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Chapter 1- Spring Break Madness

The day started out like every other. Edward was lying beside me humming my lullaby. "Morning love." the love of my existence said. "Morning Edward." I replied. Edwards hands loosened

from my waist so I could turn over to kiss him. Just like every other kiss Edward kept it gentle and PG. Assuming that Edward was going to stop and say I should go and have a shower, I

traced my tung over his bottom lip. "Bella." He said annoyed. I smirked and looked into his smoldering topaz eyes. Like every other time I looked into them my thoughts ran wild. "Yes." I

managed to say. "I think that you deserve a punishment for pulling a stunt like that." He smiled his crooked smile. "And what kind of punishment are you thinking of?" His liquid topaz eyes

brightened. "A game of truth or dare." He said slowly to make sure each word stuck in my head. "Are you kidding. There is no way I'm playing especially with Emmett." I spoke with authority,

but Edward simply laughed. "How 'bout you tell Alice that." Right on cue Alice burst through my bedroom door. "Isabella Marie Swan you will play this game even if I have to drag you." Alice

threatened. I looked up at Edward and he was laughing. "Fine." I pouted. Alice and her stupid visions. "YAY!" Alice yelled. "Charlie." I whispered reminding her that Charlie wasn't exactly

aware that Edward and Alice were in my house. "He's gone to work Bella, its almost 12 o'clock." She looked at me like I was stupid. "Oh." I muttered. "Well I guess I should call Charlie."

Alice's sentence drifted away. "Oh and Bella." Alice turned to look at me. " The Cullen version of truth or dare is different to the one your accustom to. This game could last for days. Good

thing its March Break." Alice smiled her pixie like smile and then disappeared. I sat up and glared at Edward. "You know what?" I asked him. "What?" He smiled sensing me bad mood.

"Karma is going to come right behind you and bite you in the ass." Edward was shocked. He never really heard me swear before. Then he chuckled. "Good thing my skin is as hard as a

rock." He smiled crookedly and picked me up bridal style. "I guess you should have a shower love. You have a long week ahead of you." He grinned.

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