May 2003

Don sees Megan come into the office. She looks totally distraught. She is not really there. He decides to talk to her. "Megan!" "What can I do for you Don?" "Are you alright?" "I am fine thank you." She walks off to the breakroom with Don following her close behind. He walks into the breakroom after her and closes the door. After he has closed the door she starts talking. "Don I need your help." "Sure whatever you need." She gives him her autopsy report and he sees the date of death. Two days ago. "Megan I am so sorry about your sister. Tell me what happened." "I went to visit my sister in her appartment and she was ill. I was with her when she died" she starts to cry and Don pills her into a hug. "It is Ok. You are not alone. I am here with you. For you." "Thank you Don." After her tears have subsided a bit she pulls out of his hug and looks at him. "Don could you come to the funeral with me?" "Sure." "It is in two hours." "I´ll go with you." "Thank you." "Megan let us get out of here and get you something to eat." Megan nods and they leave the breakroom with Don´s arm around her shoulder. As they walk out the team is waiting for them and Colby says. "You guys having fun?" "Follow us if you want to know." Don and Megan walk of with the team following them. They follow them into the church and to the grave of Victoria Reaves. The team can only assume that it is her sister, because of the age. After the funeral Don and Megan see them and walk over to them. "What can we do for you?" asks Don. They walk over to the cars and Colby says. "We´re very sorry about your sister Megan. "Thank you guys." Then she looks at Don pleadingly and he takes the hint and opens the car for her. When she is in the car Colby speaks up. "Is she alright Don?" "She will be. I will take her home. Please tell everyone to give her a break." "Will do." Don gets in the car on the driver side and drives them to Megan´s appartment. When they arrive at her appartment she sists down on the couch and pulls her lega up and puts her arms around her knees. Don comes into the livingroom with a cup of tea for each of them. She refuses the tea. "Megan please you have to drink something." She obeys and drinks the tea.

An hour later Megan is talking about her sister with Don and she reveals something. "She visited me at the office once and I showed her around and told who is who. She said that she could see it in your eyes that you love me. Is that true Don?" "It is Megan. I love you." She starts crying and he asks worried. "Are you alright Megan?" "I sure am. I love you too. Since I have met you the first time." Their lips move towards each other and their kiss is passionate and after a while Don carries Megan to her bed. She by now is sleeping and Don lays her down on the bed and covers her with the blanket. He wants to leave but she stops him. "Please do not leave me. Do not ever leave me Don." "You know I will not leave you Megan. I love you." "Prove it to me Don." He lays down next to her and kisses her passionately. He moves his hand under her shirts and she does not stop him. After their lovemakeing she lies in his arms and he notices her tears. "Megan what is it? Did I hurt you?" "No you did not hurt me. I just wish that Vicky could see me this happy." "She is watching you from heaven Megan." "I know."

The next morning Don wakes up and Megan is already in the livingroom. He walks in and sees her standing in front of the sideboard. He walks up to her and wraps his arms around her waist and she snuggles into his embrace. Thankful for his strong arms to hold her. "She was very ill." "Who Megan?" "She suffered from Mukoviszidose like my other sister Matilda." "I am sorry Megan." He sees the tears forming in her eyes and pulls her into a hug. "Don do you want to make our relationship public." "If you want us to." "Do I would prefer to keep a secret for a little while. The last time has just been hard. I want to enjoy my happiness without being judged by anyone. I need time Don." "I understand. You will have as much time as you need. We will only make it public when you want to." "Thank you Don. We should get going to work." "I know." They drive to the office in silence. They give each other one last kiss in the elevator and then step out on their floor ajd go to their desks. Colby and David look at them a little suspicious but do not say anything. When Don explains the new case to the team Colby speaks up. "So what is there between the two of you?" "Nothing I just went to her sisters funeral with her. That is all. No more about that." Later when all are working at their desks Colby and David ask Megan about her persumed relationship and Megan writes Don and SMS telling him that she will call him in a minute and he should only listen. He does it when she calls him. "Megan there is more between you and Don right?" "Like Don said. There is not more. He went to Victoria´s funeral with me. That is all." "Megan what did the two of you when he brought you home?" Don has heard enough and walks over to her desk. "Guys give her a break. She has just lost her sister." "We want to know what happened Don?" "Drop it. Instead you could find our suspect." They do as they are told and Don leads Megan to the breakroom. When they arrive in the breakroom and after Don has closed the door. "Don I do not want them to dig in my private life." "I understand. But they will find out anyway." "I know but I cannot make it public. Not yet. My parents would know too someday. For my parents we already committed a sin, because I will not be a virgin anymore when I marry." "Megan I love you. We will figure it out. OK?" "Don but if we tell someone we need to be married before we tell my parents." "Then we will take care of it." "Are you sure Don? I mean we have only been dating since yesterday." "Whatever makes the whole situation easier for you." "Thank you Don." "Anything for you honey."

The next day they go to the Court House and get married in a little ceremony. After that they write emails to the team, to Megan´s family and to Don´s family. They invite them to Megan´s house for the next day.

When everyone is seated Don speaks up. "We asked you to come here because we have to tell you something. We married yesterday at the Court House. But we will not celebrate the wedding due to the events in Megan´s family." Everyone congratulates them and after a while Megan excuses herself. When she does not come back for a while Matilda goes to the bedroom and finds her on the bed. "Megan are you alright?" "It is just oo much Matilda. Send everyone home. But I want you to stay. And tell Don to come see me." Matilda walks back downstairs and talsk to Don. He sends them home and then he walks up to Megan. "Honey what is it?" She looks up at him with tears in her eyes. "Why are you crying Megan?" "it is just too much Don. Right after Vicky died. I just want you and Matilda around." "Whatever you prefer sweetheart." She lays her head against his chest and he pulls her into a hug. He notices that the strong Megan is very needy right now. After a while Megan falls asleep and Don alys her down and covers her with a blanket. Then he calls in sick for himself and for Megan for the next two days.