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Brief Summary (Revised as of 4/6/09): As Orochimaru has join forces with ole Voldy- the Naruto-tachi has been requested to guard Hogwarts and the infamous Harry Potter. It's the fourth year and so- everyone must be on the alert as anything can happen during the Triwizard Tournament. As a bout of new found love and danger comes into play- this will be one hell of a year for our golden trio and their three guards. AU|YAOI|SASUNARU

Unseen Consequences

P r o l o g u e

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe." -Mark Twain

Across the wide open land and through the steep mountains. Over the seemingly endless deep blue sea and pass the evergreen forest. Along the border of one land and into the next, it continued onward, knowing that it would not rest until it has reached its destination. Wings open wide, its body soaring high into the sky, it flies forth, not once wavering but flying proudly and true. A majestic and rather breathtaking sight as the female long-eared owl made her long trip across the unfamiliar land. Her piercing amber orbs scanned the scene below her with a calculating gaze, her eyes searching for her one true destination. It wasn't long afterward that she finally sighted the place she sought, her lithe body perking in anticipation as she angled downward and made to land.

Even if hidden from view beneath the many trees, nothing could escape her sharp eyes and keen senses. She was not your usual owl after all. Beneath it all, a village sat, the very place blending with the forests and mountains that surrounded it. Luckily though, concealment was something the long-eared owl was all too familiar with. Diving down, descending farther and farther, the owl was only a few feet away from landing. Her eyes seeking the right branch to land upon, her speed seemed to ascend faster and faster and just when you would have thought that she would have collided, the owl landed gracefully upon a strong and sturdy branch- right after she had lean down to take the envelope from her talons tight grip and into her beck. She held the envelope firmly within her mouth whilst her head cock to and fro, her amber eyes remaining alert as she assessed her strange surrounding.

This is the place she needed to be? Her head lulled to the side as if in curiosity.

Right before her, a large gate stood. With it's door closed, it was indeed an imposing sight but that teetered the owl not. All that welled up inside of her was the determination to have the intended person receive the letter she held. Yes. That was all that mattered. Well- the thought of snacking on a mice that scurry passed her line of vision seemed pleasing as well but knew she would have to save that thought for later. Hopping into the air, her wings flap rapidly to gain the needed speed and momentum and once again, her body lifted into the sky once more, gliding now just above the very gates she had seen. Now however, she was granted by another site as she soared pass the large green gates.

No one seemed to notice her. Well, she posed no threat after all so it was obvious that no one would and in such a village as this, owls and birds of the like could be seen as a normal sighting.

Below, was a bustling village, the people all about and everyone were busy and hard at work. Smiling and cheerful faces, all very much so happy at what they were doing. Ah- it was truly a sight. The many buildings, high and low, old and new- they were all corroded together with their orange, blue, and red tiled rooftops and in the not so far distance, a mountain stood with five artistically carved faces engraved into the rock's hard surface- four male and one female. It was a very impressive sight.

The long-eared owl scanned it all with an ever watchful eye and as her amber orbs sighted the tall tower located at the center of this village, the long-eared owl knew she had found her true destination. Wings spread wide, her body tilted sideways as she soared downward. With the envelope still within her mouth, she landed with a soft thump just outside one of the many large windows that surrounded the upper most floor of the tower. Hopping closer to the window pane, the owl peer into the clear glass window, her head tilting to the side as she noted the inside of the room.

Empty. Empty of anything except for the back of a chair that sat before a large desk of which was filled with scrolls and books, and an assortment of documents. Was anyone there? From her view, she couldn't tell. Not bother to wonder through, the long-eared owl placed the envelope down at her feet. She then began tapping at the window.

Clack, clack, clack. Nothing.

Clack, clack, clack. The blue chair moved.

Clack, clack, clack. The chair began to turn and a woman with long blond hair could be seen. A small blue diamond shape mark marred the top her forehead. Wide brown eyes, full pink lips and an overly large bust- a fully and finely figured woman. The woman's head lulled to the side as she notice the owl perched outside her window, her eyes gaining then a curious expression as she stood and made her way to the window. Arms extended, the woman pushed up the window, opening it.

Taking this chance, the owl picked up the envelope and hopped inside but remain on the sill still.

"Well," the woman began, "what is that you have there?"

The owl place the envelope on the sill next to her and cooed at the woman. She was happy that she had completed her job successfully. Cooing again, she then began to preen herself as she ran her beck through her feathers. She straighten once more when the woman reached out, albeit slowly and cautiously, to pick up the envelope and seem to read the address upon the front. The frown that the owl had already notice upon the woman's face deepen afterward and as the hand that held the letter dropped to her side, the woman turned her eyes back to the owl. Her face was then filled with a look of wonder before she returned her gaze to the envelope in hand.

In bold emerald green ink, it read:

Ms. Tsunade, Fifth Hokage
Uppermost floor of Hokage Tower
Konohagakure no Sato
Land of Fire


Soifra's Ending Note-

The story has been edited as of Apirl 10th, 2009. I am going through all the chapters and making corrections in spelling, grammar- et cetera, et cetera.

About this chapter: Yes, it's short but it's a prologue. Prologue have no need in being long- it's just there to start off a story and what I have written explains what I wanted to tell the readers. I am satisfied. It is written from an owl's point of view and I know that the owl appears to behave very much like that of a human. If you haven't notice, guessed or wondered though, J.K Rowlings depiction of her owls are very similiar as they are not ordinary owls after all; they are magical owls and I think it is a given that they have a right to have some human characteristic.