A/N: after all the talk about the hoodoo priestess... I have decided to introduce y'all to her. So here's what Sam and Dean did and without further ado, Anahita Endris. Enjoy!!!

"What did you guys do?" I asked, fighting to control my Winchester temper.

"Kailyn, don't be mad. You've had that duster long before you ever started hunting with us and it was getting pretty ragged, even before I stabbed you. But when Cas got you back here it was covered in blood and had a hole in the front and the back where the blade went through you so Dean and I took it out back and burned it while you were still unconscious." Sam said, the words spilling out of his mouth.

"You… burned it?" I said, my ears getting warm.

Dean chose that moment to return down the stairs. I rounded on him to start ripping into him but he held up a hand and then drew a black box from behind him and thrust it in my hands. "Don't bitch at us until you open that Pip."

I looked down at the box and back up at Dean. I put the box on the desk and pulled the lid off; inside, layers of red tissue paper covered whatever the box contained. I swept them apart and there nestled in the tissue, made of the softest leather I had ever seen, was a coat of the darkest blue that it looked nearly black. I extracted the coat from the box and tried it on. It fit as if it were custom made for me, hitting just below my knees. It was ideal for a shoulder holster and if I wanted, it would conceal the mare's leg that I wore sometimes.

"You know, this almost makes me not mad at you for burning my old one." I finally said, glancing from green eyes to brown eyes and then into amused blue ones.

"She took it a lot better than I thought she would boys. I had my money on one or both of you walking out of here with a limp." Bobby said, not looking up from the book, engrossed in learning of our new adversaries.

"Us too, that's why I let Sammy tell her that we torched it. I thought she'd shoot the messenger." Dean said, his moment of weakness forgotten to tease me.

"Shut up the both of you. Thank you for the new duster, it's beautiful." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Fine, I'll drive and you can give directions." Sam said, taking the keys form Dean's slack hand and raising a hand in farewell to Bobby.

"Did I say you could drive my car? Sam! Damn it. I'll see ya later Bobby." Dean said, following Sam out into the rain.

"I'll call you when we get to Anita's. Take care and if anything happens, let us know." I said, hugging Bobby with a smile.

"Okay and take care of yourself and your brothers. I may not like you getting her help, but you're right; we need some help." Bobby said, returning the hug and then looking over my shoulder at Castiel. "Protect my family the best you can Castiel."

"I will do all within my power Bobby." Cas answered, taking my hand.

When we walked out on the porch Sam and Dean were arguing about who was going to drive.

"Dean I'm driving." Sam said, looking down on our older brother.

"I said you aren't. It's my car." Dean said, scowling up at Sammy.

"And when do I ever listen to what you say?" Sam asked, his mouth twisting into a grin. I looked up at Castiel in amusement.

"Bitch," Dean said tossing the keys back to Sam.

"Jerk," Sam answered, winking at me as he got in the driver's side. I squeezed Cas's hand and climbed in shotgun; leaving Dean and Cas to get in the back and we were on our way to Montana.

Down a gravel road, in the middle of a copse of trees sat a quaint little two story house with a wraparound porch, pots of various herbs and plants hung on hooks and sat on the edge o the porch. A large oak sycamore tree with a swing made from a wooden plank and a length of rope hung form a lower limb. On the porch swing laid a large orange and white cat the size of a small dog. In the small garden off to the side of the house kneeled a small woman with long black hair pulled back in a messy bun.

She stood and picked up a basket full of tomatoes and green onions and walked into the house. The small screened in sunroom was littered with jars of dries herbs and hanging from hooks and strings were miscellaneous voodoo paraphernalia. She walked through the room and set the basket on the maple table as she passed through the kitchen to the living room. She opened the front door and looked at the cat.

"Lynx come on. Someone's coming." She said in a soft, but rather raspy voice.

The cat raised its head and looked at her for a moment then meowed and leapt off the swing, darting into the open door.

The woman closed the door and locked the door. Grabbing a small burlap bag, she laid a line of dirt across the door. A short while later the sound of a vehicle could be heard rumbling down the driveway. She plucked up a sawed off twelve gauge from behind the chair in front of the window and pumped a shell into the chamber.

"Nice house. Why does she live so far in the sticks?" Sammy asked, slowing down to examine the house before us.

"She used to live in Canada, but some of her neighbors were closed minded and highly superstitious and she got to where she couldn't take it. She moved here away from the major population. She's very much like Rufus, only a little worse." I answered, nerves starting to get jumpy.

"That'll be lovely." Dean commented with an eye roll.

Sam pulled up beside a 1966 Shelby GT 350 and cut the engine. A curtain flapped closed in one of the front windows.

We all got out and I led the way onto the porch. An intercom was mounted beside the door. A powerful aura rolled from the house. In wonder I raised my hand and moved it toward the side of the house. The force of something pushed against my hand. I looked over at Castiel in wonderment. "She warded the house. I've always wondered whether they would work." I said, before pushing the intercom button.

"'Nita, can we come in?" I asked, looking back over my shoulder at Dean who was wandering around the porch, smelling plants as he went.

"I dunno, what do you want Kailyn?" a raspy voice answered back.

"We need your help. But I'd really rather we not discuss it over this intercom, who knows what could be listening."

"Who is that with you?"

"My brothers Sam and Dean Winchester and a friend; his name is Castiel."

"You brought an angel here? I don't know if I'll let you in now or not."

"Are you sure about that? I've got a couple of bottles of JW Black and some herbs that I'm pretty sure you don't have."

"Keep a leash on your angel and I'll let you in." she finally said.

The sound of locks being moved could be heard from inside the house and the door swung open to reveal a woman a few inches taller than me with long black hair pulled away from a pixie like face. She was a very beautiful woman but her face was marred by a long smooth scar that started above the middle of her right eye, ran across the bridge of her nose, inches below her left eye and across her left cheek, ending just below her chin. A short sleeved shirt revealed a vampire bite scar below her elbow and various claw marks up both arms.

Standing to the side she gestured us inside. I stepped over the line of dirt, followed by Cas and Sam with Dean bringing up the rear.

"Alright whatta ya need?"She asked after she had closed the door and checked the line. Sam's eyes followed her movements with interest and Dean checked out her butt when she bent to check the line of dirt.

"Your help, Anahita. Lucifer is raised and we have to stop him. I think you could help us." I said, taking the bag from Sam and extending it to Anita.

"Why is it that you are the only one that ever calls me that?" she asked, taking the bag from me as she glanced between me and Castiel.

"Because I know who you really are. I know and I respect it, not just that you're a priestess but that you're Anakim. I know that's why you're wary of Castiel, but he isn't here to kill you. He's here to help us." I said, smiling at my angel and then looking back to her.

"That may be one of the reasons he's here, but that ain't all of it." She snorted.

"I'm glad you think it's funny. But I don't; he risked falling to save me. If I hadn't loved him before my death I would have after he ripped a part of his grace to save me." I snapped, taken aback by her condescending tone. "Who are you to act high and mighty? If not for me, you'd have been a Wendigo's dinner."

"Alright, alright; I'm sorry. It's just for the past thousand years my mother warned me about angels coming to kill me for being what I am." She answered, hanging her head slightly, as if in shame.

"We would appreciate it if you would help us." Sam spoke up.

"I would love to help, but no one has yet to explain what you need my help for. I'm just a practitioner of vaudun. What could I do to help you?" she asked, looking back up at Sammy.

"Angel's hunt you down just for being what you what you are. You know exactly what we need you for." Dean said, his eyes showing a mixture of anger and determination. "Hell, you don't even have to do the hard part. I… Kail, I'm going outside. This chick is too much. Come find me when you're done."

I watched my older brother unlatch the door and walk out, looking at Sam and Castiel before turning back to Anahita. "That man that just walked out of here is the man who has to kill Lucifer by himself, personally. Nobody else can stop the ultimate evil fallen angel." I illustrated to the slack jawed woman.

"I didn't realize that he was the one from the prophesy." She said simply.

"Will you help us? Please?" Sam asked. Saying no more as he eyed the Anakim with his warm brown eyes,

She cast a glance at Sam before turning her eyes to Cas and then finally to me. She hesitated and finally answered "Yes. I'll help you."