Author: enchanted nightingale

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Disclaimer: The characters from 'Harry Potter' books and 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' do not belong to me, but to their respective authors. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Timeline: Book 5 for Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Chapter 26 – Witch Ways, part one

He stared with wide eyes at the scene that greeted him when he returned home from a night at Eric's place. Harry had been apprehensive before he even approached the door and for a very good reason. It was the second week Luna Lovegood was spending at his house, as a very welcome if not slightly surprising house guest. Sam Merlotte was seated on Harry's sofa (thankfully dressed this time) holding up a ball of...

"Is that yarn?" the green-eyed wizard asked, staring at the shimmering cord with no small amount of shock.

The bar owner flushed a bit even as he attempted a shrug. "Luna," he started saying when a feminine voice came from deeper in the house.

"Harry! Where do you keep your Myrrh?" Followed by a loud crash that was definitely coming from the direction of the kitchen.

Harry sighed. "Hunting for Puffy Puffkingsmiths?" he asked in a resigned tone.

"Probably, I just know its name is fuzzy and cute," Sam replied.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the Shifter. "And you have yet to sleep with her? Boy, you must really like her," he commented dryly, making the blond man splutter. He swallowed a smirk at the Shifter's reaction. For a man that was constantly running around naked and daily surrounded by scantily clad waitresses, Sam was surprisingly shy about some things. Also, Harry quite liked teasing any and all prospective would be partners Luna had. She was like a sister to him and he had to fulfil what he felt was his brotherly duty. If she had met someone back home then the Weasley's would be in charge of screening the guy who thought he was good enough for the former Ravenclaw. It helped that Luna was aware of their little habit and she had told Harry a while back that she liked how much they cared for her and that she liked having him look after her. That was all the permission they needed.

Thinking of the blonde witch, Luna chose to appear on that very moment. "Harry, you need a new toaster thingy," she announced in her usual calm way, fingers twirling with her braided hair.

The green-eyed wizard did not even ask why he needed a new toaster, just nodded in resignation. He had experience with exploding devices as well, though he could hazard a guess that this was more a Luna thing than a magic in general thing. "That's fine, Luna," he told her. "Did you at least find what you were looking for? I think I heard you get up at four today."

"Just about yes," Luna agreed.

Sam's pained groan was answer enough but it was covered by Luna's excited chatter.

"Tough up man, it's going to be a wild ride with her," Harry told Sam.

"One hour of sleep," the blond man replied. "After hours upon hours of serving booze to functioning drunks." He paused. "I probably shouldn't be speaking like this since you know some of them. But frankly, I'm too tired to care."

Harry chortled at that. The day Luna turned up at his doorstep was also the date she invaded Sam Merlotte's life. She claimed it was because of her quest to find this mythical creature or another in the swamps of Louisiana and the surrounding woodlands, but Harry knew that the former Ravenclaw actually liked the Shifter and she was not just tormenting him for nothing.

"I don't even know how she does it!" Sam had told him at one point. "She gets me to wake up at ungodly hours and half the time we come out smelly and drenched in water and mud!"

In replied Harry had laughed.

This time his response was a smirk thrown Sam's way. "Well, if you don't need me for anything I'll be up in my room, catching up on some much-needed sleep." He shot a look at the ball of yarn. "You kids keep on playing."

Sam's groan and Luna's cheerful "Thank you!" was his only response.

Harry thought that while Luna was a whirlwind of chaos, he would rather have her around than Lucius and Severus. She was less likely to antagonise Eric and Pam if, or rather when, she met with them.

"You smell of dog again," Pam remarked when Harry walked up to her.

He was at Fangtasia again, this time holding a fizzy drink in hand. It had been a few days since he last saw his Vampire and he had turned up at the club to do just that. After all teat teasing at Sam, his turn finally came and Luna got around to asking him out on a field day (swamp day just doesn't have a nice ring to it) from an ungodly hour till the sun set again. As usual, he had been unable to refuse her. It had resulted in taking a break from nocturnal life for a while. It had felt nice, spending time with Luna again, not really needing to be careful on what to say and she had lots to say about other magical communities and plenty on news from their home country, because unlike Harry, she was not mobbed on sight. It was fun while it lasted but he was also happy when the witch told him she would be taking Sam with her again. He had wished the Shifter luck and left them to it.

Pam had actually smiled at him (and didn't that scare the humans waiting in line to enter the place) before allowing him to cut the line the moment he was close enough. And that was a sure sign she had missed him as well. Harry had seen how busy Eric was, receiving local Vampires and visiting ones in his office, so he decided to go and bug his Childe instead.

"And you stink of leather and desperation," Harry bantered. He got the reaction he expected out of her.

She hissed. "It's all their fault!" she pointed at the apprehensive mortals, flashing her fangs. Some seemed to like the sight a bit too much.

Harry just chuckled at her plight. "Relax, I'm just riling you up, Eric's rather busy."

This time she paused in her reply to him to stare down one of the tourists who waited in line. "Stop with the camera or I'll make you eat it," she threatened and the woman gulped quite audibly while the people in the group with her started chattering with excitement.

"And where are you going luv?" Harry asked, grabbing another girl even though Pam had motioned her forward.

"Inside," the girl replied, and bit her lip.

"Sure, when you turn twenty-one you can come back," the wizard told her. "And lose the fake ID, alright?"

Pam scowled. "She's underage?"

"I'm old enough!" the girl cried out.

"Sixteen?" Harry guessed.

"Seventeen!" the girl said with indignation, and then she groaned in exasperation.

"Well get lost, you're holding up the line," Pam shot at her. Then she turned to the mortal she actually liked. "Good eye. I can never tell their ages, they get me all confused what with the smell of decay and all," she informed the wizard.

"Why do you work the door then?" he asked her.

"It's more fun compared to serving drinks," she whispered back at him. "And I get to take first look and first pick at all the nice bites," she added, looking suggestively at a tall, bottle-redhead who was next up in line.

Harry grinned. "Now that I understand."

"Going back in?" Pam asked.

"In a bit," he replied.

"You know, I heard you have a nice looking human living with you, a female one."

"Your overheard Eric asking?"

"More like plain old heard, Vamp senses, remember?" the Vampiress drawled. "Won't you introduce me, Harry?"

The wizard laughed full on. "Oh, Pam! Luna would just have you for breakfast."


"It's not meant to be a challenge, luv, just me stating a fact," Harry told her.

Pam just smiled. "I'm getting back to work for now, but I'll bug you again later. Plus, I can always drop by unannounced."

Harry rolled his eyes and let her terrorize the masses. He went back inside and noticed that Eric was looking decidedly bored up at his throne. He abandoned his drink in favour of a plan that formed in his mind. It had been quite a while since the last time they had done this together. The mischievous smirk on his face must have notified Chow who chuckled.

"Just don't cause too much of a stir," he warned but Harry shrugged. He took off his jacket and the bartender accepted it easily. Then he turned towards the crowd that separated him and the Viking. He entered the mass of bodies, slowly starting to move his body to the beat of the music.

Eric noticed him. Or more correctly, he knew from the moment he got back in that he was there but now he actually raised his eyes and showed that he noticed him. It was what Harry wanted. He did not stop his advance but he did slow down, started dancing more than he was walking. And the blond Vampire now stared with obvious interest at his lover dance.

The wizard took care not to really dance with anyone around him. The Vampires would not dare, they could all smell who had laid claim on him. The humans, well, there were two kinds. The regulars who knew him and who he was to Eric, those would not dare approach him. The new ones, they tried to dance with him, thinking he was a Vampire due to his unusual looks. Harry drew away from those questing hands, dancing on his own, hips swaying and body rocking to the music. For a few seconds he held Eric's gaze, then he winked at the Viking and turn his back on him, continuing his dance. It was like playing with fire and they had not done this in a while. Harry could also claim now that he knew the Vampire enough to predict how Eric would react next.

So he was not surprised when he was pulled against a hard chest in an abrupt move. One cool hand briefly rested on his neck, pulling his head aside so that the wizard could feel fangs grazing his neck. It sent a thrill down his spine, his body responding to the sensation of a danger so close to him.

"Eric," Harry groaned.

The Vampire withdrew his fangs. He had not broken the skin; he never would have, not without Harry's permission, especially considering the last time he drank from the green-eyed man. Another thing holding him back was all the eyes on them. Harry was his and he was not willing to share him, not with Fangtasia's crowd, not with anyone.

"You are a tease Harry."

"You don't exactly hate it," the wizard replied and felt the Vampire's smile against his neck.

"Impossible, that's what you are," Eric said and started dancing against him.

Eyes were on them, Vampires and humans alike but no one dared to approach them. Both because Eric would tear them apart and because it was obvious that those two were in their own little world.

After a while Harry turned around and he was dancing while facing the taller male. It was the chance they needed and soon they were kissing and practically devouring each other. Harry had his arms around Eric's neck, pulling the taller man's face closer to him and practically melted his body against Eric's. The Vampire had a hand on the mortal's hips, pulling their lower bodies together so their pelvises were grinding against each other's.

"I'm going to have you tonight," Eric growled against Harry's lips.

The wizard was taking deep breaths to calm his racing heart. After a while he realised it was no use. The proximity to the taller male and the way Eric kept trying and succeeding in exciting him... He was already losing the battle. His only comfort was that he was taking the Viking with him.

"Your office," Harry said suddenly.

"Now," Eric growled in agreement. In a move that showed his hurry, the Vampire picked his green-eyed lover up and using his speed, got them away from the crowded dance floor and to the privacy of his office.

The door bounced against the doorjamb as they entered the more private place and were immediately all over each other. Eric had his hands on Harry's t-shirt and he was already half tearing the fabric half helping the other man take it off until he had him shirtless before him. Greedy eyes gave one brief look at the view of Harry's toned torso before the Vampire was all over his younger lover, lifting him up and pinning him against the wall nearest to the door. Absently Eric reached over to actually shut it, but Harry was already all over him, kissing his lips, and cheek and neck, trying to taste as much of him as he could. It was sloppy and urgent and both loved it all the more.

With the door finally closed and their privacy from prying eyes secure, it was Eric's turn to lose his jacket and shirt, leaving them in tatters on the ground by his feet.

"You know, I bet your wardrobe hasn't survived the last four months," Harry chuckled as he took in Eric's pale body. His warm hands were all over Eric's hard abs and perfectly formed muscles. He applied extra pressure whenever he touched the Vampire, now and then scratching his nails across the cool skin. The slow rumble that escaped Eric was a good indication that his lover liked the roughness. It was also an indication of how the rest of their time in his office would go.

"I'll buy you more," Eric replied. "I know you love watching me tear them off."

"Oh, I do. I much prefer you naked," Harry admitted and Eric was all over him again, kissing him, with his fangs down. It was a miracle he did not draw any blood as the kiss was hard and passionate.

The Vampire only pulled away when his mortal lover actually slapped his chest a bit harder, gaining his attention. He smugly broke the kiss and watched as Harry tried to regain his breath. Despite what the raven haired man might think, Eric had not forgotten that his lover needed oxygen, he just liked seeing his tanned skin flush, liked hearing the flow of blood becoming stronger, his heart beating faster. It spurred him on all the more. He let the other man have his mouth free and had him back on his feet, but still pressed against the wall as he pulled slightly back and slowly got to his knees. He was pleased when he saw Harry's eyes widen and their colour get darker. The smell of his arousal got more intense.

"Just try to breathe," Eric warned as he made quick work of Harry's jeans so he could get to what they kept from him.

Harry cursed something low and unintelligible when Eric's mouth first made contact with his cock. It seemed Eric was also in a playful mood tonight so despite how turned on he was, the Viking would first bring Harry to his knees. Probably a punishment for teasing him in public and a reward for it as well. The wizard was looking forward to it.

They got dressed lazily. Harry tried not to pay too much attention to the fact that Eric's office was an utter and complete mess. It reeked of sex for one thing. The chair was overturned, the desk lamp was broken and everything that used to be on the desk was now on the floor. The desk itself had cracks on the surface. They had been all over the place and each other. The door would need to be changed, a new lamp definitely, and they were both clad in torn clothes. In Eric's case, the shirt was beyond help and the Viking had just shrugged on his pants and boots, opting to go bare chested. It was not like he would return out there.

"You smell of dog," he remarked as he watched Harry pull his own pants on. The disdain in his voice matched his Childe's tone and Harry marvelled at how similar those two were. Then he put it out of his mind because Eric was giving him that look again, the one that promised him that the blond man would be touching him again, bringing havoc to his senses.

The Vampire walked up to him, batting his hands away when the green eyed man tried to pull up his zipper. With care, Eric did that for him, taking extra pride in hearing Harry's pulse quicken at the touch.

"Again Harry?" he teased.

"Shut up," the wizard replied. "You are doing it on purpose and I'm still sensitive."

"You swore you were done for tonight."

"Well, it's probably after midnight, brand new morning. And I bet I no longer smell of anything but you," Harry said, holding Eric's gaze even as the blond male took his sweet time with the zipper. He felt fingers that were warmed up with borrowed heat; caress his skin, just under the fabric that was covering his pelvis. "Eric..."

"You're coming to my place tonight," the Vampire said. "Like you said, brand new day."

Harry grinned. "You have a one track mind."

"So do you," Eric told him and favoured him with a grin.

It was followed by a kiss the wizard started and soon Eric's hands were on Harry's face, pulling him closer as the Vampire deepened the kiss and used his tongue and lips to dominate it. Harry moaned at the sensation. He was not yet up for another round, not without some food in him and half an hour of rest, but his body was practically buzzing at the touch.

"You're buying me food if we're going to your place," Harry muttered.

"Well, while you're eating you can tell me why that dog was near you. Again."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You cannot be jealous of him!"

"Oh, I don't get jealous. I get revenge," Eric said in his ear. He then nuzzled the skin under it.

"Well, no need for either. One, he's straight, two, he's smitten with a friend of mine who's staying with me, and last but not least, I have you apparently. I have no time or energy for another man."

"Excellent!" Eric said and kissed him again.

Harry focused on the kiss and tried not to think of how, lately, this Eric and the version of the Vampire he had spent time with in the Peverell castle were slowly having more similarities than before. Either he was imagining things or Eric was slowly dropping his guard. Another option was that he was slowly recovering the memories he had lost once the spell was reversed. Whatever was to blame, he quite liked this Eric.

Luna breezed into the kitchen, her eyes gaining focus when she noticed the slight frown on her friend's face. Harry was leaning against the counter in what looked like really expensive robes, holding those phones Muggle's carried everywhere with them, mobiles or cells, Hermione had called them. The blonde had one but rarely used it, preferring charmed mirrors instead. A look around the kitchen showed that he had breakfast ready, and she could tell he had cooked instead of having his house elf do it.

"Good morning!" she greeted perkily. "You got in late last night. Did you have fun?"

Harry looked up from his phone and smiled at her. "Hey! You look well rested. And seeing as it's after nine I guess you're not dragging Sam into the swamps again?"

Luna shook her head and started sampling the breakfast foods. "Hmmm! I've missed your cooking! Can I keep you?"

The wizard snorted. "Nice to know you only want me in the kitchen."

"Well, I'll have Sam in the bedroom, can't have you two sharing space."

"Luna," Harry exclaimed and then he chuckled. "You've gotten sassy. I like it."

"Thank you!" the witch replied.

"So, when will you have Sam in the bedroom?"

"Before next dawn," Luna replied with a certainty that had Harry raising an eyebrow.

He did not ask her how she knew, not when he was aware that she was correct. "Have fun then."

"We will, you're taking me to Merlotte's tonight."

The green-eyed man rolled his eyes. "Of course I am."

Luna grinned and went back to her breakfast. "Are these pancakes?"

"Um, yes, Sookie gave me her Gran's recipe. I'll give it to you before you go, if you like?"

Luna shook her head. "You know I'm no good with recipes. Almost as bad as you are with Potions."

Harry snorted. "Yes, we both have to suck at something."

"That's the spirit!" and it was followed by an enthusiastic noise as she then tried the omelette. "What's got you worried though?"

"Remember me writing you about a telepath I met?"

"Muggle's can be interesting."

"She's actually part Fairy, or at least that's my guess."

The witch looked intrigued. "Fairies are rather shy though."

"Not as shy as some of the creatures you are trying to find," Harry replied, "But yes. And it's got to be at least two generations back. She's not powerful enough to be a half Fairy."

"Does she have any relatives around her?"

"None I've seen or met," the wizard replied.

Luna nodded. "Pity. I'd love to meet a prince."

Harry stared at her. "A Fairy prince specifically?"

But the former Ravenclaw smiled and changed the subject. "Why are you all dressed up?"

"I've got to head to the Ministry, the American one. I need some papers about..."

"The new shop you're about to open in Washington?" Luna asked. "I do speak with Gabrielle you know."

"Yes, I keep trying to forget that bit of info. Care to explain how all the people I know ended up being friends? If you told me years ago that I'd have Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape as house guests, Draco Malfoy as a friend and you as a sister... Well, they'd be residents at St. Mungo's."

"You're the sun we gravitate to," Luna replied. "And it's more fun this way. You know it."

"Stop being so smart?" Harry teased and she beamed at him.

"Go, do what you need to do and come back early."

"So bossy," the wizard shook his head. "Has Mione been giving you lessons?"

"Go!" Luna said and stuffed her mouth again, pointing at the door with her eyes.

He went, but before he was far enough, he heard her yell after him,

"And I want to meet your Viking! It's not fair that you know one and I don't!" the witch yelled.

"Can't hear you! I'm about to Apparate!" he teased her, enjoyed the whine as she then said his name. He would tease her just a bit more, but he would get her to meet Eric. It would be interesting to see his reaction to Luna.

Merlotte's was packed that night and it was mostly locals. Harry was able to spot Jason Stackhouse with a few of his buddies from the road crew by the pool tables, in the company of women. He waved at Jason when Sookie's sibling saw him but made no move to approach. He did not want Luna meeting that particular Stackhouse. She was with her head in the clouds, yes, but she was female and one wrong look from Jason and he would have both a Shifter after his hide and an angry witch. Sam could not cast a flatulence curse but Luna could. It was for Jason's well-being really that he steered his friend towards a booth. A look around and he did not see Sookie anywhere. From the other waitresses he knew Arlene and from her approach she would be serving them.

Her mind was easy to get into, so he made eye contact and held it. All he needed was a minute; he got it, along with no answer. Arlene had no idea what Sookie was up to. All she knew was that the blonde was busy and Sam had given her a few days off, again. She was angry about that and glad too, as she needed the shifts. Harry pulled away and was immediately faced with Luna's judgmental stare.

"What?" he asked.

"That was rude."

Harry nodded. "It was, but I'm..."

"Hi! Welcome to Merlotte's! What can I get you?" the redhead asked.

"Two cheeseburgers and onion rings and two beers," Harry told her.

"And extra pickles," Luna added. "I like pickles. Oh! And wings. I love wings!"

Harry shook his head. "Sometimes you scare me with your appetite," he told her. "We'll have those too," he told Arlene. "And could you tell Sam Merlotte to come here? He'll like the surprise," Harry told her.

He could tell Arlene was curious but she said nothing to him, just confirmed their order and hurried towards the kitchen.

"Legilimency is so beneath you," Luna said. "I'm sorry I accused you before, but..."

"I hate doing it as well," Harry told her.

"Does it have anything to do with who you were trying to call in the kitchen today?"

"Sookie, she's someone who could be a great friend. If she lives long enough."

"The part Fairy," Luna hummed. "Vampire trouble?"

Harry shook his head. "No, Pam..."

"The sassy female Vamp," Luna said.

"That's the one, yes," the wizard confirmed. "Anyway, she loves gossiping so if Sookie was having anything to do with Vampires or there was trouble of their variety, she would have known and dropped a hint or even outright told me. She's also fond of her."

"Mmm, if its not sucking blood it's howling at the moon," Luna remarked.

It took a moment and Harry groaned. "Yes, she does know werewolves too," he muttered.

The witch grinned. "There's one doggie coming up now."

Sam Merlotte twitched as he walked towards them, the smile straining a bit. Harry realized that he caught the doggie comment but as he kept smiling at Luna, the wizard figured that the Shifter did not mind much. Or that he was that besotted with Luna that he at least did not care enough.

"Hey! Luna, how are you? Didn't expect to see you tonight," Sam greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and then smiled at Harry, a bit carefully. What did you say to a guy who had seen you in several states of undress after you crash at his home or used his shower regularly?

Harry smiled back at him. "Busy night?" he asked, looking around the bar.

Sam nodded.

"Not busy enough that you can't grab a beer with us? Or a bite?" Luna peered up at him.

The Shifter was mesmerized. "No, I… Well, I am the boss. I can take five minutes or thirty for a break."

"Excellent!" the blonde woman told him and pulled him down next to her.

Harry watched them as they briefly forgot about him. It was cute seeing them like this. He wanted Luna's prediction to come through. Sam Merlotte was a good man and Sookie had told him only good things about the Shifter. A cursory look around the bar/restaurant had him aware of the attention that gathered on them. Jason had caught his eye from across the floor. He spared him a nod before he got back to seducing the girl he had his eyes on. The rest of the Bon Temps residents were far nosier. It was not him that they focused on; he was nothing new as he was seen a few times before with either of the Stackhouse siblings. Luna, odd vibe or not, was not that interesting. However the combination of Luna and Sam was another thing entirely.

With Luna busy flirting, the green eyed wizard took the chance to skim the thoughts off a few heads. Yes, the majority of the people present were curious about Sam's love life (they had also picked on his interest about Luna). SamMerlotte was notnative to Bon Temps. He was quite well off compared to the majority of the people living in the small town. For a while they had all thought he would be the one the odd Stackhouse girl would end up with. Now though they were curious about the new girl. Apparently they had seen Sam and Luna out and about the town and the surrounding area, talking about nonsense and poking and probing at things. One or two people had seen them and just thought they had been high. Harry stifled a laugh at that thought and pulled away, just in time for Arlene to come by with their beers. This time he did not need to read her mind to find out what she was thinking. Well, beside irritation with Sam who had apparently been also filling the barman spot. In fact, Harry could tell that the regular waitresses were not around. He briefly recalled Sookie complaining about the death toll at her home town.

Just like that worry about the blonde woman resurfaced. He slowly made a plan in his mind. He would sit with Luna and Sam, eat and drink and leave in about an hour or so. Luna could get Sam to drive her home while he took some time to track down Sookie and find out what was going on with her.

Luna looked briefly away from Sam and blinked at him. "Harry, you have that look on your face," she commented.

"He looks normal to me," the Shifter said.

At the same time the wizard said, "What look?" a touch defensively.

The witch scoffed. "That's the face that nearly got us detention during March'sPrank Week."

"I can hear the capitals in use. And prank week? Must be an interesting story," Sam mused.

"It is," Luna said. And went on to regale much of the trouble they got up to during that week, or at least the Muggle friendly version of events.

The Stackhouse residence was quiet. He noticed Sookie's car right away, as well as the fact that the whole house had lights on. Yet everything was quiet. He easily reached the steps and used his magic to scan the premises. What he came up with surprised him. There were people inside the house and all of them were not human. Harry raised his hand to knock on the door but before his knuckles connected to the wood, it was wrenched open and a woman met him. She was tall, like a model, dark hair, almond shaped dark eyes, pale like a Vampire but with a healthy shine to it. She wore a skirt that showed off really long legs and a smile that was big and beautiful.

Yet what Harry got was that she was dangerous. His green eyes bore into her and the smile lost the manic look to it. Instead she cocked her head to the side, like a really dangerous cat. Then her eyes went wide.

"You are not human," she said.

"Neither are you," he returned. His magic flared and she looked like she finally could name what he was.

From inside the house feet scuffled and Sookie was soon with them, an exasperated "Claudine!" leaving her lips. She stopped short when she noticed who the person on her doorstep was. "Harry!"

"Sookie," he greeted at her, voice a bit stern.

"I know, I know," she said, sounding winded. "I heard the phone ring but things are just a bit crazy with me right now. I don't know if you heard or even if Eric told you but there's trouble with the Shifters and Werewolves in the area. I'd been meaning to visit Fangtasia as Merlotte's needs someone to man the bar. Sam's been scarce around the bar. I would invite you in but…"

"You've got guests," Harry said.

Sookie nodded. "Yes, some are Alcide's friends. Sam didn't tell you?"

Harry shook his head.

The blond telepath came a bit out of the house. Claudine stayed as she was, looking at him with curiosity.

"There's been shootings. Against Shifters. First it was a Were-Panther, from alocal tribe that lives around the area. Then a man a town over that man's a gas station. I was at the hospital visiting Calvin; he's the Were-Panther."

"Didn't his lot…?" Harry remembered Jason missing for a while.

Sookie nodded. "They bit him, he turned," she said. "He's kind of like their leader so the rest of them are antsy. Jason knows not to stay alone and always be around crowds of people. Just in case," she said, sounding worried.

"And were do you come in?" Harry asked.

She tapped her temple. "This and the fact that it could be Alcide or Jason next. Harry, I'm sorry I haven't been around much." She sounded really guilty. She opened her mouth as to say something else but closed it and shook her head.

Harry did not press her; it was obvious that she was tackling many things at once. "No worries," he told her. "We'll talk after all this is over. And I'll ask Eric about someone to tend Sam's bar." The blonde telepath opened her mouth to argue but he cut her off, "I insist actually. It's a small thing to do for you but if it helps then …" he eyed her.

Sookie sighed and nodded. "Yes, fine… And thank you."

"You're welcome," he told her and stepped back. "And if you need any help with this whole mess…"

"I can't drag you and with you the Vampires in this," Sookie told him. "And I realize I've been extremely rude." She looked to the tall, dark haired woman. "This is Claudine and she's… Well, she's my fairy godmother, and she was leaving," Sookie stressed the last part.

Harry looked at the Fairy, who was looking right back at him. He fortified his mental shields. And also thought that Luna would pitch a fit that he met a pure-blooded Fairy without her.

"Pleased to meet you," he told her, bowing his head briefly and never breaking eye contact.

"Oh, believe me, the pleasure is mine young Lord," Claudine said and with a bow of her long neck she disappeared.

Sookie sighed. "She's not very subtle."

"She's also like crack to Vampires so I better take a shower, many times, before I meet Eric again," Harry told her. "Call me," he repeated and she nodded.

Then he walked to his car. When he finally got home he noticed Sam's car parked up front. Before going in, he fortified the Silencing charms around the house. While he had a very good idea as to what Luna and Sam were up to, he was not in a mood to actually hear them.

End of chapter.