and on his hands were black fingerless gloves. Most importantly of all, tucked under Chainz's arm was a Emerald Green book.

Chainz's thinking came to a sudden halt when his stomach started to growl. He had a small blush on his face and realised that he needed to find some food. Chainz then looked around in the alley for something to eat...he then saw a blue dumpster full of garbage. Chainz quickly made his way over to the garbage and picked up the dumpster and opened his mouth and consumed all of the garbage in the dumpster. If someone was to look in the dumpster, it would seem like there was never any trash in there to begin with. Chainz then laid down into a corner and fell asleep...

"Wake up Kamikatsu-san!!" yelled the teacher as he tossed a textbook at Ishimaru's head.

"Just because you are the Captain of the Soccer Team, does not mean you can go to sleep whenever you feel like it!"

Ishimaru then heard laughter all around him. Ishimaru just scoffed it off and stared at the board. Other than Seiku and his mother he did not really care too much about anybody. His father was a Proffesional soccer player who according to his mother, died in a car accident about three weeks before Ishimaru was born. To much of Ishimaru's relief the lunch bell rang.

As Ishimaru was walking to his locker, Seiku caught up with him.

"So...what you got for lunch Ishi-kun?" asked Seiku

"Well I think it's-- damn it, I forgot my lunch again!"

"Seiku-kun, what did you bring for lunch?" he asked

"I--uh forgot too, that's why I was asking you." Seiku said with a sheepish grin on his face.

Ishimaru looked into his wallet and said to Seiku, "Ok, grab your shoes, we are going to have to go grab something!"

After they slipped their shoes on, the boys snuck off to the front gate, and when nobody was looking they took a running start and lept to the middle of the gate, then they frontflipped of of the middle bar and were over the gate. Ishimaru and Seiku took off running, they ran unusually fast and suddenly came to a halt. They looked around and saw a McDonald's. After quickly ordering a bag of Double Cheeseburgers and a couple of drinks, the boys decided to eat at a nearby booth, and began to relax. Meanwhile, across the street from McDonald's there was an alley were a certain someone was staying....

Chainz yawned as he woke up. He looked around and stood up, only to be met by a small stone. He quickly turned around and saw four punks standing in front of him. They then stepped aside and saw what appeared to be their leader. He had slick brown hair and black sunglasses, he was also wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and some white running shoes and an orange book was in his hand. By his side, was a kid who like Chainz, was about 3 feet 4 inches tall, and had bright orange hair and eyes. He wore a black t-shirt and orange shorts.

"What are you doing in my alley, punk?" he asked

"I don't think it's yours." said CHainz

"Are you calling me a liar?!" asked the Punk

"Well, I guess I am." said Chainz

This pushed the punk over the edge. The kid right next to him said, "Kenji...use the book."

"Oh yeah, that's right." said Kenji