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This feels like a fucking English essay…600 words is actually quite a fucking lot. Enjoy.

I walked as quickly as I could to the car, opened the door, sat inside, and started laughing. Giggling quietly, I began listening to the conversation. I know that Edward knew I was around, but what was he going to do? Tell daddy on me?

I closed my eyes, blocking all the distracting noises around me.

"So, Edward…how have you been?" Charlie asked, clearly uncomfortable.

"Just fine. What about you, Charlie?" Edward replied. Always so polite.

Well, this wasn't very fun.

I opened the car door, and stepped out of the car. I stood for a split-second, thinking how I would make this situation worse for Edward. Don't get me wrong – I love him with all my heart. But, I have him for eternity. Who says I can't have a little fun?

A gust of wind hit me, and many aromas entered my sensitive nose. I instantly smiled – there were mountain lions around. Edward's favorite.

Oh, this was going to be good.

I ran swiftly – Edward had commented that I was rather graceful, especially for a vampire. I took pride in this, as I had been such a klutz in my human life.

Before long, I found a young mountain lion standing right in front of me. The beast stared at me, a low growl emitting from his throat. He stared at me with his golden eyes, eyes that reminded me so much of my dear Edward.

I don't like killing. I don't. Not at all. However, I am a rational vampire: I need blood, and blood requires killing. I gave the lion a half-second prayer to any God, and lunged at him.

It was savage.

It was messy.

But, above all, it was fucking amazing.

I withdrew myself from the lion's jugular, and the cat fell loudly to the ground. I looked down upon myself; my white dress was completely stained in delicious, mountain lion blood. I giggled to myself – I usually wasn't this messy. Oh, no. This was intentional.

I ran back to the house, and checked my watch. It had been exactly 1 minute, 17 seconds.

I walked closer to the house, peering through a window. Edward and Charlie were sitting in the kitchen, unmoving, silently.

I could already sense Edward's discomfort. His grip on the glass he was holding tightened. His eyes immediately caught mine.

I waved at him, licking my blood soaked lips. He didn't move a muscle.

Giggling, I walked to the door. I opened it so quietly that Charlie couldn't have heard me. I walked (again, quietly) to stand right behind Charlie. I help my breath, remaining as invisible as possible. Edward stared at me with wide eyes.

"What's wrong, Edward?" Charlie asked, turning around.

But I was already gone.

Charlie turned back around. "N-nothing. Nothing at all, Charlie," he said, taking a drink from his glass. Wine. Ew.

He was ignoring me, keeping his eyes intently on Charlie. But I knew he was struggling. I wonder…

I walked to the door, taking my high heels off. High heels must be a vampire thing…I always hated them as a human. Maybe because I was so horribly uncoordinated that I would have probably killed myself if I took two steps with them. Hm.

I peeked around the corner, watching Charlie and Edward for a second.

"So, when will Bella be back?" Charlie said, staring outside. Clearly bored.

"Oh, soon, I believe," he said, glancing at me discreetly.

Oh baby…payback's a bitch.