April 2009

Sometimes Don hated to be the bearer of bad news, especially when he had to give them to his wife.

His father-in-law had called him at work and had told him that Megan´s mother Patricia had passed away after a car accident. She deserved some peace of bad news, but unfortunately she was not allowed to have it.

Returning home he found his wife sitting on the couch and feeding David. Victoria and Mathilda were nowhere to be seen. He went to greet his wife. "Hey honey!" she looked up at smiled at him. He carefully leaned forward and lightly kissed her. "Where are the girls?" "They are playing upstairs."

He decided to take care of dinner, while she was feeding and tending to David. He dreaded the time when he had to tell her the truth. She would be devastated. Even though she had difficulties with her parents she still loved them very much, especially after losing her sisters, she had a close relationship with them.

During dinner Megan was watching him and sensed that he had something on his mind. "Don, are you alright?" he looked at her and knew that she knew that something was off. He smiled at her. "Honey we will talk later. I promise." She furrowed her brow trying to think of a reason why he would want to talk to her. Then it suddenly dawned on her. Something had to be wrong with her parents or the team.

She looked at her daughters and smiled as she watched them talking to Don. He caught her eye and knew that must have guessed something. Even though she was smiling he saw something in her eyes that he did not like. She looked afraid. He reached over and placed a hand on her lower arm. Megan turned her head to look at him. "We will be fine sweetheart."

His hand on her arm had stopped her from getting up and calling her father just to be sure that everything is alright. "Megan I will tell you later, but I promise you that we will be alright." She nodded. Yes she trusted Don and his judgment. She believed him. Good that she did not know what he was about to tell her.

After effectively putting the kids to bed, even the over active Victoria they finally had time alone. Don had made sure that they would spend their evening in their bedroom, knowing what kind of shock his wife was about to endure. When she walked into the bedroom and after she had closed the door he knew it was time for the truth. "What is that you want to talk about Don? What is it that we could not talk about earlier?"

She started to change her clothes. Don slowly got up from the bed and stopped right in front of her. "It´s my family right?" as a response she just nodded. Horrified she moved away from him and moved to stand right in front of the window. "Sweetheart your mother had a car accident on the freeway this today. She died on impact. I am sorry honey." He stayed away from her knowing that she might need space.

Suddenly she turned around and continued changing. "I assume that dad will let us know when the funeral will be. We are going to have to decide if we want to take the kids to the funeral or if we will leave them with David." "Do not worry Megan. We will figure it out." He was surprised by her reaction. He assumed that she was still in shock about the news and just hoped that she would crack soon. He took a step towards her but she effectively walked around him and walked into the bathroom.

She was looking into the bathroom mirror and looked at her face, that almost looked like her mother´s face. It suddenly hit her. Her mother Patricia would never walk around her house again and would never see her grandchildren again. They would never see their granny again. Why did she have to drive today? What was so important that she had to use the car?

She threw her brush in the sink and dissolved into tears.

Don had been waiting in their bedroom for her when he suddenly heard the sound of something crashing. When he rushed into the bathroom he found her brush in the sink and his wife clutching the table as tears streamed down her face. She was breaking.

He carefully pulled her into an embrace. "Shh. I am so sorry Megan." She clutched his shirt and burrowed deep into his chest. When her knees buckled he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He held her while she cried as sobs wrecked her body.

"What are we going to tell the children? Victoria and Mathilda love their grandmother." Sobs again wrecked her body. He tightened his hold on her while lightly kissing her head.

When she calmed down after a while she sat back a little to look at him. "We will have to tell the girls, the team and your family." "We will Megan." She nodded. "You knew how I would react. So you waited until you told, me." He smiled at her a little. "Sweetheart I know how you react to such news. The kids, didn´t need to see it." She nodded and rested her head against his chest again. He pulled her to him and just held her knowing that she would need time to come to terms with her mother´s death.

He hated to see his wife in this state. God he somehow even feared the funeral. Megan had loved her mother so much. "I love you Megan. In time we will be alright." She looked up at him doubtingly. "Try to let me do the work, alright?" she nodded against his chest.

"I want you to do whatever you want over the next few days. Let me handle the rest." She snaked an arm around his chest and pulled herself more tightly against him. He copied her actions. "Would it be wrong of me to ask you to stay home tomorrow?" Her voice was muffled by his shirt but he still heard her clearly. He carefully moved her back to be able to look directly into her eyes. "After your father called me in the office I already talked with the chief. I am home until the end of the week." "Thank you."

She leaned forward to touch his lips, begging for entrance. He gave it to her. He gave her lead knowing that she needed it. She poured all the emotions into the kiss. She clung to him desperate for some sort of stability. He gave her what she needed. He held her tightly while he gave her the control, until he suddenly felt his face get wet. She burrowed into his shoulder and his just stroked her back.

The next morning he took care of the kids while she tried to get herself together. He had already informed his father and David. When she appeared in the kitchen doorway Don immediately noticed the devastated look in her eyes. "Good morning Megan." She smiled at him.

He walked up to her and lightly kissed her and pulled her into a hug. She held onto him tightly and hid her face in his shoulder for a minute. When she looked at him again he could see a few tears. "The girls are playing quietly in the living-room. Megan nodded and went to sit down at the kitchen table.

She watched him while he was setting the kitchen table. After eating breakfast with the girls David came by to pick them up. Megan just acknowledged it without saying a word. She hardly ate anything for breakfast.

He found her on their bed curled up in a ball. He carefully sat down next to her. "Megan I think David is hungry." She just nodded got up and went to the nursery. She fed him on the living-room couch resting against Don´s chest. After she had put him down in the cot she returned to the couch and snuggled into Don and tried to understand what had happened the day before.

When the doorbell rang Don went answer it and found his father standing in front of him. He led him into the living-room. "Megan my father is here." She slowly turned around and nodded at the two men. Don´s father looked at him questioningly and Don just nodded.

Alan carefully walked to Megan to give her his condolences. He stopped a few feet away from her in front of her but she seemed too looked right through him. She suddenly knew that she had to do something to avoid being looked at from Alan. She knew that Alan liked black coffee.

She got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to make coffee. While she was preparing the coffee Don had decided to follow her. He watched at how normal it looked at she was preparing coffee. He carefully approached her. "Megan…" she did not react. "Megan you do not have to prepare coffee." When she turned around she had 2 cups of coffee in her hands.

She walked past him to the living-room and gave one to Alan. "Thank you Megan" she smiled lightly at him and resumed her spot on the couch with the other cup of coffee.

Don carefully sat down on the armrest of the couch Megan was sitting on and put an arm around her shoulder. She leaned into him immediately thankful for his support. Don saw that she was trying to grab a hold of some normalcy. That is why she made the coffee.

"I am sorry Alan." "That is alright Megan. Take all the time you need." Alan bid his good-bye a little while later and left the couple alone again. She snuggled into Don again. "His visit just took me by surprise." "I know Megan."

The next few days were practically spent in the same way. Megan, trying to stick to normalcy and keeping quiet most of the time.

On Saturday morning Don had brought the children to his neighbor´s house for the funeral. He knew that he would have his hands full with Megan.

During the funeral Megan desperately tried to hold it together for her father who was leaning on her and Don for support. At the little get together she also kept it together for her father´s sake.

When the returned home later the floodgates opened wide. She broke down sobbing in Don´s arms. He carried her to the bed to get her comfortable. After what seemed like hours she sagged against him without speaking a word and he knew that she had fallen asleep. She was getting the rest she so desperately needed.

He held her while she rested against him and prayed that she would survive this without further damage. Good knows she needs her strength for the kids. She had left a lot of her strength trying to hold it together and when she just cried herself to sleep."I love you Megan and we will get through this." He kissed her head again hoping for better times.