Chapter 12

Newton is "the man"


Edward walked slowly down the stairs with me. I enjoyed the silence. We came to the last flight of stairs and I tripped. In a flash Edward was in front of me. He smiled his crooked smile and

kissed my head. "Nice one Bella." Emmett smiled and put his hands over his head. Rosalie kissed him on the chest and then he put his pale arms around her. He kissed her perfect blonde

hair. "Who is going to call Jake?" I asked Alice smiled. "Jake is with the pack right now Bella. He'll come back later."I nodded. "Oh. Well Jasper who are you going to ask?" I looked up and

Jasper was no where to be seen. "Alice where is Jasper?" Rosalie answered before Alice. "He is at Mike Newton's house spying on him and Jessica." I laughed and looked at Alice.

"OMG Alice I have the best idea ever!" Alice's eyes went wide. "Good idea Bella!" she screamed. "Can I at least explain my idea to everyone who can't read minds or have visions of the

future?" Alice gestured for me to go on. "All right we are going to mess with Mike and Jess. If I'm correct Mike and Jess' parents are gone for the break so that means their home alone. Since

Jess just got out of rehab Mike should be excited for her return. I'm sure Mike, being the repulsing thing he is probably has something set up for the two of them. When Jasper comes back

we'll get the report and then work from there. Mike Newton will not have a sex life after we are done with him. Hmm what to do to screw him over though. This is mission screw over Mike

Newton and Jessica Stanley Cullen Style. Any suggestions?" Rosalie ran from the room and came back half a second later with 6 posters and an inappropriate object.

"Jess thinks that Mike is 'the man' so why don't we make him 'the man that like other men' we are going to frame Mike and make it look like he is gay!" Rosalie let go of the posters and they

unrolled. They had pictures of naked guys and one said 'I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is.' My eyes widened and I burst out with laughter. "That's not it. We can also put journals in his closet

saying he is in love with Eric Yorkie" Emmett appeared in front of Rosalie and kissed her. "Rosalie where did you get all this stuff?' She smiled and pointed at Emmett.
"Hey I'm not gay, but
before you came we all kind of made fun of Edward saying that he was gay so we bought it for him." My smile quickly faded. I turned around and kissed Edward's chest the quickly his lips. He

pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me."If I were gay before I met you and then I saw you that day in biology I would no longer be gay." Edward whispered in my ear. I

kissed him again then Alice started bouncing. "Jasper's coming!"Jasper burst through and went straight to Alice. She quickly went through what was going to happen and then he looked up.

"Okay everyone. Mike and Jess are going out for dinner at 5:30. Since Mike is such a pig they should be out for about 2 hours. Alice how long?" she looked up. "It's hard to tell, but they

should be home a 7:30-8:00." Jasper smiled and continued. "Okay so we have 2 hours or so to get everything in there. Mike has condoms so they are definitely going to do it. After

everything is set up Bella and Edward can stay in the back of the closet. The posters and other things will be placed so when the door opens they will fall out. Rose you will also put America's

Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and So You Think You Can Dance on his DVR. He'll probably ask her to watch some T.V. With her before. She'll suspect something is wrong with Mike

and then she will find the posters and stuff then she will know right away. I will manipulate Jess and Mike's emotions throughout the night. Guys and gi... Ladies this might even make prank

history." Emmett nodded and gave Jasper a big hug. "Bro you rock!" Emmett turned to me and winked. "You too Bella" Edward squeezed my hand and kissed my head.

"Okay everyone lets get our positions down. Bella and Edward you will be on the closet with a HD video camera. Jasper and Alice will be on the balcony getting a great view from the window.

Rose and I will go to the restaurant in the trunk. Then we will follow Jess and Mike into the house. Unfortunately we will have to hide under the bed. Rose will turn on the T.V. which will have

the shows programed onto the DVR. Jasper you will make Mike feel like he has to pee. He will then go into the bathroom and when Mike is just about to come out I will imitate his voice telling

Jess to go in the closet and get him a pair of pants. Jess will open the closet then all the stuff will fall out. Giving us the chance to see Jess' reaction and then we will have the funniest video

on the planet. Oh hey Bella. If Mike ever hits on you again remember that we have this video." Emmett ended with his hands on his hips acting like Alice when she was pissed.

"Okay are we done with all this planning. We have 2 hours and I want to spend it with Bella. In my room. Alone!" Alice smirked and winked at me. Emmett started wolf calling with Jasper and

Rosalie. "Well I guess I have somewhere to go. I'll talk to you later." Edward swooped me up in his arms and took me to his room. "Oh Edward you still need to get a bed for your room." He

kissed my head. "Bella I don't know about you, but last time I didn't even notice that we were on the floor." I heard giggling . "ALICE AND EMMETT get your asses out of here or I will rip your

clothes and smash your JEEP!" Edward's voice boomed through the room. The giggling stopped and I heard then run back downstairs. "Now where were we?" I asked.

"Bella this si not the time to be thinking about sex. Besides I'm not going to have sex with you until you are changed." My face went hard. "Okay Edward why not! What about before what

was that going to lead to?" He sighed. "Bella I can't stress this enough. It's too dangerous I could kill you. I love you, but I can't make love to you." He looked into my eyes deeply, but I was

way passed the smoldering eye thing now. I put my face on his chest then started to put my neck near his mouth. "Then change me Edward. Right here right now. I want you forever."

He pushed me away slightly. "Bella I'm not going to end your life for you. If I changed you now we wouldn't be able to see Mike suffer and what about Charlie and Renee are you really ready

to say goodbye?" I was reminded of Mike and Jess. "Edward?" He looked at me. "Let's make him wish he never hit on me!"

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