"Edward, why are we here?" I said, tugging on my husbands arm. "This is beyond ridiculous."

Forks High had arranged for a reunion for the class of '06 ten years past graduation. When we had gotten the invitation, I had casually thrown it away. Or, should I say, tried to casually throw it away. Edward had found the invitation, and insisted on us going.

Reason number one for not going to the reunion: "Edward, we do not look even close to being twenty-eight years old! I can just pass over twenty-two, but you can't even pass for twenty," I had said.

"Bella, nobody is going to focus on that. Your friends will just be glad to see you. Besides, you have changed – you are a vampire. That changes your looks dramatically," he had said, his voice as sweet as honey.

"You don't look different," I had pointed out.

"Nobody is going to focus on me when I have you with me," he had recoiled with, flashing me his crooked smile.

I sighed. Reason number two: "I look too different now, Edward," I had tried.

He had chuckled. "How does that change anything, love?"

I guess it doesn't. Reason number three: "What about Nessie?" I had said. God, I hated her nickname. However, after she had grown accustomed to it, I could not call her Renesmee anymore. She said it was similar to when people had called me Isabella. Ew.

Edwards's eyes had widened, and his smile had done so, too. "Yes, Bella, why don't we go interrupt her and her husband's second honeymoon?"

Darn. Silly kids. Final reason - reason number three: "I don't want to go", I had said, with a pout on my face. He cannot resist me, can he?

"Please, Bella?" he had said, looking deep into my eyes. I'm the one who couldn't resist the other. "I know it will be fun," he had said, kissing me softly on the lips.

Stupid sexy vampire.

We had arrived at the school later than we were meant to, meaning that the school would already be filled with our former classmates.

"Who is there already?" I asked, putting my hand on my husbands. Oh, he did look handsome in his suit. Alice – of course – had picked a red halter dress for me to wear.

Edward glanced at me, smiling. "Mike Newton, at least. His thoughts are the loudest of all. I can also hear Eric Yorkie and Tyler Crowley. Ah, and Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber," he said, getting out of his car – an Aston Martin AMV 10.

Seriously. What happened to those sexy 1963 red Chevys? I sighed. I missed my old truck.

Edward stepped back into the car. He looked at me, concerned. "What were you thinking about, love?" he said, holding my hand tightly.

"My truck. But that is beside the point – what were our cover stories again? You were a doctor of some sort, and I was a homemaker?"

"Your truck?" he said. He looked confused, but focused on my questions a half-second later. "Yes, love, I am a cardiovascular surgeon."

"Can't I just tell people you are a doctor?" I asked.

He smiled at me, kissing my lips. "Of course, Bella," he whispered into my ear. "And you can have any line of work you wish to."

"Fine," I said, and stood from the car, followed by Edward.

He put his hand into mine, and we walked into our old school. God, I hope this goes well.