Chapter 1: The Unexpected Surprise

He panted and moaned as the huge tom pounded him senseless into the mattress. It felt so fantastic that it didn't register with him that the male wasn't where he was supposed to be.

They were soo close to the finish, he writhed and raised his hips higher to take the tom even deeper. It felt so incredible. Tingles raced up his spine, the male's cock swelled even larger then it struck.......that lightning bolt of pleasure that sent both of them roaring in release.

Waves of wonderful pleasure rippled through him for several more seconds before finally releasing him into a limp, sated heap......the male draped over him.

When he'd regained his senses and the male eased out of him, that was when he realized, to his horror, that his sex partner had slipped from his first position to a totally new and forbidden one.

Inside he was stricken with fear but outwardly he smiled at the male and thanked him for the exceptional ride. He wasn't lying......the male had been very good and it wasn't his fault for what had happened. Holding onto his pleased expression he made his excuses and left for the shower, making it clear his partner should leave. Though disappointed, the male did so with good grace.

Alone at last, he let out a brief cry of frustration and anger as he hurriedly tried to clean himself. Douching wasn't an efficient way to remove a male's seed but it was all he could do. Refusing to worry himself to death over the mistake, knowing pregnancy was nearly impossible, he shoved the concern to the back of his mind and got some sleep.

The next day, he packed for his return to Megakat City. This had been a business trip and he was due home by tomorrow.

His one night stand forgotten in the hectic pace of his normal work day, Commander Feral went on as if nothing had happened.

Unfortunately, more than three months later, the mistake came back to make a new appearance in a form he could have done without.

He was dressing for work when he realized his pants were not fitting properly. Frowning, he went to his full length door mirror to look at his profile. He stood there gaping for several seconds before his mind could grasp what it was seeing.

He reached a paw down and hesitantly caressed the swelling. It wasn't soft as excess fat might be but hard as something else most assuredly was.

Absolute terror held him frozen in place. His mind flew in all directions as he tried to think of what to do now, but no answers were forthcoming. As he had done before, he did again...ignored it.

He hurriedly dressed for work. The omegas were very much active at this time and he was run ragged fighting, cleaning up messes, and doing reams of reports over the next few months. He was very good at ignoring problems he didn't want to address so simply loosened his clothing a bit and pretended his belly wasn't expanding everyday.

Time passed swiftly and after another late night at his desk, he arrived home. It had been a long day with Hard Drive making an appearance and creating some sizeable havoc along the way before finally being captured by the SWAT Kats.....again.

He'd been achy and exhausted by the time he'd returned to his office near quitting time. He had far too much work to leave till morning so he'd remained well after dark to get it done. By the time he'd gotten home, he was nearly too tired to undress, eat or shower. He managed to undress, wasn't hungry, and gave up on the idea of a shower, when he finally crawled into his bed nude.

It was nearly dawn when the pains woke him from a restless sleep. He moaned and cried out as the pains intensified. Panting, he shoved his bedding off and flicked on his lamp on the night stand. His bed was wet with fluids and some traces of blood.

'Noooo!' He cried out in his mind but there was no denying he was in labor.

It was terrifying and painful. He grunted and growled through contraction after contraction until an intense need to push shoved him to his paws and knees. It seemed to take forever before the kitten was expelled.

Feral fell to his side in exhaustion. As he heaved for breath, the kitten was struggling to breathe and its cry was weak. Instinct took over as he reached for it and began to lick it briskly all over. By the time he'd cleaned it thoroughly with his tongue, the kitten was crying lustily. Even more exhausted, Feral laid back down on his side and offered the kitten his nipple which it latched on hungrily.

All was quiet in his apartment, only the sound of the kitten's soft growls and Feral's pants could be heard. He didn't know how much time had passed when he realized he was getting cold and his body felt like lead. The kitten had fallen asleep and was curled against his side.

He sensed something was very wrong. Though it was hard to move, he looked down at himself. There were even more fluids on his bed, but that was expected, however, the fresh blood was not.

Shuddering, he laid still to catch his breath then reached for his phone.

Sgt Fallon had been enjoying sleeping in since he wasn't due in to work today so was really annoyed when his phone shrilled for his attention near his head. He fumbled for it and finally got it to his ear.


"Fallon, need your help......come to my apartment asap." Came a voice he barely recognized.

"Commander?" He gasped, sitting up fast.

"Hurry!" The phone line went dead.

Sgt Fallon stared at it for a second in shock. Shaking himself, fear driving him, he hung up the phone and raced to get dressed. He decided he should wear his uniform then tore out of his apartment at a run.

Racing through the still quiet streets of the city, his heart was pounding in fear. Feral's voice sounded really bad and he was afraid of what he'd find when he got there. Some years ago, the Commander had given him a key to his apartment should something happen and he needed help. In all those years, he'd never had to use it until today.

His mouth dry, he parked before the apartment building, locked his car and ran to the entrance. Entering the elevator, he tapped his foot nervously as he waited for it to get to the Commander's floor. The elevator pinged startling him then slid open. He hurried out and went down the hall to the right, to the last door at the end. He knocked first but when there was no answer, he used the key and walked in.

The apartment was silent. He frowned but quietly crossed the living room to go to the bedroom where he was fairly sure he would find the Commander. The first thing that hit him was the smell of blood. His heart lurched in his chest.

There was the Commander laying nude on his bed. Blood and other fluids were pooled around his nether regions and laying curled up near his chest was a tiny kitten. He froze in stunned shock, unable to move closer.

Feral was drifting in and out of consciousness. He knew he was in serious trouble, most likely bleeding to death. He heard a gasp and, though it took a lot of effort, he slowly opened his leaden eyelids.

Standing just inside the door of his bedroom was Sgt Fallon, his face a mask of shock. Feral found he had no strength to speak and watched helplessly as his assistant shook off his shock and hurried forward.

"Oh my God! Sir, are you still bleeding?" He asked urgently.

Feral nodded weakly, "Yesssss....." He barely managed.

Turning to the bathroom, Fallon frantically searched for a first aid kit. He let out a hiss of relief when he found it. He rushed back to his Commander, opening the kit he pawed through it until he found all the gauze the kit held. Trying not to hurt the huge tom but knowing he had to hurry, he spread Feral's legs enough so that he could get to the vagina.

He swallowed hard as he saw fresh blood pouring out. Quickly, he began packing gauze into the cavity, filling it up, then used a heavy towel he'd pulled from a cupboard to press hard against the opening. His paws were covered in blood but it looked like he'd managed to stop the heavy bleeding. He gently pulled Feral's top leg back over the bottom to keep the towel in place. He needed to call for help.

He went to the phone next to his Commander's head and summoned an ambulance. Done, he went and washed most of the blood off him before going to a closet to find a cleaner blanket. He pulled the sodden bedding off the dark tom and quickly tucked the new blanket around him to keep him warm.

He checked the kitten and found it was breathing easily and was warm. He sighed mentally in relief, he'd feared the kitten was dead, though that condition would have solved many things......alive presented some new problems that would have to be dealt with later......saving the Commander was what was important right now.

When the paramedics arrived they were taken aback. A breeding hermaphrodite male was very rare, but they quickly got down to business. The older of the pair complimented Sgt Fallon on his quick action stopping the bleeding. The paramedics did not undo his work but carefully moved the dark tom to the gurney. They started an IV before taking him out of the apartment.

The kitten was wrapped in warm blankets and given to Fallon to carry down and hold in the ambulance. Feral was smoothly loaded and Fallon was instructed to take a seat at the head of the gurney. The ambulance tore away with sirens wailing waking the kitten. Fallon had to soothe it during the ride because the Commander was barely consciousness.

Feral was swiftly taken into surgery while his kitten was carried off to the neonatal nursery. Fallon, his uniform speckled with blood went to the surgery waiting area and sat. He thought long and hard while Feral was in surgery about what could be done now about the situation Feral found himself in.

It was well after lunch time when the dark tom regained consciousness. He blinked heavy lidded eyes to stare at the white ceiling above him. The smells told him where he was without having to ask, he sighed in resignation.

"Sir? How are you feeling? Want some water?" A familiar voice asked from his right side.

He slowly turned his head and saw a worried Sgt Fallon leaning over him. "Yes." He whispered huskily.

Fallon went to a nearby rolling table and poured a glass of water from a pitcher there, adding a straw before bringing it close. He pressed a button on a controller beside the Commander's paw to raise the bed a little to allow the tom to drink without choking.

He offered the straw and Feral drank, thirstily. When he released the straw and indicated he'd had enough, Fallon put the cup back on the table and turned back to his superior.

Feral eyed Fallon questioningly.

"You've been in surgery for a couple of hours. You apparently tore something inside when you delivered your kitten. They sewed it up and gave you a couple of bags of blood. You're getting IV fluids right now and this is for pain meds if you need them." Fallon pointed to a machine to Feral's left that was close enough for him to touch the buttons.

"Your kitten is in the neonatal nursery. It's fine and healthy the docs say. I'll go back to your apartment and clean it up before you are sent home. They say that won't be for a week at least." Fallon said quietly.

Feral grimaced at that news. No way to cover up his problem, at least not from his superiors anyway, his troops on the other paw, didn't need to know.

"I can't believe I was so stupid.......one time I allowed myself to be with someone and this has to happen." He snarled unhappily, speaking more to himself than the Sergeant.

"So this was an accident then, sir?" Fallon asked cautiously. "Should I contact the sire?"

Feral shook his head violently. "No, not his fault and he wasn't aware of what he'd done anyway.....just a stupid mistake during the heat of the moment."

"Uhm, excuse me sir, but I thought it was very difficult for someone of your...uh...sexual type to get pregnant?" Fallon asked, carefully.

"You'd be right but I must have been in heat. It's so unnoticeable that I'm usually unaware of it." Feral said, heavily, certain this was what had happened. "But I still can't believe, as careful as I usually am, that I allowed this to happen at all."

Fallon was quiet a moment before he said gently, "Don't be so hard on yourself sir. You haven't been seeing anyone much less seeking some personal attention for yourself for too long so its natural that you'd go looking for it when you're away and not plagued by duty. None of us are able to be celibate......its just not in our nature and is unhealthy besides."

Feral was silent as he stared hard at the ceiling. He knew the Sergeant was right but it still didn't make him feel any better about his current situation.

"Are you certain the male involved shouldn't be notified sir? He is after all the sire and might want to know he's a father." Fallon asked hesitantly.

Feral shook his head without looking at the Sergeant. "No! He was just a one night stand.....don't even know his name."

"Oh, I see." Was all Fallon could say to that.

"Now I have a very big problem and I've no clue what to do about it." Feral muttered more to himself than to Fallon.

Fallon sighed. During his time of waiting he'd not been able to come up with a solution either except for turning the kitten over to an adoption agency.

Feral must have guessed what Fallon was thinking because his next words made it clear what he felt on that subject.

"I know I should turn her over to an adoption agency, but I can't. She's mine! Whether I am able to bear another or not......whether I marry or not.....right this moment I'm a mother and I can't give her up for something I did."

"Yes sir. I understand." Fallon murmured sympathetically.

The silence in the room stretched out as both males thought about what this situation would do to Feral's life and career.