A/N: Did you ever wonder what the SPN universe would be like if there was a third Winchester sibling. This is my take, Kailyn Winchester is the younger half-sister of Sam and Dean and the story for the most part is told from her point of view. Spoilers for season four, takes place after On the Head of a Pin episode.

I do not own or in any way am associated with Supernatural or the CW network. Supernatural belongs to the brilliant Eric Kripke and the CW network.

The vision woke me in a cold sweat. At first I had thought that the job my family did was finally catching up with me. Sam, my Sammy was shrouded in darkness; he was staring at Ruby as if my dream manifestation wasn't there. The demon pulled a knife from her belt and approached my dear brother and kissed him, she pulled back from him and brought up the knife, holding her arm out she sliced her wrist. In a hungry fervor, Sam grabbed her arm and took the wound in his mouth and drank from her.

I jerked awake and blinked in the darkness. Sam and Dean were in the adjoining room asleep. I groaned at the vision, disappointed in my brother and pissed as Hell at the demon who was supposed to be 'helping' in the fight against Lilith.

"Castiel, I need you." I said, casting my gaze to the ceiling.

A flutter of wings and I felt the side of the bed give and the bedside light was flipped on. "What's the matter Kailyn? Why are you calling me at... 3:12 in the morning?" he asked, regarding me with an intense azure gaze after he checked the time on the clock beside the bed.

"I just had a vision/ nightmare. I need to tell you because I think that it's something that you and the rest of your garrison should know. I saw him with Ruby… and he was drinking her blood. Cas her blood, he's becoming what yellow eyes wanted him to become and I want to stop it but I don't know how." I said desperation and hysteria edging its way into my voice.

"Kail, we will help you… I will help. Don't worry; it will be taken care of." Castiel answered, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and pulling me close, something that he never did in the company of Dean and Sam. Cas was quickly become one of my best friends, if angels could have friends.

"What are you gonna do?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck and burrowing my face into his trench coat.

"I will have to talk to my brothers and sisters and we will decide on what to do. But please look after yourself until we do." He answered, tightening the hug. "You need to go back to sleep."

"Okay, will you stay with me until I do? I don't want to be by myself, I might dream it again and I don't like seeing my brother like that." I said laying back against the sheets and looking up at Cas.

"Yeah, I'll stay with you. Think about something happy, I'll be here." He answered, clicking off the light and sitting in a chair near the bed.

"Thanks Cas; I dunno what I'd do without you around." I said, turning on my side to see him in the moonlight that filtered through the curtain.

"You would manage pretty well I'd think. Goodnight Kailyn." Cas said smiling in the darkness as I drifted off to sleep.

"Night MAC." I said, referring to the angel with the nickname that only I ever called him.