Me: *starts crying*

Butch Hartman: What's up, stop crying and I will do everything you want...

Me: *stops crying and grins evily* Let me own Danny Phantom!

Butch: Huh...

Never Mess With A Girl's Heart

She was running. It was all she could do.

He had already broke her heart twice. First with Paulina and later with Valerie. And now with Star.

She was tired of feel her heart beeing broken, again and again. And still, still, she still loved him. But how many times can be an heart broken in thousands of pieces and be fixed again?

She didn't know. Perhaps what her real father had told her was true. Her real father. Not that snob who thought that he was rich. If they even knew, even dreamed about who she really was! And her name in this stupid place! Samantha Manson, daughter of Jeremy and Pamela Manson. Wow. How beautiful.

Nobody never knew who she really was. Nobody ever cared. Not even her assumed friends in this place, Amity Park. Tucker Foley and Danny Fenton or Danny Phantom, his alter-ego name. Yeah right! He tought that with his ghost powers he was the best. Ha! Again, if they even dreamed, those idiots.

And now, she was going to have her revenge. She was going back to her real father, Trignos, the King of the Hell. She would show them, those human fools, that nobody ever messes with Elektra, the heir of the Heaven and the Hell!

Real short, huh? Yeah but this is only the beginning. This is a DannyxSam fic but for now this is more centred in Sam and in her story. Or shall I say, Elektra! I really luv this name. Ok, this is my first fic and I'm not English or American, so don't blame me if my grammar sucks! You always can mail me to tell me what mistakes I have done. Flames are accepted and please tell me what you think or I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!! MUAHAHAHA I'M EVIL!!!


The Girl Who Dances At The Moonlight