Sorry this is so late! We've had trouble with our phone line lately and even when that was fixed we still couldn't access our internet! Go figure! Different companies too!!! Anyway, since it's fixed itself, the first thing I did was come here a post this. Hope that might make up for it a little bit :)

Drabble Challenge: LIGHT

A/N – My first ever Drabble Challenge! Yay me! I'll tell you now, keeping it to 100 words is not as easy and you might expect, especially for me who, well, writes and writes and writes and writes and writes and… oh yeah, enjoy!


Dean lifted Sam into his arms, holding his little brother tightly to his chest. Sam wasn't moving, his eyes barely open, his breathing was harsh and ragged.

Trying to still his own racing heart, Dean carried Sam from the cave. He heard a harsh intake of breath, wincing as Sam buried his face in Dean's neck.

"What's wrong, Sammy?"

Sam whimpered a little before he answered.

"The light… hurts..."

Dean closed his eyes, the pain of what his brother had been through threatened to overwhelm him. Letting Sam seek what comfort he could from him, he headed for the car.


Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think – but remember, this is my first drabble so be gentle!