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The day started out like any other, after too little sleep I fought to drag myself out of bed and to the hospital for another day. I was now Dr. Isabella Swan, after working my ass off to get through premed as quickly as possible at Northwestern University in Chicago and then jumping feet first into the medical program there, here I was…twenty three years old and a doctor.

I had whined and complained as I got dressed and walked through the big glass doors to discover my fate for the day. I was a first year intern and we always got stuck with the crappiest of jobs. One of my least favorite rotations was the ER because I spent the entire shift on edge worrying that at any minute they would drag one of my boys in after being injured on the job. I loved my boys, but their job with the police department scared me shitless.

Today however I ended up with my absolute least favorite job here. The ER was overflowing with cases so much so that they couldn't sort out who was who. On days like this, one unlucky intern is chosen to do triage in the waiting room. That job contains two things, figuring out who is in bad enough shape to actually need an ER and not an urgent care center or trip to a regular doctor's office, and being screamed at for informing those not critical enough to stay that they need to make the six block trek to the urgent care center down the street or else wait all day until the more critical cases of the day were taken care of.

So there I was, up to my elbows in screaming people who wanted to end my life, but never suspecting one would really try. I mean hospitals are supposed to be safe. They are places of refuge, places where you go when you are hurt to be healed…you never suspect anything else bad to happen…but some days life throws you a curve ball and today was my day.

As I sat against the wall watching the raving lunatic wave his gun back and forth in front of me threatening me and all of the poor innocent patients in the waiting room with me I could only think of a few things in the haze of my fear. First of all, I needed to get these poor people, especially the more critical patients, out of here. Secondly, I needed to calm this man who was obviously shoved over the edge of rational thought down and get him to trust me. Finally, he better duck his head and hide once my boys are called because once they find out that I'm in here, they're going to be out for blood, or more accurately the cleanest headshot possible, because when you're the little sister figure to a whole squad of SWAT officers, you know that the cavalry is always on the verge of breaking down the door to save you.