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Epilogue: Fifteen Years Later

I grabbed a blanket and hastily slid open the back door leading to the deck to yell out over the pasture at the retreating figures in the distance, my one year old daughter still perched on my hip under the blanket. I shivered as the freezing cold blasted me. I worried Lyssie would get a cold, but that would be far better than the possible alternative.

"Charlie! Masen!" I yelled out toward the four bundled forms walking away from the house toward the back of the property.

I cleared my throat and yelled louder. "Masen Charles Cullen and Charles Aaron Swan, you listen to me right now!"

At the sound of my voice the four boys turned to look my way, shoulders hunched against the biting wind.

"Do not take those boys out on the pond. It looks frozen over, but it hasn't really been all that cold until today. We have no idea how thick the ice really is. It could be dangerous, so no ice trekking, skating, fishing, or any other activity that would put you boys on the ice!"

Charlie nodded and shot me a thumbs up as my son turned his back and kept going. "Mase, I mean it. Anybody goes out on that ice; I am holding the two of you personally responsible!"

He turned and nodded curtly. I could tell he was annoyed, but I didn't care. I rushed back in, sliding the door closed behind me and cuddling Elyssa closer, watching them retreat further from the back of the house. Truth of the matter was, Andy and Andrea's son, Tony, was the oldest, but my son and my nephew ringing in at nine and ten years old respectively were the undisputed leaders of any mischief that would take place at any gathering. Alice and Jasper's middle child, Brandon, would just quietly tag along and try to stay out of trouble if he could, it was just his personality.

I turned around to see Andrea, Alice, and Rose smirking at me as they helped our younger ones play Candyland. My two youngest sons, Riley and Ethan were arguing over whether or not Ethan really had to go back to Mr. Mint's candy cane square when he drew his card. My two youngest boys were six and four, but you could almost swear that they were twins, both looking like miniature Edwards from their perfect bone structure to the same bronze hair and green eyes. The only way to really tell them apart was that Ethan, of course, was a wee bit shorter and preferred wearing green while all I could ever get Riley to wear was red and black. They continued to yell in each other's faces while their three year old baby cousin Brooklyn, Alice and Jasper's youngest, and my nephew Cameron, who was seven and the calmest of the Swan brood, watched on warily.

Finally, growing sick of the yelling, I stepped between them, directing them both to sit down.

"Either the two of you stop yelling, or you can both go sit on the naughty step while Cam and Brookie play without you."

They both shut up right away, plopping in their respective chairs, each with arms crossed and identical pouts on their faces. Most days I swore up and down that the only reason that they didn't get along was because they were just too much alike.

"And for the record, yes, Ethan, you have to go back to the Mr. Mint's square if you draw his card. Sorry, sweetie."

I ruffled his hair as he huffed, moving out from under my hand. I sighed knowing he would come and hug me later, telling me he was sorry for being mean, but for now, he was too angry at the world to accept my affection.

I set Elyssa down in the playpen to go check on the turkey, dressing and the other items cooking in preparation for our Christmas dinner. It was a tradition that every year we would all congregate at our house in Joliet for Christmas festivities since it was bigger and allowed us to spread out.

I heard a yell from the basement, as the guys' team obviously made a good play, which was met in response with the music volume from Hailey's room getting slightly louder to drown out the interruption.

Our eldest girls were all either officially teenagers or getting very close to it. Emma was now a quickly developing, drop dead gorgeous, fifteen year old replica of her mom, much to Emmett's chagrin. It had been just over a year now that the boys started calling and showing up at their front door and Emmett was already a mess over it. I think he probably aged five years' worth of maturity in just the last year alone.

Andy and Andrea were the next to jump on the baby train, getting pregnant right around the time of our wedding. Aleah turned 14 last May. She and Emma were best friends and completely inseparable these days.

Alice and Jasper's first born, Bree, turned 11 two weeks ago. She was an adorable little sprite just like her mom except with Jasper's flaxen locks. She had a really sweet and compassionate heart like her Dad, and truth be told, was the one that had me wrapped around her little finger. Wonder where she got that from?

And last, but definitely not least, our beautiful little Hailey who just turned twelve back in July. Edward and I managed to keep our timeframe for having children, but just barely. I had stopped taking the Depo shot just as I was starting my last year of residency in an attempt to let it get completely out of my system by the time I was finished. In the meantime, we were using condoms to protect it from happening too soon, but by some form of contraceptive malfunction, I found myself pregnant just a couple of months into my residency.

I was terrified while Edward was absolutely ecstatic. I swear he acted like every day was Christmas. He kept saying over and over that the timing was perfect. After the first year and a half of struggling, the training center took off, quickly gaining nationwide attention. Once the attention began to grow, they had more applicants than they had days of the year to squeeze them all in. In the year that followed, the facility had become entirely self-sufficient paying its own bills, payroll, taxes, fees, and managed to pay half of the initial startup cost back to Edward's trust. Professionally, it seemed to be nearly perfect timing.

The last year of residency is exhausting anyway, but adding the constant strain on your energy and body of pregnancy made it a painful uphill battle, but I pushed through. I worked the floor through morning sickness, swollen ankles, aching backs, and Braxton Hicks contractions. As luck would have it, I went into labor at midnight on the day that I had finished my residency. Hailey Renee Cullen, or Hailes, as Emmett dubbed her because he loves to call her Hailes Bells, was born at 8:21 am on July 31st looking like a miniature me with jet black hair, only gaining her Daddy's green eyes and long fingers.

I grabbed Edward's hand tighter this time as another contraction gripped me, rippling through my entire body. Even my toes felt like they ached from the spasm. I let out a wail when the contraction hit its peak, Edward whispering words of encouragement in my ear the entire time.

"Bella, you can do this, baby. Just hold on a little bit longer. The doctor is coming and then we can have our beautiful baby girl. She's going to be perfect you know, just like you."

I melted against his side, the exhaustion of my eight hours of labor were starting to get to me and I shook my head.

"I can't, Edward! I just can't! It hurts too much. Why isn't the epidural working? I can feel everything!" I sobbed.

Just then the doctor came in at the same moment that the next wave of pain gripped me. I bowed forward, screaming; I felt a joint pop slightly in Edward's hand from the pressure I was exerting. He didn't even make a whimper.

The doctor examined me and looked up with a smile. "This is it, Bella. It's time to push."

I cried again. "I can't, doc, really. I can't."

He smiled up at me. "You've made it this far, Bella. Now all the baby needs is for you to push her out. If you don't then it could put her in danger. You need to get her out, honey. Okay?"

I sobbed, but nodded my head. The nurse helped me sit up, directing Edward to support my back and encourage me to hold my breath and push down like I'm trying to have a bowel movement.

Edward held me close, whispering that I could do this and he was with me. When the next contraction hit, the doctor told me to push. I took a deep breath and tried not to scream as I pushed hard with my muscles.

I had hoped it would be like the movies, three pushes and she'd be out, but I was a doctor and already knew the reality would not be nearly as simple as a rule. I was right. Ten minutes of pushing later, I was so exhausted I could barely hold my head up. It just wasn't working. Everyone kept encouraging me, but I just had no energy left to do it. My body hurt so bad it had now completely given up.

I rested back against the bed, Edward leaned over me, rubbing my forehead with a cool wet cloth. He looked me deeply in my eyes with so much love that I wanted to cry again.

"Bella, my love, you can do this. I know you can. I believe in you. Come on baby. You can do this for our little girl."

I nodded, knowing I couldn't give up. He helped me sit back up and with the next contraction, I pushed with all the strength, love, and hope I had left in my body. Everyone started cheering as they a large portion of the pressure released suddenly and the doctor announced that the head was out and told me not to push.

"What do you mean don't push? I have to push, my body is making me!" Now that the head was out it was like my muscles were working without me.

"Just hold on, we have to help her shoulders get past and then you can push again."

Edward looked down between my legs and gasped. "Oh my God, Bella! That's amazing! I can see her face...she's adorable. A bit messy, but adorable..and she has a ton of black hair!"

I cried with joy and also with pain as my body protested the delay. A few seconds that felt more like an eternity later, the doctor told me to push again, and within an instant she was out.

Edward kissed my head thanking me as the doctor cleaned her a little and then set her on my chest. We both cried, watching her squirm on my chest, releasing tiny cries before opening her big eyes and staring up at us.

From the second she released her first cry, Edward was her willing servant. He adored that little girl more than anything. From the beginning, she was a Daddy's girl. They shared a few passions, not the least of which included music, which was why she had a music collection that was the envy of all of her friends.

When the noise level battle between the girl's bands and the football game continued to escalate, I decided I couldn't take it any longer. I walked down the hall, tapping loudly on Hailey's door before opening it. The girls all looked up surprised for a second before turning back to painting their nails and gossiping. Thankfully the older two took the younger two under their wings and included them, instead of ignoring them like some might do.

"Ladies, this is way too loud. I'm going downstairs to ask the guys to keep it down, but I want you to turn this down first. No more noise wars or it goes off for good. Got it?"

"Yeah, Mom," Hailey smiled at me while affixing some kind of jewel thing to her toenails with super glue.

"Dinner will be ready in a couple of hours, so be prepared."

"Okay, Aunt Bella," the others chimed, sending me their smiles that worried me because they seemed a little too angelic.

I opened the basement door, instantly hit with the blaring sound of the game piping through the home theater speakers in Edward's cave. I walked straight to the sound system on the wall, turning the knob to lower the volume earning a group "HEY!" before they turned around to see me glaring at them, my hands on my hips.

"This is way too loud, boys. I already have a house full of children to keep under control, I do not need to have to monitor you four while I'm at it. I made the girls turn down the music. No more noise wars or I'm unplugging the cable!"

Edward smirked up at me while the others looked worried. Edward knew I was more bark than bite, but the others weren't as sure.

"By the way, the boys bundled up and took off for the back of the property. I told them to stay off the pond, but I'm still kind of worried. Don't guess you guys would want to go out and have a snowball fight with them or something to help keep them out of trouble?"

"But the game?" Emmett whined pointing at the TV.

"Can be easily recorded on the TiVO and watched later. Meanwhile, our sons will only stay out of trouble so long without adult supervision when you put Charlie and Mase together."

They all nodded in understanding before standing up and stretching. Emmett pouted at the TV. "But it's not the same when it's not live."

I chuckled, "Think of it this way Em, you can rewind and watch the plays however often you want to if it's recorded when you watch it. I'll even save it for a few days if it's really awesome."

He huffed and pouted but begrudgingly followed the other guys upstairs.

I looked around with a sigh. I really missed Esme and Carlisle this year. Usually they helped me keep the masses under control at family get togethers, but this year they had taken a trip to Europe as an anniversary present to one another. Now that they were retired, they both enjoyed spending long stretches on vacation, having seen the better part of the globe in the past ten years.

They both stayed in the city up until Hailey was born, but once their first real grandbaby graced the earth, they couldn't resist any longer. They both retired and built their own retirement haven not too far away from our home. Our children were completely in love with them…their Nana and Papa.

I walked back upstairs to check the food again, taking some time to change Elyssa's diaper and put her in her pretty Christmas dress for the rest of the evening. I had a smock to put on her during the meal, so hopefully, with a smidgen of luck, it would manage to stay halfway clean until presents and pictures after dinner.

We giggled together as I tickled her tummy and slid tights over her legs. Elyssa was our totally unique baby. She really didn't look like either one of us with blue eyes and blonde hair that fell into two perfect spiral curls in front of both of her ears but nowhere else. There were times where I would see a flash of Mom's smile or Dad's grimace. Occasionally I would hear Elizabeth's giggle or Emmett's belly laugh, but that was where the resemblances ended. She was most definitely her own little person. I finished pulling on her crushed red velvet dress, sliding a headband on her head and tiny black patent leather Mary Janes on her feet. She looked like a perfect little china doll.

I played with her a little more, letting her shut off the light on the way out of the room. I could hear the young ones giggling in the living room as I made my way back toward the rest of our guests.

I was just stepping back in the living room when Edward and Emmett burst through the doors carrying a soaked and shivering Masen. The rest of the guys all rushed in behind them, worried expressions on their faces.

My heart nearly stopped and the world slowed to a crawl. I hurriedly handed Elyssa off to Alice before rushing up to Edward as he laid our son on the floor. I took a quick look at Masen's eyes and noticing his lips beginning to turn cyanotic already from the cold, but thankfully he was breathing, all be it shakily. He shivered on the floor, his teeth chattering loudly.

I immediately began tugging off Masen's wet, heavy outer garments, trying to piece together how much exposure he had to the icy water.

"What happened?"

"Pond," Edward replied nervously.

I growled wanting to know something I hadn't already figured out, "Was he in the water for long?"

"No," Edward whispered while breathing heavily. "Just as we reached the boys I saw him walking out onto the ice. I yelled out for him to come back and he turned to look at me at the same second that the ice gave way. He wasn't very far out, so he went under from surprise, but was only about chest high when he stood up. I helped him out and carried him in right away."

Adrenaline surged in my veins as I began barking out directions. After finishing my residency, I began working three to four days a week at the free clinic, but I didn't run into many emergency cases on any kind of regular basis. Suddenly, I was wishing I was more accustomed to the fast pace world of trauma so I would be more prepared to deal with this, although nothing could probably ever prepare you for your child being injured.

I sent Rose off to start a lukewarm bath while gesturing for Edward to pick up our son, pushing him toward Mase's room where we stripped him down the rest of the way so that all he was left in was his underwear. I wrapped him in a blanket, rubbing his arms and legs vigorously while we waited to hear that the bath was ready. I kept Mase talking to me the whole time.

When Rose said the word, Edward and I rushed him into the bathtub, slowly lowering him into the water as he hissed. Even at the lukewarm temperature, the water was going to be a bit of a shock to his system.

Hailey stood paralyzed in the doorway when I asked the rest of the adults to take the kids in the other room and check the food while Edward and I sat in the bathroom with Masen. We held hands to comfort one another, slowly adding more warm water as he grew accustomed to the temperature.

Once his lips started to pink back up, I sighed in relief. It was then that the anger started bubbling to the surface.

"Masen Charles Cullen, why? Why did you go out on the pond when I told you it could be dangerous? You scared me so much, sweetheart," My voice cracked at the end as I ran a hand through his hair. "Why did you do it?"

"I..I ddon't know, Mmmom," he stuttered, a shiver still remaining in his voice although his body temperature appeared to be stabilizing. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes. "I'm so ssssorry, Mom."

I hugged his shoulders, not caring in the least that he was getting me wet. While Hailey was a Daddy's girl, Masen was all about Mommy from the beginning. He was so sweet and caring, melting my heart every time he pouted at me with those big doe eyes. He ended up with Edward's hair and my eyes. The only one of our children, ironically enough, who ended up with my eye color.

I was the one Masen always confided in and looked to for guidance until about a year ago when Charlie started teasing him for being a Mama's boy. Ever since then, he started pulling away from me and creating more mischief than usual. It hurt my feelings and made me worry, but I tried not to take it personally. No boy wanted to be labeled a Mama's boy. All I could hope was that someday he would learn that talking to me and confiding in me didn't hurt his masculinity.

"Baby, I wish you would stop taking so many risks like this just to show off for Charlie. That's what happened wasn't it? Charlie dared you or teased you and so you did it to impress him?"

My precious son nodded sadly, ducking his head in shame. I sniffled, wiping at my eyes. Edward shifted beside me, leaning over the edge of the tub and putting a hand on our oldest son's shoulder.

"Mase, you've got to learn not to let the peer pressure get to you. Your Mom told you not to go on the ice to be safe, not to be mean. You have a stronger character than this, son. Don't go along with the crowd. Stand apart and be your own man. Make your own decisions, because in the end you are the one who has to live with them, not the person who talks you into doing something."

Masen watched Edward's eyes intently as he talked, soaking up Edward's words of wisdom. Mase loved his dad very much, and he had bonded much more with him in the last couple of years since pulling away from me. I guess both of our eldest children were just reaching that age where they needed to relate to the parent they were most like, because I had noticed Hailey seemed to be coming to me a bit more for things lately as well.

Once we were satisfied that Masen was safe, Edward and I left the room to give him privacy in order to finish bathing and get dressed. He would join us in the dining room for dinner soon.

Once the door closed, I leaned into Edward's chest, sobs racking my body violently. Edward held me close, rubbing my back comfortingly.

"Oh my God, Edward! What if you hadn't been there? What if he had made it further out before the ice broke! Oh God, we could have lost our little boy!"

Edward's arms tightened around me as he rubbed circles in my back. "I know, baby. I don't think I have been that scared since that day in the ER. God that was terrifying!"

We held each other in the hallway, drawing comfort from one another. Even after all of these years, nearly a decade and a half of marriage, he was still my rock and my strength.

I leaned back, looking up into his tired green eyes. The years had been very kind to his now 43 year old self. He was still handsome as ever, a few scattered stray grays in his bronze mane and a few smile lines around his eyes and mouth were the only things to give away the fact that any time had passed at all.

If only time had been so kind to me...after five kids, my hips were quite a bit wider than they once were. On the plus side, my boobs grew with each child as well...something Edward was quite happy about. I took to dying my hair a couple of years back when the grays began to stand out in my dark head of hair. Edward still claimed I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, to which I always chuckled and made some sort of remark about love being blind.

I lifted my hand to wipe the stray tear that escaped from Edward's eye. I cupped his cheeks in my hands as I tipped forward to kiss his lips gently. "I love you, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. You are an incredible father and the best husband any woman could ever have. Thank you for keeping us all safe and cared for."

He moved his hands to cover mine, holding them between us before raising them to kiss each knuckle. "Thank you for being a wonderful wife and amazing mother. I don't know what I would ever do without you."

We held one another a few more minutes, before the sound of Masen's door opening brought us back to the present. We hugged him between us, walking toward the living room where everyone sat waiting.

The kids all jumped up, sprinting to hug Mase, followed by his aunts and uncles. Charlie sheepishly walked up to us, apologizing for daring Masen to go out on the pond. It was obvious he had gotten quite the tongue lashing from his parents while we were at Masen's side. We accepted his apology, warning them both once more that there were reasons that parents said the things that they did, and they were lucky things hadn't turned out worse. They both nodded with their heads down, looking properly remorseful.

We all settled down for a nice Christmas dinner. We worked together to clean up while the kids happily played Santa, sorting the gobs of presents into piles for each recipient.

When the work was done, we took a moment to take our traditional Christmas pictures. We always took a group shot of the kids, a group shot of the adults, and each individual family.

Sitting in the living room and laughing happily we watched the kids take turns opening their presents and once they were all opened, the kids disappeared to play with the new bounty as I took Elyssa up to tuck her in for the night.

I quietly sang Christmas songs as I tugged off her pretty dress that stayed mostly clean during supper, slipping her into a soft footy sleeper. I swayed side to side with her in front of her crib, humming Brahm's Lullaby, a tradition I did with each of my babies when it was bedtime. She whined quietly, shifting against my chest, burying her face in my neck before turning away and resting her cheek on my shoulder and then turning back to my neck again. I quietly laid her in the crib, telling her good night and turning on the musical aquarium attached to the crib bars. She fussed lightly when I walked away, closing the door all but a crack to help reduce the noise coming in and yet still provide her with the sense that we were nearby.

I checked on the kids playing in the basement as I passed the doorway before going back to the living room to join the couples. Alice had taken Brookie and tucked her into Ethan's bed while I was busy putting Elyssa down. The older ones would play happily all night in the basement if we let them, so we were finally left with some peace and quiet.

We all sat around joking and talking, sipping hot apple cider and coffee while taking our time opening our presents. We didn't get very many opportunities to sit around as adults and simply talk anymore. Life was too hectic and typically there was always at least one kid running around and interrupting our discussions. Every year we relished these few quiet hours in the dim light of our living room together.

As eleven o'clock quickly approached, everyone began to say goodnight, loading up their cars and forcing their kids to bundle up and ushering them out to their minivans and SUV's. We were officially soccer parents of the highest order now.

Once we waved the last car off, Edward and I went down to usher our kids into their rooms. Hailey had recently outgrown the desire to read with us before bedtime, so we simply hugged and kissed her, wishing her sweet dreams as she closed the door to her room.

We had also started doing separate routines with our boys. Riley and Ethan's tastes were still quite similar, while Masen wanted to read more action based books that riled the young ones up instead of settling them for bed, so Edward and I had concoct a divide and conquer strategy. Every night, Edward would read with Masen while I would take the younger two, occasionally switching just so all the boys could have their daddy at bedtime for stories, but as a rule, we split that way. Once stories were done, we would all congregate in one of the rooms together and say our bedtime prayers, each taking a turn before tucking the young ones into bed with hugs and kisses. Once we had them settled, we would go down and say one last goodnight to Mase, hugging him if he was in the mood before shutting off the light.

It made me sad that soon Mase would outgrow our traditions just like Hailey had, so I treasured our time while we still had it.

Once all the kids were safely tucked away, Edward and I walked around the rooms tidying up a bit before cuddling with cider in front of the fireplace. We made a point at least once a week to take some us time, and every Christmas we made a special effort in memory of the day he asked me to marry him.

I looked up at the mantle above the fireplace to see the silver collage frame full of pictures of the two of us throughout the early years before we realized the feelings we had for one another. The very last place on the frame now held a picture of Edward and I on our wedding day. Edward drew a heart in the sand, writing Mr. and Mrs./Dr. Cullen inside. He splayed a blanket above it for us to sit on, which we curled up on, posing and kissing for the photographer. The picture we chose to fill the space was one of us staring into one another's eyes, the emotions of the day written all over our face.

Of course, there were other wedding pictures taken that day that were displayed throughout our house, but that one was my absolute favorite. I looked at the rest of the frames splayed out across the mantle and across the wall of our children at various ages. Alongside the pictures of our beautiful kids sat the picture of my parents with Em and I at Disney World inside the Mickey Ears frame, as well as Edward's photo of Edward Sr. and Elizabeth when they were young. The angel still stood sentinel between them just as it had in our apartment in the city.

Edward wrapped his arms around me, brushing his fingers lightly over my arm and hand as we relaxed before he lifted my right hand, sliding a ring onto my middle finger, next to the Claddagh I still wore religiously right along with my wedding set. I looked at my new piece of jewelry and smiled when I saw the colorful array of jewels on the band that represented each of our little angels.

Edward turned me to face him, bringing my hand to his lips to kiss lightly. "I'll love you forever, my Bella. You're more than a mom, a wife, a lover, and a best friend to me...you are the part of me that makes me whole. All of this would fall apart without you. No matter what happens, just know I will love you till the end of my days."

I smiled at him, tears blurring my field of vision slightly as I cupped his cheek. "I feel the same way, Edward. I love you more today than the day I married you."

Edward grasped my hips, pulling me closer. His lips claimed mine in a passionate kiss, his hands moving to gently caress the flesh under the edge of my top. I moaned into his mouth, adjusting my legs to straddle his waist, feeling his desire for me even after all of these years and all of the changes my body had gone through after giving birth five separate times.

He moaned as we moved together on the couch and suddenly I remembered where we were and who might walk in if we didn't have a change of scenery. I pulled away with a smirk.

"Mr. Cullen, I think it's time for a change in venue...don't you say?"

He smiled that ridiculously erotic crooked grin at me before standing up, holding me up by my butt as he carried me toward our bedroom. I giggled, wrapping my legs around his waist and we disappeared into our room to remind one another once again that we really were two parts of a whole, meant to be united in every conceivable way.

Author's note:

For clarification sake, here is the breakdown of the kids by parents and ages:

Emmett and Rosalie

Emmalie Isabella Swan (15)

Charles Aaron Swan (Charlie) (10)

Cameron Mitchell Swan (7)

Edward and Bella

Hailey Renee Cullen (12)

Masen Charles Cullen (9)

Riley Christopher Cullen (6)

Ethan Isaiah Cullen (4)

Elyssa Grace Cullen (1)

Aliceand Jasper

Brianna Michelle Whitlock (11)

Brandon Michael Whitlock (9)

Brooklyn Jade Whitlock (3)

Andy and Andrea

Aleah Grace Markowitz (14)

Anthony Nathaniel Markowitz (11)

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