Title: A Shreveport Mystery

Author: enchanted nightingale

Crossover: Harry Potter/ Southern Vampire Mysteries

Summary: Harry was tired of all the attention he got in Europe and decided to hide. What better place to do that than Shreveport, Lousiana? He had not counted Vampires in the deal and especially Eric Northman.

Pairs: Harry Potter/ Eric Northman, Bill Compton/ Sookie Stackhouse

Disclaimer: The characters from 'Harry Potter' books and 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' do not belong to me, but to their respective authors. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Lyrics Disclaimer: The song Harry is dancing to is the theme from the TV series "True Blood" and it is 'Bad Things' by Jace Everett. I only use it in a whim of mine.

IMPORTANT Author's Note:

This story will have SLASH between male characters (Eric and Harry) but some fem slash as well (Pam and someone I have yet to decide), so do not read if you don't like it.

Also, I know Eric is the epitome of masculinity and all, but he is a vampire. He must have experimented a bit in his long life. So I will not have Eric obsessed/in love with Sookie but that doesn't mean he won't like her, just that his intrigue will move on to Harry.

As for the Harry Potter universe, Voldemort was defeated, the Malfoys and a few others were with the good guys. I will throw in references in my story.

Chapter 1: New in Town


Eric Northman was bored.

He sat on his thrown, like a king of the old days that suddenly turned up in modern times, dressed in black leather from head to toe, his new Blackberry discarded on the floor. He had texted away for two hours but even that was not enough to change his mood.

The usual crowd in Fangtasia consisted of his vampire employees and visitors, fangbangers and the new trend of tourists had become part of the club's décor. He briefly toyed with the idea of changing it. He liked red and black but it was overdone. He loved this club but it needed a new air in here. He considered letting the task solely on Pam, but the female Vampire was likely to go overboard and he could end up with the monstrosity.

'Perhaps I should put an ad for a decorator or ask around', he thought.

Still the last thing he wanted was a human's help. Thinking of humans reminded him of the most intriguing reunion he had in a century, that of Bill Compton and his new project. The visit from Bill and his little human had been memorable and a new headache for him. He did like excitement and very few things did that for him after a millennium and so, but he was also fond off his calm and Bill's human was more trouble than he cared for, no matter how interesting was that 'gift' of hers.

Pam, his Childe, approached him. She was dressed in tight, leather, black dress that evening and high boots, all that was missing was a whip. She gathered several looks both from males and females and he knew she liked it; there was not one Vampire that was not vain. She seemed to sense he was bored, bothering on irritated.

"Slow night?" she asked.

"It seems so," he replied.

"Shall I fetch a little morsel for you? I saw a pretty one a while ago."

Eric knew she had already chosen the girl for her own and to tell the truth he was not that hungry.

"No need," he told her. "Yet."

She gave him a smile. It was odd seeing him in such a mood; she really wanted him maker happy. Eric had given her a new life centuries ago and no matter what she did, she could never fully repay him. Catering to his whims was the least she could do.

Then the door to the bar opened and a wonderful smell reached them. Almost every Vampire in the room turned to look.

Eric sat straight on his throne. Pam straightened on her feet.

A young human male entered. He was dressed in expensive jeans and leather jacket. He also smelled divine. The only other time Eric had smelled something similar was when he came across a Faery; it had been a short but delightful meeting.

"Well, the night just got interesting," Pam drawled.

Eric smirked, his thought mirroring her words. "Indeed."

Willow's End:

That night Harry Potter was aiming to get drunk. It was not a habit he indulged in often, but the last couple of years had been particularly draining for him, emotionally and mentally. So much had changed, practically overnight, and the green eyed wizard had few opportunities to forget who he was and what he was supposed to be doing. Danger still followed him closely, even after all these years, despite the fact that the war was over. He needed to be alert and ready so he usually never passed on a chance like the one he was having that evening.

When the vampires had decided to expose themselves to the world, the world wide magical community was sweating. The timing could not have been worse for them. Britain was still recovering from Voldemort's dark age of terror and they were much calmer than the rest of the world. Kingsley Shacklebot, the British Minister for Magic, tried to convince the muggle Ministry that prosecuting the Vampires would just not do well, but the public and the mobs decided for the authorities. The only thing the wizards could do was help the Vampires of Britain with 'Notice-me-not-Charms' and muggle repelling zones were their kind was gathered the most. Also since the laws had changed thanks to Hermione (younger Under Secretary of the Century), Vampires, Werewolves and other magical species were now able to be employed in the confines of the magical community and not risk their luck with muggles. Still, few of them acted idiotically once in a while and ended up killed by the muggle mobs.

Harry had been more prepared than most people as Saguini, with whom after the war he slept with on and off for months, told him in advance. Harry had laughed all night when he heard that. Hedwig was up all night delivering letters for him. Harry's vampire lover had told him how the vampires planned to 'come out of the coffin', as he had drawled. He had also informed the Savior about the synthetic blood the Japanese produced, 'True Blood' or something like that. The magical Vampire had scoffed at the product, declaring it hopeless and absolutely dreadful and how he pitied those without access to Blood Potions and the various blood related foods and drink that wizards had available for Vampires and all other races that consumed blood. Harry knew what Saguini meant as he had acquired a taste for blood flavored lollipops, a fact that seemed funny to the Vampire.

Harry also found it as an opportunity to expand his interest on blood flavored products, which led to a thriving business. He opened a bakery/restaurant/coffee shop/bar (depending of the hour) in Diaghon Alley that specialized in confections with blood. Harry had recruited/ cajoled Saguini as the main tester in the beginning. He had also started a collaboration with Severus Snape, who after the war had given his teaching position as Hogwarts' Potion Master to Draco Malfoy ("I am not putting up with the brats for another year!"), and now did what he wanted most, act as a free lance Potions Mater. The man joined Harry, after lengthy talks, as a permanent potion supplier and the sourly wizard earned quite a lot of gold from that.

It was an instant success. Harry's next move was to open another shop in Hogsmead and Crimson Alley (the hot spot of the Vampire community in London). After a year Harry had decided to expand to France. Gabrielle Delacour was the manager of five of his shops in the neighboring country, with Germany and Russia following in the next year.

This business moves though caused a rather unwanted reaction for Harry. The famous wizard with the Potter and Black fortune he had to his name, followed by the reward for killing Voldemort, owning a third of 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes', and being the sole owner of those nifty chains mentioned before -or as the firm became known as 'Bloody Potter' (Draco's idea of a joke that had been voted by his best friends and family as a perfect name that had the green eyed wizard throw a tantrum)- Harry James Potter was the most eligible bachelor wizard in Europe according to Gringotts, the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and every witch (and wizard) in Britain. Ginny had teased him for days that had she not been pregnant she would dose him with Amortencia. Harry had ordered Ginny Longbottom to kindly shut up.

Still, it did not change the fact that the climate in Britain and Europe in general was not for him.

After months of travelling the world looking for the quieter and more reclusive place he had settled for a city called Shreveport in Louisiana, in the United States. It had an ocean separating him from Britain and he would be surrounded muggles everywhere so there was no chance of anyone recognizing him. Harry easily bought a sizable portion of land with a small forest in his back yard and access to a lake. The house was a Victorian two storey house, with an attic, a cellar and stables. It had been in a bad shape, but nothing his magic and Dobby could not fix. He repaired the wooden floors, 'Vampire Proofed' the house with special charms and Wards to keep visitors from getting harmed and anyone from getting in. It decorated to his with dark woods, heavy furniture, light colored tapestries and no annoying portraits or mirrors, though he had a few photos framed. He had floo access, a library, a potions lab and a small garden with magical herbs. And he had Dobby tend to his houses in Britain for the sake of his sanity.

After a month of tending to the house, avoiding the nosey members of the local town that came to greet him in his house, belying the rumors that he was a Vampire and catching up on some sleep, he decided to head to the town only to regret it immediately.

Shreveport was not a small town by any means, but he lived away from down town, in a smaller community. His expensive car gathered a lot less stares than he did and that said a lot. One particular day after he bought a few things for the house for appearances sake and then decided to have lunch in the local dinner. The waitresses were dressed in identical peach colored dresses, some of them young, others hitting forty. It was more like a bar, and he bet it run like one after dark. He took a seat at the bar, facing the door as best as he could with a wall behind him, the words 'Constant Vigilance' echoing in his mind. It made him smile fondly for a second.

"Welcome to 'Cat's Ranch'! What can I get you?" a tall red head that was not much older than him asked him with a heavy accent. It was almost cute.

"Mm, I'll have a cold beer and a cheese burger," Harry told her.

"Coming right up!"

Harry winced at her bubbly tone. He let it go and tried to look around without being too obvious.

"New in town?" the brown haired, tall man behind the bar came with his beer. To Harry, it looked like he could use a shave any day now.

"Actually yes," the wizard replied.

"Wow, you sound like a Brit," the barman said.

"Born and raised," Harry replied.

"You the new guy?" another asked, an old woman from a table behind him. "I heard that 'Willow's End' was sold."

Harry noted then that all the clients were looking at him. "Yes, I bought the property," he told them dreading what was coming next.

What followed could only be described as an inquisition. The locals wanted to know everything about him.


"I was orphaned as a baby."


"Twenty two."


"Not interested."


"I own a chain of stores back in London."


"A Mercedes Benz jeep parked outside."

That was how the 'talk' went until he was brought his order and they left him to eat.

"I'm Dean," the muggle behind the bar offered. "Sorry about that; we don't get many strangers in the community."

"Harry Black and it was not a problem."

"So, you just came then? Have you been down town yet?"

Harry bit the juicy burger, chewed and swallowed. "Not really."

"Well, night life is pretty good for youngsters like you. Though you ought to be careful, plenty of Vamps around."

Harry swallowed slowly. Were many Vampires were gathered action was around the corner.

"Vampires?" he asked Dean.

"Yeah, Vamps, groupies and tourists. We have the biggest number of those in Louisiana. There's also a bar down at the warehouses, called 'Fangtasia'. Ever been in a vampire bar?"

"Not really," Harry lied.

"Nasty stuff that place. Just last week there was a homeless guy found drained." Dean shook his head and muttered.

Harry tuned him out then. He was morbidly curious what would happen when Werewolves or Veela decided to step out of the proverbial closet. He knew the first race counted somewhere over ten million Werewolves around the world, while Veela only reached half a million, one if you counted half Veela like Fleur and her sister. He almost laughed at the thought of wizards coming out as well, but dismissed it. It was too soon for his people and the last thing they wanted was witch hunts to return.

Still, boredom combined with sexual frustration and the possibilities of a night with a Vampire made Harry want to get drunk.


The wizard got dressed in his favorite pair of black jeans that rode low on his hips. His belt of dragon hide was keeping them from falling lower. Then he wore the shirt Lucius had given him for his birthday last year, a deep emerald, silk shirt that gave his eyes a darker hue, and finally his knee-length coat, bought with the approval of Bill Weasley and Hermione and the reluctant agreement of Ron with his wife. He ruffled his hair a bit and put on a drop of perfume Gabrielle had sent him for his birthday. He finally made sure he had his wand on him, shrugged on his jacket and left the house.


Harry winced at the noise level in the club, it took a while for him to get used to it. Also, he eyed with distaste the various humans that had 'Free Blood and more' all over them. The trend that seemed prevalent in the US was not to his tastes. Sure, he slept with a Vampire or two, gave his blood to Saguini, but he did not whore himself out. He knew for a fact that even Vampires saw such humans with distaste. The business man in him saw that most visitors drank 'True Blood' even though they flirted with humans. He saw a woman graze with her fangs a human's neck, making the man trembled with anticipation. He knew the human was not under glamour yet and should she really bite him, the man would be in pain.

"What can I get you?"

Harry blinked. The bartender was definitely a Vampire and an Indian.

"Scotch," he replied.

He felt a rush of air and he was willing to bet all his gold in Gringotts that a Vampire was beside him.

"Hello, pretty boy, new in town?"

Harry rolled his eyes. He turned and could tell the female Vampire had turned her glamour full on. The wizard strengthened his Occlumency shields.

"Yes, and turn the glamour off, the guy behind me in drooling on the floor." He ignored the affronted female and took the drink the bartender had made him. He seemed to be surprised by his admission. Harry ignored him, sipped the drink and tried to relax. In twenty minutes he had ordered a second drink. The bartender shook his head at him.

"Trying to get drunk kid?"

"That was the idea I had since morning," Harry replied.

"Drunk in a Vampire club?" the Vampire seemed incredulous.

"Concerned about my safety?" the wizard laughed.

"Not particularly. I'm Longshadow."

"Call me Harry."

"What's a British boy like you doing here?" the Vampire asked.

"Mixing business with relaxation."

"You don't seem like those tourists that visit us." It was an observation.

"This is like kid's version," Harry waived his hand around a bit.

"Boss won't like hearing that."

Harry grinned. "If it were an establishment exclusively for Vampires then the only humans in here would be naked and slowly drained till the point of passing out."

Longshadow snorted and then studied him carefully. "You don't look like a fangbanger."

"Thank you," the wizard told him. The Vampire shook his head and Harry knew he was amused.

The green eyed man was left alone as the Vampire went back to his job, leaving Harry to his drink. The wizard had to order two more before he felt himself relax. Muggle scotch was nothing like fire-whiskey and it was hard for him to even get buzzed with muggle liquor.

Then a fifth glass was delivered to him and a female Vampire approached him.

"I'm Pam."

"I'm gay."

She smirked. "Good. Someone else wants to meet you."

Harry considered her words and nodded carefully before taking his drink and following Pam. He had kept to the bar for most of the time so he did not see the male Vampire in front of the dancing stage. To Harry it looked a bit ridiculous and cliché but he was willing to bet he was doing it just to get the attention of everyone with eyes, and attention he deserved. He was tall, blonde, dark and handsome. The wizard could hear the alarm bells ringing in his mind and as usual he ignored them.

From up close he was even more striking.

"Welcome to my establishment," the blonde Vampire greeted. The female joined his side, leaving him standing before them.

"Thank you for the drink," the wizard replied.

"It was a pleasure…"

"Harry Black." Harry improvised on what name he would give.

The Vampire seemed disbelieving but let it slide.

"Eric Northman. You've met Pam."

Harry nodded and made no move to shake hands with them; it was a muggle custom and most supernatural creatures avoided contact with unknown people instinctively; wizards had taken it to a whole other level with special ways to greet people and the like.

"Join me for a drink Mr. Black?" Eric asked of him. He motioned to an empty seat on his right.

"Thank you."

The male Vampire asked Pam for a bottle of synthetic blood. If he was going to spend time in the company of the man with the intoxicating smell he should not feel any hunger or there was a chance he would act improperly and he would rather not.

Harry nursed his scotch and waited for the Vampire to speak. He was not disappointed.

"Are you completely human?" Eric asked.

Harry chuckled. "I do not have creature blood in my veins. My father had an ancestor that was part succubus, but that was ten generations ago so it won't manifest in me."

The Vampire nodded. "You are well versed in the supernatural world."

"My first lover was a Vampire and my godfather is bonded to a werewolf," Harry admitted. At the twitch he saw he smiled. "I know that Vampires and wolves don't get along, but it worked out."

"You are very interesting Mr. Black."

Harry smirked behind his glass.

As the night went on, not much was exchanged between him and Eric. Pam, who in the mean time returned, had quizzed him about places he had been and he had heartily told her about his European tour and his visit to Egypt. He drank a couple of glasses more.

"You know, that can't be healthy," Pam observed.

"I aim to get drunk tonight," Harry told her. "If I actually succeed is another story."

She was about to retort when she lifted her head and stared ahead.

Harry followed her lead. A handsome male had entered Fangtasia and Harry was willing to bet it was a Vampire. He was the opposite of Eric, dark, subdued, and trying to blend in but failing.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Pam muttered.

"Play nice," Eric whispered from the other side.

If it had been anyone else, Harry would have thought that Pam pouted.

"Should I leave?" Harry offered. He had no intention of getting caught up in Vampire politics. Not when he had just managed to get out.

"You are my guest," Eric stated and allowed the other Vampire to approach. "Bill Compton," he spoke blandly, as if he hated saying that name.

"Eric," Bill gritted through his fangs.

"What brings you to my humble abode twice this week? I trust everything is fine with our dear Sookie?"

Harry noticed a hint of fang. Eric's teasing was clearly not appreciated.

"She's fine," Bill almost hissed.

"I really wanted to thank her for what happened the other day," Eric drawled.

Harry thought Eric looked better than Lucius when he did that.

"Leave her out of this," Bill told him.

"Bill, Bill, Bill." Eric stood.

Harry found that the viking was taller than he first thought and rather intimidating. He was also older than this Bill fellow and higher in status. With his fangs showing, Eric looked positively feral.

"I am Sheriff, of Area five. Since the girl has established that she belongs to you, and you fall under me, what is yours can be mine." Eric grinned but it was all fang. "Am I clear?"

"Crystal," Bill's voice deepened and he glared the Viking.

"Good, perhaps you can visit soon then." The suggestion was a blatant order.

"Yes," Bill said through his fangs.

Eric dismissed him then, turning his attention to Harry. Pam escorted Bill out.

"I hope this little incident did not put a dent to our company?"

"Well, it became a little cool," Harry told him. "Actually, I'd like to dance now."

"Dance?" Eric mused. "I could have someone dance with you."

"How about you?" Harry asked.

"I don't dance," the blonde Vampire told him.

"Well, then, choose someone for me; male preferably."

Eric smirked. Pam, having heard them, returned with a young, good looking fangbanger, who was dressed, meaning he wore trousers and boots. Harry found him presentable, even though the man was not to his taste.

"Acceptable?" Eric asked the wizard.

The other man looked put upon that he had to entertain a human, but Pam's glare put him in place.

"We'll see," Harry told Eric as he stood and pulled the man after him with a strength that rivaled that of a Vampire's.

Pam took Harry's seat and leaned closer to her maker.

"Harry looks and smells quite tasty," she spoke.

"He is," Eric replied.

"But?" she asked.

"He's too secretive. He spoke half truths only and what he told us was carefully selected. And our charms won't work on him," Eric reminded her.

Pam glanced at the dancing pair. The tasty mortal was dancing against the man beautifully. He moved sensually to the music and gathered a lot of looks from both dead and alive patrons. She chanced a look at Eric only to see him steadily staring Harry. He did not need a partner to dance with, he could dance on his own, but it seemed he liked the company. Pam knew the young mortal wanted to burn some steam. Chancing a look at her boss, she formed a plan.

Harry hummed as he swayed to the music. That Vampire, Pam, had chosen a cute guy for him to dance with and the wizard was glad to do so.

He moved his hips to the beat.

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.

Harry sang the song as he heard the lyrics.

He was conscious of the body moving behind him.

I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

The wizard felt hands on his hips, guiding him to the rhythm.

Harry slipped from the hold and continued dancing on his own.

I'm the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.

Harry took a look at the male Pam had found for him.

His dancing partner had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He also seemed put out by the fact that Harry was no longer in his hold.

Harry glanced at Pam and saw her smile in a way that he would later learn that did not bode well for him. His eye caught the Eric and he gulped.

Eric's blue eyes looked like frozen steel and they were pinned on him.

I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

Eric absently nodded at Pam when she spoke something to him. His gaze never left Harry, making him self-conscious.

The green eyed man quirked his lips upward.

When you came in the air went out.

Pam cleared her throat.

"Careful," she intoned. "You might scare him if you become too aggressive."

"Mmm, don't you have to go feed?" Eric told her.

"Harry is something…" Pam continued. "I had no trouble finding someone to dance with him."


The Vampiress smirked and threw her hands in the air as if giving up. "I'm going."

And all those shadows there are filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,

Eric eyed how Harry moved with a grace humans did not usually possess. How those green eyes were half closed and his rosy lips mouthed the lyrics.

He was pleased to see that Harry was not shamelessly rubbing against the other man but then again he saw Harr's hips sway and the trousers riding lower on his narrow hips.

Blue eyes were glued to the nice view.

Eric absently noticed that Harry was tanned, probably wore no underwear and…

'Is that a scar?' the Vampire wondered.

I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.
Ow, ooh.

Harry caught Eric's gaze and cocked his head to the side.

Eric stood from his seat and walked down the steps that separated his personal space from the dance floor. He glared hard at the mortal that danced with Harry.

The wizard absently noticed that Longshadow pulled the male away from them both but he did not care to ponder on that as Eric was now standing in front of him. Large, pale hands were placed on narrow hips, merely resting there but not inhibiting Harry's moves in the least.

"I thought you don't dance," Harry spoke, not once had he stopped moving.

"I changed my mind," Eric replied.

And he started moving in sync with Harry.

He then moved his left hand on the man's neck, enjoying how the blood run under the surface.

Harry saw Eric's fangs through his dark smirk.

I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.


"I like you Harry Black," Eric told him.

Harry stayed quiet as the Vampire spoke to him.

"You intrigue me with your eyes, your intoxicating scent, your secrets… Can you handle that?"

End of Chapter

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