Still in my bedroom, still depressed.

Tily, it seems, has moved on to more stupider music. My ears are screaming at me. Which is a very odd feeling. I can't hear anything over the screaming because my ears are screaming and it's my ears that I hear with and they can't hear themselves over the screaming...

...If that made ANY sense at all. I highly doubt that it did.

Knock knock.

Honestly. Can't a teenager mope in peace?


Oh look, it's Ly, I.E: my own personal stalker, and maybe potential girlfriend. Shut up brain. I didn't ask your opinion.

"Are you okay now?"

"What do you think?" It comes out harsher than I expected, and she flinches. Oh great.


She smiles, before offering me a bottle. "Here. This'll help with the PMT."

I decide not to notice the last bit and take it, looking at it. A sort of greeny blue, nothing unusual.

I uncork it and down it.



She laughs. "I knew you wouldn't like it."

"Ly, that is an understatement. It tastes like...old socks. Worn by a hobo. A paedophilic stalker hobo. For three months."

Ly looks at me all confused. "And you know what that tastes like...how?"


"Shut up, Ly, I'm not supposed to make any sense."

She laughs again, and ruffles my hair. Damn it, that laugh is so sexy...RAYMAN! You weren't supposed to think that!

Dammitdammitdammit I HATE YOU HORMONES.

"You want to come on out? I'm taking Tily to the park."

I shrug. "Why not?" I don't think it can do any harm.

At least, I hope it can't. On the other hand, Tily could make a sponge dangerous.

...Well actually that's not really that difficult is it? Maybe it was a...ninja sponge or something. That would be pretty dangerous. You could just be minding your own business and showering and washing your hair (if you have hair) and then your sponge would suddenly whip out a sword and stab you.

So really, ninja sponges could be rather effective weapons.


...How did we get from hormones to ninja sponges again?


In the playground with Ly and Tily (to be precise, on the swings)


Despite the fact that I am bordering on eighteen I.E: adulthood and thus am full of maturiosity...

...This is actually quite fun.

Wheee. I can go really high.

Tily, meanwhile, is on a weird zipline thing. Basically there's this weird stick hanging down from the line, with another stick you're supposed to sit on, and you get onto this weird stick and then you push off from the little platform and you rush down the zipline thing. Bizarre, but fun.

Not that I've ever tried it, obviously.

Being mature as I am.


Oh what the hell. I had three goes. Tily's on her fifth.

Ly's just sitting on this bench thing not joining in. She's sort of aggravating me actually.

I launch myself off the swing and go over to her.

"Why are you not doing anything?"


I don't give her a chance to finish.

I pull on her arm and drag her to the swings.

"Get off." But she's laughing. She doesn't mind.

She sits down on the swing and just...looks at me. "I'm joining in. Are you happy now?"

"Fairly content, yes."

She pokes me. " Aren't you joining too?"

"There's only one swing."

Well there is another but it's cracked. And besides, it's pink.

Ly just shrugs...and pulls me onto her lap again.

I can feel my face heating up.

...Along with the rest of me. Oh hell noooo.

My face is buried into her shoulder and she's shoving me, trying to turn me around. Which means a lot of shuffling around on her lap.

...There are no words to express my discomfort. I shall have to use smilies.


D: D: D: D: D:



I lean back against her (omg squishy) and she wraps her arms around my body and smiles at me.

I, meanwhile, am a hysterically giggling heap. You wouldn't think it judging how moody I was previously, but I guess the coffe wore off.

Either that or the potion got working.

She starts swinging. I'm still giggling.

I love life, I do.