Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta: pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters from 'Harry Potter' books and 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' do not belong to me, but to their respective authors. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Timeline: Book 5 for Southern Vampire Mysteries.

A/N: Luna finally meets Pam and Eric ^_^

It did not take much for Luna to get Harry to take her with him next time he went to Shreveport to see Eric. The witch had been excited and eager to meet the Viking up close again. The Vampire thing just went over her head and she had baffled Sam when the Shifter tried to warn her to be careful that morning when the witch first mentioned it to him.

"Why?" Luna had asked him.

"It's a Vampire bar," Sam replied.

Harry had walked right then into the kitchen to see the man trying to change her mind about Fangtasia. It was a funny sight. Especially when the former Ravenclaw started explaining just why Eric's bar would not be a novelty for her.

Luna turned to Harry. "But I've been to a Vampire bar before, back home... Oh! And in Paris, that cabaret show with Vampires! That was amazing. Harry here knows plenty of establishments that cater to the undead and he usually gets free entrance in most of them. What I'm interested is meeting a Viking, never met one before," the witch told Sam. "I hope he tells me a story or two. Vikings were supposedly great story tellers. Unlike pirates from the 1800's." She shook her head. "Most of them like to lie and brag a lot."

Sam stared at her bewildered. "You've been to Vampire bars before?"

"Haven't you?" the blonde asked scandalized at his missed opportunity. "Sam! We really need to have you visit one, and soon. They can be so much fun!" she told him.

The Shifter turned to Harry, shooting him a 'Help me out here' look.

"Don't look at me," the green-eyed man told him, well aware of the relations between the Vampires and the Shifters, of any kind. "Luna here has a mind of her own. I went with her, yes, but she was the one who got us through the door the first time."

"I am a journalist," Luna reminded Sam.

Not that she had used that bit of her identity to get them inside their first club, no. They were invited. After all, their group had saved Britain. That bit was not something Sam should know, not yet at least. And then came more invitations to all sorts of establishments, courtesy of Harry's 'Bloody Potter' industries and the launching of their products. There was not one club that was in fashion or the hottest place to be that they had not visited in all of Europe and a few places in Asia as well. Again, not something Sam had to know now.

The way these two were going they would soon be inseparable, like Ron and Hermione. Harry had no idea what would happen if it came to those two getting married. Would Sam abandon 'Merlottes' and run around the globe with Luna? Would she finally settle down? He had no idea. He suspected that the witch knew something he did not. Harry though was afraid to ask. While she was one of the seers he actually believed in and liked, he did not like trusting divination a lot.

"I'll look after her," he told Sam. "I won't let her walk up to total strangers and ask them whether they were Vikings, pirates or wore a toga during Augustus' reign in Rome," he told the Shifter, who then rolled his eyes at the green-eyed man.

"Somehow, I can imagine her doing just that," Sam admitted and stood. He graced Luna with a kiss and he clapped Harry on the shoulder. "Now, I have to get to work. That Vampire barman is all nice and handy for the evening but until then there's no one else to help me."

"Sookie isn't back to work?" Harry asked worriedly.

Sam shook his head. "She came yesterday, did the morning shift. There's been another shooting though. If whoever is doing this knows of her connection to the Shifter community then she better stay somewhere safe."

"So, she has Alcide dogging her steps?" Harry asked.

Sam rolled his eyes. "That was a horrible pun," he muttered.

Harry's answer was a merry grin. "You might hate my puns but they're not going away."

The bar owner sighed. "You're impossible, Harry. See you later?" the Shifter told Luna who blew him a kiss. It made his lips turn up in a happy smile.

The green-eyed man waited till Sam was out of the house to turn his attention on his old friend. "You two are adorable," he teased Luna, who in turned shot a spell his way.

Harry recognized the incantation easily. "Really? Blue skin with polka-dots?"

"You deserve toad skin! Or possibly boils." Luna huffed. "So, you and me, and your Viking, tonight. Should be interesting."

"Yes Luna, but," he waved a finger at her, "Do keep in mind that this Viking is mine, no inappropriate questions."

"Sure," she airily replied.

Harry grabbed his head. "You never listen to me."

"And you never listen to me, so we're even," the witch told him.

Luna had them both dress up for their visit to 'Fangtasia' as she wanted her second meeting with the Vampire to be memorable. Harry had explained that she could not strike up a conversation about anything they had discussed back at the get together at Andromeda's place due to Eric's magic-induced-amnesia. It was why she kept repeating that this would be their first meeting, lest she forget. Harry tried to tell her that if she told Eric 'Nice to meet you, for the first time' was like telling him they had met before.

"I was in Rowena's house, you were in Godric's," Luna reminded him.

"Yes, but the hat wanted me in Slytherin and I bet you were considered for Gryffindor," Harry said.

She hummed a bit and Harry took that to mean he had been spot on with his comment.

"Just... Be yourself but not be completely?" he finally begged her.

It made her peer at his curiously and with no small amount of worry, and perhaps judgemental air.

"Do you hide yourself around him, Harry?" the witch asked disapproval in her voice.

"You know I have to," the green-eyed man replied and it was obvious she did not like that.

"You shouldn't though, not if he really means that much to you," Luna told her friend. "What if you end up bonded? Or turned and bonded to him? He could feel anger or even resentment," she cautioned him.

Harry gave her a wan smile. "I do have feeling for Eric but that doesn't mean I trust him Luna," he told her. "Or that I'm going to just bond with him." He skilfully ignored the subject of him being turned.

"You seemed to trust him last time I saw you two together."

"That Eric... He was a different man." Harry shook his head. "So, I'll go get ready. We're taking my car, alright?"

'Fangtasia' was loud. Very loud. The line was long up front and Pam was not the only Vampire at the entrance vetting the clientele. Luna bounced on her heels next to Harry. The raven haired wizard had been surprised at first to see her in a leather, skin-tight skirt and heels, just like the witch had not even considered Harry owned leather pants.

"It started as a gag gift but they fit nicely and in places like this they make no difference," Harry defended when he first caught the look on her face.

Now they both made their way across the parking lot. Eric's Childe of course noticed them the moment they arrived and had waited for them to approach. There was some commotion when Harry led Luna to the front of the line.

"Shut it blood bags!" Pam hissed, showing fangs.

The sight both scared and excited the audience.

Pam turned to look at Luna while addressing Harry. "Well, what have you brought for us? She looks delicious." The female Vampire licked her fangs for effect.

"I don't only look it, I am," Luna told her and Pam smirked and made way for them to enter.

"Drinks are on the house. Eric's entertaining the rats," Pam informed Harry as he passed by and then she turned to snarl at the would be customers.

Harry smiled and uttered an amused "Behave" at her before escorting Luna further inside.

The place was packed with people and the wizard spotted many familiar faces. He knew them to be Vampires staying in Louisiana and like all undead they had to make a token appearance at 'Fangtasia'.

"I've never seen so many together," Luna commented to Harry. "Not outside the alleys and courts. They look very organized. What do you think will happen when the other half steps out of the shadows?"

Harry snorted. He had pictured it vividly. The Dursley's' reactions occurred in many versions. "Chaos," he told her.

Luna spotted one of the Vampire dancers. "Must be nice, not having to hide anymore."

Here he paused. "Not a luxury we can afford you know," he told her. "There is a reason the laws exist." Then he gave her a considering look. "Do you know something?"

The witch just hummed. "He looks bored," she said.

Harry nodded and led the way to Eric's throne and the Viking himself looked up as soon as they stepped on the platform. There were seats ready to accommodate them and one of the waitresses came up to take their order before scurrying away in a hurry.

"So, where has Harry been hiding you?" Eric asked Luna.

"Under a rainforest, swamps, and Sahara," she replied.

"She's only telling the truth about the swamps," Harry told his lover. "And even then she's been exploring them on her own."

"The swamps are no place for a lady," the Viking commented to Luna.

"Ah, yes, I'm too tasty to waste on alligators," the witch mused. "Or at least the Vampire at the door might think. She said I smelled delicious."

"Pam, does have great taste," the Sheriff admitted. "And you are more to her tastes than say Harry here."

"Why thank you! Harry here doesn't know how to compliment a lady," she shot an unimpressed look at her wizard friend.

"I comment what you wear all the time!" Harry protested.

She seemed to reconsider. "You did complement my radish earrings when we first met. And you did take me as your plus one to the 'Slug Party'..."

"Don't ask what a 'Slug Party' is," Harry warned Eric.

The Vampire just seemed amused. "You two have a long history?"

Luna smiled. Then she turned to Harry. "Dance with me?"

"Of course," he told her. He shot a look at Eric.

"I still have one more hour to waste up here," the Viking said and took out his blackberry.

"Pam borrowed it to beat your high scores again?" the wizard teased.

"Just go dance," Eric told him.

And the two magicals did. For several songs. Before Harry felt tiredness set in and gently steered Luna back to where Eric was for a drink or two. If anything the Vampire looked amused at Harry's plight and he was also impressed with Luna's colourful attitude.

She was unique like that. Harry also knew that the witch was probably toying with the Vampire. She was being almost flirty with him without the lust that usually followed the flirtation directed at the Viking. Eric seemed to sense it as well. He was getting curious about Luna and just how well she and Harry knew each other. It was not jealousy, but the same drive that made his want to know everything there was to know about who Harry was. And Luna seemed to know that and the witch even baited him a couple of times.

Needless to say, Luna's visit to 'Fangtasia' was not as easy as Harry would have wished it to be. She was courteous to Cho, speaking to him at his native tongue with ease. She flirted back with the Vampires who hit on her even as she made it clear she was not interested in them biting her. She danced with a couple of the dancers and asked one of them about her piercings.

Eric was at Harry's side, watching her when he was not paying attention to his green-eyed lover. "Hm, I can see how you two are friends."

"Can you?" Harry asked. "Most still wonder about us."

"Well, the first time I met you, you were aiming to get drunk in a Vampire bar," Eric reminded him. "She's as we speak pestering Moira about her piercings." He did not voice how it surprised him that said female Vampire was actually willing to discuss said matter with the bubbly mortal.

"Completely different things," the wizard protested.

"You're both Vampire bait," the Viking declared.

"Hm, it did not turn out bad for me," Harry mused. "And Luna just can't help herself. She's having fun."

"Well, I better join her," Pam cut in. "Just to keep an eye on her."

Both her maker and his lover smirked, neither of them believing her.

"Just behave yourself," Harry warned her like a parent would a child.

"And don't scare the vermin too much," Eric added. "They might leak."

Harry choked on his laughter. "Eric! That's not nice!"

The Viking shrugged and pulled him to his lap. "Ignore all the others and just focus on me," he told his lover.

"I'm not putting on a show for the 'vermin'," the wizard refused.

Eric laughed. "You called them vermin as well."

"You're a terrible influence on me."

"I know," the Vampire said and kissed him, claiming his mouth in a possessive kiss. And Harry let him, because despite his protests, he enjoyed it very much. He liked to stake his territory and what better way to do that to show those present that the tall blond was his.

It was much later, after Eric's human lover and his fun sized blonde had left along with the rest of the mortals. The Vampires too had gone as it was close to dawn. Eric was in his office and Pam was with him.

The female Vampire watched as her boss dealt with what little paperwork he had to do about his Area.

"You're twitching," the Viking observed. "Haven't you fed?"

She made a face. "Just a true blood. There was no one interesting and Luna was not willing to share her ... stock."

Eric was interested. "Was she offended that you asked for her blood?" he inquired.

"She just laughed and said it would not do me any good," Pam informed him. "But she said that she was flattered that I asked." She paused. "I would not eat her anyway."

"Why not? She smelled delicious."

"Yes, but after a while I caught whiff of her. Too much like a chicken for me."

"Chicken?" Eric asked.

Pam waved her hand around. "Just ... bird like smell. Not necessarily chicken."

"Would you say like a Shifter might smell? Or different?" He had a contemplative look on his face and it made Pam stare him.

"No, I can tell Shifters apart you know, I'm not a fledgling," she sniffed. "Why? You think she can turn into a bird? Shifters usually cannot do that kind of shift."

"I know," Eric mused.

Pam sighed. "What now?"

"Now, I'm intrigued," the Viking mused.

"Are we going to pay her a visit?"

"Eventually," Eric agreed. "But we are going to keep eyes on her."

"What do you suspect?" Pam asked.


Strange things had a tendency to happen around Harry. His plans never worked out. Ever. He had a history, a long one, of things blowing up in his face. He did not like reminiscing on his track record even though his friends liked to tease him about every single incident on that list.

The so-called 'Potter luck' that was neither bad nor good but just worked kicked in about two days before Luna was supposed to leave Louisiana's swamps and forests for the rest of the world. Her next destination kept changing with each day. Harry suspected that it was simply because future was not set in stone.

They were in Bon Temps for the evening. Had been since noon. Harry had visited Sookie for coffee and then met up with Luna who had spent her lunch with Sam. They were both in a good mood, the Shifter was apparently in such a mood that even his employees noticed the change and tried to pry. The Shifter pulled off a pretty good imitation of a Sphinx.

Eric had been unhappy about this and had promised/threatened to come visit the little hell hole (his exacts words) himself sometime after dark. He also seemed a lot cooler about Luna. Not that he said it outright, but Harry noticed the well placed and heavily veiled 'be careful' when he spoke. But he pushed it out of his mind.

"Should we warn Sam?" Luna asked Harry.

"So you do like him," the green-eyed teased her.

She shrugged. "I'm uncertain what the outcome will be tonight."

Harry regarded the witch with concern. "You think something bad is going to happen. To him?"

"Not necessarily bad, and not to him per se," the blonde woman mused. "Just... Unpredictable!"

"You don't seem worried."

"Well, with you around it could be anything from a meteor shower to a volcano erupting."

"There are no volcanoes in Louisiana," Harry said. Then he frowned. "That I know of," he amended.

The witch laughed. "You did not refute the meteor shower."

Harry scowled. "Can you just get ready please?"

"Of course. I just want to take a detour first. I saw some fern that Neville might like."

"What swamp do I have to walk into?"

"No swamp, they're just behind Sam's house."

Harry sighed. "Of course they are."

"Hi!" Luna chirped as soon as she got into Merlotte's and at the bar.

Sam looked up from the drink he was preparing and his face lit up at the sight of her. He was in front of the counter and hugging the blonde tightly. He also pretended like his employees could not see him, but Harry noticed Sookie smiling encouragingly as well as the look she shot him that promised an afternoon get together with him and cake that had better be chocolate. Harry nodded and she skipped away. Terry was also beaming from the kitchen; the war veteran liked Luna.

"What are you two doing here so early?" he asked. Sam still did not let Luna out of his arms.

She proceeded to answer him with great detail.

"I can help," Sam offered. "If only you wait for a bit..."

"I'll man the bar," Sookie crept up and told them. "You're the boss and you show us up with how long you work. Go take a break!"

Sam looked around the place reluctantly.

Sookie smacked his arm, "Me and Arlene can direct the other girls and Terry knows his way in the kitchen. Go, or I'll smack you again."

"I like you," Luna told Sookie. She turned to Sam. "Always listen to what a lady tells you to do."

The Shifter kissed her lips. "Ok, just."

"Great, you go on ahead and I'll catch up," Harry told them. He looked to Sookie. "I'll just say a few things I wanted to, to Sookie."

Luna smiled and dragged Sam out of the bar.

"I have never seen him so happy," Sookie told Harry once her boss and his girlfriend were gone.

"And she's a sweet girl," Arlene said as she was passing by. "Bit odd, but who isn't around here nowadays?"

Sookie smiled. "Everyone knows Sam's sweet on your blonde friend."

"And I have to share my house with the lovebirds. Believe me, I know," Harry laughed. "I was telling the truth about catching up with you. I've hardly seen you around and Jason is always around that... tribe?"

"Alcide has me helping him."

"Wolves not as cuddly as you wished they were?"

The telepath laughed. "Well, of course they aren't." She dropped her voice. "They have fangs."

Harry smiled.

"Will Harry be able to find us?" Sam asked as they walked further and further away from 'Merlottes's'.

"He will," the woman assured him. "No need to wait around for him. And if he takes too long we can then seek him out." She caught his flinch. "It was not a dog joke, you know. Plus, I find your canine form cuddly; I'd never make funny of you that way."

"Sorry, just reflex I guess," the Shifter said. "Because I usually favour dogs those kind of jokes... Well, I've heard them all."

"I was also teased at school. Harry called it bullying and he was partly right. I'm Luna the Looney," the witch offered.

Sam winced. "Sorry."

"Doesn't hurt anymore," Luna replied. "Has not hurt in a long time. It's how Harry and I got to know each other. He just talked to me one day on the ride to school. Everything else fell into place. Being a Shifter, it's not something you're proud of, is it Sam?"

"No, it's not. It only got me into trouble and it's not like I could not live if I didn't turn into a dog or a bull or something."

She looked pensive for a while. "I never thought it about that way. We don't usually have the luxury of choosing a form."

Sam furrowed his eyes brows as he processed exactly what she said. For a while he could only open and close his mouth with no sound coming out.

"Are you saying you can shift forms, too?" the blond Muggle asked.

Luna smiled. "Just between the two," she told him. "It's really fun as well. Normally I hate flying but having wings makes for a huge difference."

Sam stopped walking and it made her stop as well and look at him.

"Luna… What are you saying?" the Shifter asked her.

"You don't believe me, but that's okay, I can show you," she told him.

"Show me?" Sam repeated uncertainly.

"You're acting silly over the most simple things," the witch sighed and she just … shifted.

It was odd to watch the process. Sam was a natural Shifter had been doing it since he was a kid, turning into the family dog, into a mouse or whatever other animal was in front of him, living or painted. Luna's change was different. For one thing she did not need to be nude in order to change. She did not even take off her shoes. Just one moment she was standing a few feet in front of him, looking exasperated with him and in the next blink of an eye she was flying over the spot she had previously been standing in. Flying. With wings and feathers and a beak and looking… simply gorgeous. He had no idea what kind of bird she was, just that it had talons sharp enough to indicate a predator and the feathers had the same shade as her hair at their endings. She let out a sharp bird like noise and made a circle around him.

"That's…" Sam was watching in awe.

"That's not what shifters usually do," came another voice.

Bird-Luna rose higher the moment Pam stepped out from behind a tree, startling them both.

"That's more like witchcraft," a deeper voice said and Pam's maker joined them.

Both Vampires were staring at the bird with looks that could kill. Sam felt cold sweat cover him.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked.

"Following a hunch, you could say," Eric muttered. "And it turns out I was right."

"You had us followed?" Sam incredulously exclaimed.

"Just the blonde bird," Pam said and the Shifter scowled at her for making a pun out of the situation.

And as if the tableau was not weird enough Harry came from behind a grove of trees, looking in a good mood but he stopped short the moment he stumbled in on them. He took in the way Sam looked, the two Vampires and the Animagus form of his good friend.

"Bloody hell," he muttered. "I leave you alone for a few minutes and this happens," he told Luna. The bird gave a few noises and rose higher above them.

"Enough standing around and talking," Pam said, "Come down here little witch."

The bird flew higher and after one look at Harry, she sped away.

Vampires and Shifter gave chase, leaving the wizard behind them. Harry just shook his head.

"I'd like to see her blame this mess on me," he muttered to himself and he took off after them.

Harry was trying to catch his breath when he caught up with the mismatched group of Sups. The Vampires and the Shifter had shot out after Luna at incredible speed. He could have matched it, but did not want to tip his hand. Not if what he feared was going to follow. The green-eyed man waited to see how it would play out. The warning Luna had given earlier was taunting him. As did the suspicion that Eric had staged a tableau for this confrontation. But that was not here or there at the moment. Because Eric was angry and he could prove to be a danger to them.

He caught up with them soon and watched as they stood on opposite sides. He could also tell they had gotten physical at some point because Sam's clothes were rumpled and Pam looked like she had taken a dive on the ground and rolled in the dirt. Only Eric looked unruffled. As for Luna, Harry had to say that she was as usual looking unaffected by the events. She was favouring her leg though. She was also not in her Animagus form so they had somehow forced her to stop flying. That had to have been Eric's doing. Harry knew that while Eric had the ability to fly, his childe did not.

"This is awkward," Luna remarked, still shaking her ankle. "That was rude, by the way," she shot a scolding look at Pam, who was still staring at the witch askance.

Eric was not far behind her reaction, fangs bared and staring at the petite woman in shock. It was not often he saw a person turn into a bird. Shifters were usually unable to do so as aviary forms were just too complicated. Small and big mammals were fine and usually the easiest choices for the two natured. Yet Luna had turned into a humming-bird and back, and more importantly perhaps, she had kept her clothes on during the entire process.

Even Sam stared at that bit, wonder in his eyes. It was also logical the one conclusion all three Sups reached when they saw Luna change: she had not Shifted. What she did was something a lot different. And only one thing could actually explain it, Magic.

"Witch," Eric hissed, poised to attack.

His Childe copied him and Sam...

Sam just stared at Luna.

"She's nothing like Hallow!" he told the two Vampires, "If she even is a witch..."

"I'm a witch, yes," Luna confirmed unabashedly, ignoring the way Harry groaned at her bluntness.

"Luna," Harry pleaded with her.

"Are they magi-phobic, Harry?" the former Ravenclaw asked.

"A little bit, yes, Eric was cursed not even a month ago," the green-eyed man informed her.

"Like you were?" Luna asked, her questing making Eric look briefly at his mortal lover.

"No, more like Obliviation, if you will," Harry explained. All the while his mouth worked, his feet did too, until he was standing protectively in front of Luna.

"Harry, I can easily reach behind you," Eric told his lover.

"I know," Harry told him calmly. "But you won't. Luna is ..." He was about to call her harmless but thought of it again. The witch was a force to be reckoned with, hardly what one could call harmless. "She's a friend and she took no actions against you and yours." He shot her a look then, warning her to not make any moves that would make her an even bigger threat to the people watching them.

The witch shrugged her shoulders, seemingly unaffected by the rising hostility around her.

"You knew what she was." Eric accused Harry.

"I've known her since I was a kid," the wizard replied.

"You're awfully calm at her skills. Your friend holds too much power. Her blood is quite... potent. I can smell it running down her veins," Eric remarked. "You must have known what she was capable of. Your friend here is a potential headache. How much will she be missed?"

Pam looked rather eager then.

"Harry is my friend and I am his," Luna spoke then. "But it's a bit more than that too. He saved my life back then. And spared my father's."

"Luna!" the green-eyed man exclaimed. "It was due to knowing me that you got caught in my mess. If anything I put you in danger. It was my duty to save you!"

She graced him with a smile. "I chose to follow you, Harry. It was my choice to support you and I never regretted it, not even for a moment... And I never will. You're a great man, Harry. stop pretending you are not. Because, you should know," she trailed off, her eyes glinting strangely. Magic pulsed once around her, making Harry more alert if that was possible.

"The Vampires stepping forth was only the beginning. Shifters are next, Werewolves of all kinds. And after that, several other races will follow, walking proudly among the mundane after centuries; some have even been hiding for millennia. And when that happens, Boy-Who-Lived, magic is next," Luna said in a voice that was not like her own.

It was a prophecy, Harry realized quickly. A prophecy about the magical community stopping their separation from the non-magicals. That was ominous in ways Harry had not thought of.

"Tell me it's only guess-work and rumours," he begged her.

She shook her blonde head and grinned, that vague, mysterious grin that was sort of her trademark since childhood.

The wizard sighed. "That was a bloody prophecy, wasn't it? I can't believe there's another one of those cursed things," he muttered angrily but was heard clearly by the Sups around them. Eric in particular lost the fangs and his face went blank very fast. But Harry was not looking at the Viking so he did not notice.

However, Luna did. A dreamy look crossed her face and Harry knew that he would not be getting any answers from her.

"I better go, I'm heading to Canada tomorrow," she remarked airily. "Daddy wants me to write an article on migrating geese." She pinned Sam with a look, "We'll meet again," she promised the bar owner. "Try not to miss me too much and stay away from shotguns, whatever those are, and don't leave your trailer on the next third day of the moon emptying.

Sam blinked. "What?"

Luna did not repeat herself; she just walked up to him and kissed him on the lips softly before turned on her heels and Apparated away with a soft sound. The clearing was eerily quiet after her sudden exit before Pam spoke up.

"That was like one of those sci-fi movies," the female Vampire noted.

"She kissed me," Sam muttered, shaking his head. He was still quite shocked with everything that happened but he had the look of a man in love. Harry did not fear that he would hurt Luna, so he focused on the Viking, noticing the look Eric was giving him.

"She was a Seer," Eric stated in a dry voice. "An honest to the gods Seer."

Sam's sharp intake of air went unspoken and so was Pam's "You've got to be shitting me!"

Harry just shrugged. "Well, since Luna herself kicked the hornet's nest and I bet she has her reasons, so yes, yes she is."

"Pam, take the dog and go," Eric ordered. "Harry and I need to talk."

Harry sighed. Of course Luna would make his life difficult.

They did not wander far, just far enough for Eric to be able to talk to him without being overheard. It was pitch black dark and Harry could not see well. But he could tell that however angry the Viking was, he still cared enough to help him and keep him from falling on his face.

"You are being secretive," Eric told him, and he made it sound like an accusation.

"Luna is my friend and after what happened with Hallow..."

"Not the witch thing," the Vampire quickly told him. "You are too deep in the supernatural world. Too deep to simply have friends that are Sups."

The wizard did not even blink and would like to think that his heart rate stayed the same.

"I believe we had that conversation on the night we first christened your office," Harry told him.

"Why do you keep hiding?" Eric demanded.

"Why do you keep pushing?" Harry asked in the same tone.

An enraged snarl left the Viking's lips. "Because I'm worried damn you!"

Just as fast as he blew up he reigned his temper back in. Or at least tried to because Harry could see his fangs were still out.

"I'm safe," the wizard said. "I don't understand why you are worried about me." If it had been Eric under amnesia, he could have chanced a guess. But Eric sans amnesia acted like most Vampires did. Harry would not admit anything that would leave him in a vulnerable position.

Eric made and angry noise again and moved with Vampire speed so that he towered over his dark-haired lover. "You are insufferable when you're like this. Secretive and acting clueless when you're not. I feel like I'm sleeping with a con man."

"I'm not playing you!" Harry exclaimed angrily.

The Vampire barked a laugh. "Aren't you?" he mocked.


"Then tell me," Eric's voice had a mocking quality when he said the next bit, "What happened when I was under Hallow's spell?"

Harry swallowed. "You're trying to extort me?"

"Is emotional blackmail even going to work?" Eric scoffed.

"I thought human relationships were beneath you."

"What are you trying to say, Harry?"

"Why are you acting all jealous suddenly?" the wizard countered.

"Jealous? I'm angry Harry!" Eric's voice rose. "Angry about the secrecy, the lies and omissions and all the bits of you I can't have!" He closed his eyes and opened them again. It was a testament to his emotional state that his fangs were still out. "I warned you I'm possessive. I warned you about my nature."

"Why is it such a big deal for you now?" Harry yelled back, eyes flashing with his magic barely contained. He had not felt this frustrated since his teens.

Eric made visible effort to calm his rage down. His blood lust was already reaching dangerous levels. "If you were in my shoes, what would you do?" the blond Vampire asked. "Would you let it go? Just shrug off the fact that weeks of your memories are missing?"

He leaned closer to Harry, moving his face so close to his lovers they were almost touching. It was both intimidating and seducing, a perfect move for a predator like him.

"Would you give up, Harry?" Eric demanded.


"Then what makes you think I will?"

Harry shook his head. "I won't tell you, Eric."

The Vampire moved. His hands were around Harry, who had his back pressed against a tree and a pair of deadly fangs were grazing the skin of his neck.

"You won't bite down," the wizard said, almost goading him.

"Oh, I disagree. I'm in the perfect position to tear your throat out."

"If you wanted me dead you'd have done it."

Eric tightened his grip on Harry, hearing with perfect clarity the heart thudding, pumping blood. His lover was not as calm as he wished to be. Then again he had managed to make Eric lose his temper, his mind, his control.

"Tell me."

"Why not? What's the big deal about it?"

"Because if I tell you, you won't believe me," Harry told him. "The way you acted without your memories..."

"What did I do? Did I hurt you in any way?" Eric back off. "I'd..."

"You've never hurt me, even now you did not hurt me," Harry assured him. "But I can't tell you because first, you won't believe me, and second..."

"I want to know," Eric told him.

Harry sagged against the tree. He looked tired and determined and too damn sexy. It could be because of the blood lust but the Viking knew it was not just that. He was too stubborn to admit what he thought was a weakness. Especially when he was still feeling vulnerable and his pride was smarting. He decided to blame his escalating arousal in blood lust.

Eric advanced on him again. "And I will. One day you'll tell me all your secrets," it was like he was promising himself that. And then he kissed Harry. It was hard and passionate and more than a little anger seeped in. It took all of Eric's self-control not to use fangs to pierce Harry's lips. If he did that the kiss would lead to the Vampire nearly draining his lover. And that was enough to almost make him lose his sex drive, almost.

"Your mood swings, damn them," Harry managed to say once the Vampire pulled back.

"This? This is what you make me feel. How out of control you render me," Eric said, resting his forehead against Harry's. "One of these days you and your secrets... You just might goad me into killing you."

Harry shivered. It was a dark thought, that one. And he could not say with confidence that it could not happen.

"But know this," Eric told him, voice low and intimate. "If I do kill you, my fangs will be in you and my blood in your veins. Because I will turn you and you will stay with me. If I'm to be driven insane, you're going to join me, Harry." This was a promise.

"I know."

"Good," the Vampire stressed. "You are Mine!"

The wizard could hear the capital 'M' clearly.

"And I will have all of you, and your secrets," Eric vowed. "And when I know everything, I'm going to make sure that you can never keep another secret from me again."

"Why are you obsessing over this?" Harry asked.

Eric looked solemn for a moment and there was that hint of vulnerability that the Viking used to have when he was under Hallow's spell. Then it was gone and the Vampire was kissing him.

They did not speak of Harry's secrets again. Every time Harry attempted to hint at revisiting the subject, Eric would distract him. Quite skilfully at that.

"It's not healthy."

The green-eyed wizard sighed. "I know that," he admitted.

Hermione regarded her best friend with concerned eyes. Her face was expressive, perhaps even more so because of the Floo flames that were dancing around her face.

"I cannot believe Luna would just up and leave and have you deal with the mess she made," the witch muttered.

"To be fair, she seems to have feelings... No she has feelings for Sam," Harry told her. "Luna was not playing anyone. It's simply that things turned out so horribly bad."

"She had another premonition Harry."

"From when do you trust divination?" the green eyes wizard sulked.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "I just detest Trelawney. Luna... She's actually legitimate in my eyes."

"Since you quit Divination half term in..."

"Harry James Potter! I cannot believe you would mention that!"

"It might be ancient history, Hermione, but it's still a gem of a story," he replied with cheek.

"When I get my hands on you," she muttered. The witch then took a deep breath and coughed a bit at the soot. "I hate Floo calling you. And letter just don't cut it."

"I'm not Apparating over there Hermione. Knowing you, the moment I step foot on British soil, you won't let me out of your sight. Those maternal instincts I guess."

"Harry! Your life is in danger! The longer you stay over there... Don't you see? That Vampire could kill you any minute now!"

"Yes, so you've told me. Plenty of times I might add."

"He threatened you Harry, outright and to your face."

The raven haired wizard shrugged. "He did. But I already knew that."

"You're extra stupid when you're in love with someone," Hermione remarked. There was resignation in her voice as she said this. "But then again, aren't we all like that?"

Harry blinked. "Why do you say that?"

"Because it's the truth. I bet you haven't told him," she said. "Or at least the Eric after he recovered from that amnesia spell."

Harry remained silent.

"I have eyes. The Greengrass sisters also saw it, Harry. As did Andromeda, Ginny, Charlie and Viktor, Thom and a number of people who know you." Hermione's face softened. "If you have feelings for him you are even more vulnerable than usual."

"I'm not helpless you know. I can defend myself."

"Will you promise me that," the witch urged him. "Will you promise me that if this Viking of yours loses his control you will drop the act and fight back?"

Harry sighed. "Where do all of you get the idea that I'm helpless around him?"

"You're not," Hermione stated, "But like I said, when you're in love..."

"Yes, yes, no need to repeat yourself. He knew I have secrets, Mione."

"He seems to hate witches, Harry."

"Wicca left a bad impression on him. And he seemed to love magic back when we were staying at Peverell castle."

"You are hopeless," Hermione told him.

"Are me and Eric worse than you and Ron?" Harry asked her.

There was a stretch of silence. She finally settled for, "You're on equal ground."

Harry laughed. "Talk to you later?"

"You had better," she mocked scolded. "We all miss you."

"I miss you guys as well."

"You should visit us again. Soon."

"Maybe I will," the green-eyed wizard told her.

Pam watched with hooded eyes as her Maker went on yet another rage. It was his third one since the mortal's friend turned out she was a witch. A shape shifting, species changing, flying witch. And a Seer on top of that. And this was the second rage that the Viking had decided to take out on the house. Nothing escaped him, not even valuable memorabilia he had painstakingly collected over the centuries. And he spouted several profanities, in six different languages. A few she even made a note of as she had never heard before.

When he was having a quiet spell (Pam resisted snickering at the pun) she decided to interrupt.

"All this for the Moon girl?" she remarked.

"No!" he growled at her.

"Harry then?" she guessed.

"He knew she was a witch," Eric said.

"Why did you make it a huge deal though?"

"I hate secrets."

Pam resisted rolling her eyes. "We all have them. In fact I thought you said it made him mysterious and even more desirable. Did you change your mind, Eric?" She decided to go for blood. "Are you finally bored and willing to share?"

In seconds he had a hand wrapped around her throat, fangs bared at her. The smirk on her face probably did not help her situation but it could not be helped.

"And here I thought it was a myth," she gurgled.

He released her. "Stop baiting me Pam."

"You're making it easy," the female Vampire said.

Eric glared at her. "I'm not in the mood."

"Just find someone to feed on, then fuck them. It might perk you right up."

"Pam!" he growled. Then he paused because there was a knowing look on her face that spoke volumes. She had taunted him on purpose, searching for something. And in his responses, she had found it. "What?"

"You have feelings for the green-eyed one. Don't deny this, I'm not looking for confirmation and I certainly don't seek weaknesses. You made me, remember. I'm loyal to you. And it's in my best interests to have you healthy and happy."

"Yes, you are a good Childe Pam, but you are being..."

"Don't say ridiculous," she muttered. "I have eyes. You are behaving like a typically love struck male."

"You mean human," the Viking spat.

"It's just the two of us here," Pam told him, her face grave. "Don't pretend with me how being dead makes us lose humanity. I can feel you through our bond. You are more human than you want the world to believe. Always have been. Is it so bad to feel, Eric?"

"It's a weakness."

"Harry shares your weakness."

"Does he?" Eric said, mostly to himself.

"Well," her voice was wry, "He did stick around, despite the imminent bodily harm and the threats on his life. If anything he's loyal."

"But is he in love with me?" Eric asked.

"My name is not Harry," Pam retorted. "And don't you know the answer?"

Now the Viking paused. He looked reluctant. "I've been dreaming," he finally told her.

Pam's eyes widened. "Like... Real dreams? Not those induced because of blood bonds?"

"I don't have a blood bond with Harry," Eric told her. "He has not really had my blood."

She looked at him with disbelief. "For real? Why not?"

Eric did not have an answer for her.

"You could trick him into a bond," Pam suggested. "Then you'll have the insight you crave and you'll know if he's for real or not."

"Don't you think I know that?" Eric scowled.

"Don't break more of your house," his Childe warned.

He showed her his fangs with a threat of retribution for her cheek obvious in the gesture. She nodded her head in deference but did not say she was sorry.

"You could also cut ties with him, cut your losses and leave that headache behind," Pam commented.

"I can't," Eric replied. "I won't." The mere idea of separating

The frustration on her face was clear. "We're going in circles. Again. What do you need from him?"


The Viking wanted to know what happened when Harry had found him, bewitched and confused. Why whenever he brought that up, the green-eyed man would smell of sadness. Had he hurt him? Harry said he had not. Had Eric hurt someone the mortal cared about? Slept around maybe? Eric was at a loss, especially since even with his memories; he had not slept with another since... It had been a while. If he thought about it, probably since Harry started gracing his bed, and office, and every other surface available to them. The British man had also been supplying Eric with top quality substitutes for blood, and those quenched Eric's thirst almost like real blood. And since The Viking had tasted Harry's blood, everyone else's seemed tasteless and bland.

Now that he knew about his lover keeping ties with witches, Eric was alert. He doubted that Harry was sent to kill him. If he wanted him dead he probably could have gotten rid of him long ago. He was quite friendly with Godric. His ancestor was also protective of him and disliked Eric enough to kill him.

The Vampire would very much like for the dreams to stop. Because he meant what he said to Pam. He had dreams the likes of which were very similar to a bond. They did not have that glow, that elation. They were blurry, almost foggy. He associated some emotion with them. What bothered him though, what made him attack Harry that way, was the fact that his secretive lover was a protagonist in those dreams?

"You will keep seeing him then?"

"Yes," Eric told her.

"Well, you had better fix this place up before he comes here again, if he's stupid enough to grace your bed since the last time you nearly killed him." She saw the look on his face and sighed. "He already slept with you, didn't he?"

Eric kept his mouth shut and looked smug.

"You are both insane," Pam commented. "Completely out of your minds. You are suspicious, he is suspicious... You really are going to kill each other one of these days."

"You think he's capable of hurting me?" the Viking asked.

"Don't you get that feeling sometimes? Like your green-eyed minx is much more than we can imagine?"

"Yes, that is what makes him all the more desirable, Pam."

"Just ... don't think solely with your dick, okay?"

"I don't..."

"With him, yes, you do," the female Vampire cut him off. "You're my Maker Eric. I want to keep having you around."

It made Eric's lips turn into a smile, which he quickly smothered. Too late though. She had seen it and would probably get him to but here at least two new pairs of shoes by the end of the week.

"Pam, don't behave differently around Harry," he just warned her.

"Oh, I won't," the female Vampire replied. "I actually like him. Him getting you so worked up? If you do survive, we'll be talking about this for centuries. But that girl… I only know of the Ancient Pythoness. And she's older than dirt. Do you think she's the real deal?"

Eric nodded. "She's a Seer, I believe that."

"I haven't heard of another, ever," Pam mused.

"If Seers are usually witches it would not surprise me. It takes power to see the future." And power was what Vampires respected.

"Does that make you unwilling to hurt her now?" his Childe wondered.

The Viking scoffed. "I'm not laying a finger on her," he replied. Centuries of old superstitions were dictating his actions now. "I'm not laying a finger on her. And neither are you."

"But aren't you tempted to turn her?"

"Yes, but at the same time no. What assures me she'll keep her powers after she's turned? What if she's just driven mad like Bubba, or worse…?"

"Becomes powerful enough to kill you," Pam finished from where her makers trailed off. It was not unheard of.

Eric gave a nod of his head. "It's delicate, turning a gifted mortal. There have been rumours of old Vampires trying to turn gifted people in the past. There is a reason the Pythoness is the only Oracle around. Her successor at the time had also been gifted but when one of the old ones tried turning her she just did take."

Pam huffed. "No use considering this then. It seems like more trouble than we need."


End of Chapter.